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0s you need a certain amount of people live
2s at the end to do the counter Mech and
4s then all three first down I don't know
7s why you guys think gate five is hard
8s because it's the one that takes to get
9s to gate six if you can't clear gate five
11s you're not going to clear Gates the only
12s thing that's difficult about gate six is
14s the length of the fight and getting to
16s the end that's it gate five minutes to
18s the end of course I mean it doesn't have
20s a picture of the horns and everything on
21s hard mode no but I made it to the Seven
22s bar I just said that's fine I mean I
24s mean you can Photoshop that's the way so
25s you're able to clear gate five but not
27s gate six eating clear gate five yes I
29s did I saw him there dude I'm on gate six
32s I'm like you should go over Jenny maybe
33s she can help you
36s sure
38s keep on me so we don't have as much time
39s we wear corporate jobs you just sit at
42s home pet Your Cat And Play Lost Ark all
43s day yeah
44s that's why I'm here baby let's go join
47s us on August 24th at 10 A.M Pacific over
50s at twitch.tv Play Lost Ark for the Live
53s season finale of the Lost Ark Academy
55s Debate Club

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