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7s Neria.
8s Seriously?
9s Oh, why do I even try?
11s Welcome to hell, aka Neria's Tavern, aka another episode of Tavern Talks with Roxx.
17s We got a short episode for you today because frankly, I don't really think it's safe for us to be in here.
22s And I'm already sweating.
24s But Neria has never cared about safety laws, so neither do we.
28s At least we know the food will be cooked today.
32s Brelshaza Inferno mode is out and all you juicers playing it can earn the titles, earn the achievements.
37s But that means nothing if you don't understand the horrible atrocity that Brelshaza is.
43s So let's talk a little bit about her and what she's done to Arkesia.
47s Brelshaza is one of Kazeros's Legion Commanders and the first Legion Commander that he appointed.
53s Brelshaza's one of the most powerful individuals in Petrania and, of course, now the Commander of the Phantom Legion in particular.
59s Though Brelshaza can appear charming at first, she's known to be the most cunning, cruel, calculating and ruthless of all the Legion Commanders, and she's one of Kazeros's most loyal servants, which is a high bar to clear.
74s As you might have witnessed in game, she conquers her enemies by inflicting them with awful hallucinations, using the power of mind bending illusions to force control.
83s Oh yeah, and using giant purple laser beams.
86s Let's take a moment to reflect on the Phantom Legion commander's history by sharing some of Brelshaza's best, or worst for those involved, moments that actually happened before you ever arrived in Arkesia.
98s Brelshaza was actually a good part responsible for getting Vykas appointed as a Legion Commander.
104s When the initial Legion Commanders were chosen by Kazeros, Ladon, also known as Echidna, was chosen as the Commander for the Covetous Legion.
112s However, Ladon became jealous of Brelshaza and her high position and closeness to Kazeros because she thought she deserved it, and sent Vykas to cause a rift between them.
122s Vykas instead betrayed Ladon and told Brelshaza, and the two conspired to get rid of her, leaving the Covetous Legion Commander position conveniently open for Vykas to fill.
131s During the Chain War, Brelshaza infiltrated Rohendel in order to try and weaken them.
136s She targeted the group of Slyvains that served Queen Azena, manipulating them with her illusions and the promise of power.
143s Eventually, she goaded them into causing a powerful magic core explosion, and instead of just weakening them, she decimated the entire city.
152s After the end of the war, Azena had to banish those Sylvains from Rohendel, and they settled in a new place, which eventually became Vern, which is still what it's known today.
163s While Vern and Rohendel both flourished today as their own separate societies, it was actually Brelshaza’s powerful manipulations that almost brought an end to the original city, and is technically responsible for both of them as they exist today.
176s Clearly Brelshaza's horrible, questionable actions have been responsible for a number of massive moments that have impacted Arkesia, but she has to atone for those sins.
187s Brelshaza has committed countless atrocities across Arkesia with those that happened before you even came, and those that happened after as part of the plot.
195s It's up to you now that she's available to fight in Inferno mode, to take her out and not on a date, you******* weirdoes.
202s Kill her so she has to atone for her sins!
205s With Inferno mode out, we're working on building up our raid groups, and we asked players to share with us one specific moment in their Lost Ark career to prove their worth.
214s We got some pretty good stories.
216s Some of you did not prove you're any good at Lost Ark, but we're not going to talk about you today.
220s Let's look at some of the most impressive plays that they've claimed for themselves.
225s Ivory tower, normal mode, Gate three.
227s First week blind Prog.
230s Around five bars left on the boss, only me, a full moon Souleater and my friend (a Robust Spirit Soulfist) are alive.
237s He casts his spirit bomb awakening.
238s As he does, the boss does his uppercut grapple move.
242s You know— As you know, super armor and push immune skills are not immune to grab moves, with Gargadeth being the exception.
250s Thank you for explaining that, random Lost Ark player.
253s The boss aggro'd on me.
255s "I got this, I'll finish.
256s Don't point it at me." What do I do?
258s I make him suffer, of course.
260s I point the boss straight at him.
262s He gets grabbed.
263s At this point.
264s I haven't said a word.
266s "You ****ing *****!?" I play dumb as if I don't know what's happening.
271s What?
271s What happened?
272s The boss and I kill my friend.
275s He dies after the whole combo.
277s I burst and kill him a second later.
279s Gate three cleared, MVP.
281s Last man standing, one second upright fighter underline.
286s Queue all the banter and ****talking.
288s That was Poccora from Avesta.
290s You know what?
292s I don't know that I want you on my raid team, but I do respect you.
296s From Minitrap from Una, has a tale for us.
300s In the heart pounding raids of Arkesia, Minitrap the daring artist found themselves in a perilous situation as a fellow adventurer, let's call them Dash, teetered on the edge of defeat.
312s The merciless demon Akkan was relentless.
315s I watched in horror as Dash's health plummeted faster than my brush strokes.
320s Sweating buckets.
321s (Me too.) I frantically painted eggs around Dash, hoping for a miracle.
325s As the battle raged on, I dance between creativity and desperation.
329s Every stroke a plea for Dash's survival.
333s The raid team watched in suspense, unsure if we could turn the tide.
337s Or more specifically, if I fit the bill.
340s But I refused to let Dash fail.
343s In a final dramatic flourish, I summoned a dazzling display of restorative art.
348s Lights flickered and paint all over all of our teammates.
351s Proud.
352s I look up and what do I see?
354s Dash has been dead for over 30s and I have been attempting to save a corpse.
361s But I am support and allegedly we are in short supply, so I think I am safe and worthy.
367s You probably are.
368s Thanks, support shortage.
371s Get...
371s get better though, for next time.
374s Bardemius from Nia says it was long, long ago during the times when clearing Vykas hard mode for average players was a fulfilling achievement.
381s During a rather painful gate three pug attempt at failing typing tests, losing people to Medusa and whales, we finally reached the last stagger check.
389s Only three of us, alive but desperate.
391s As the boss dropped an HP to start the mech, she casted one more pattern and put all three of us at the gauge level which would charm us before the moving pools spawn.
401s I had the highest gauge, quickly casted Sonic Vibration and as I was getting charmed, I threw a sleep grenade on the other two guys who got charmed milliseconds after me.
411s During the nades airborne time, the grenade hit the ground and broke them free from charm.
415s RNG did help because charm made me cast Sound holic, which together with Pulsating Sonic Vibrations, woke them up quick enough to sleep nade and free me without triggering Medusa.
425s All of that went down in a matter of seconds with quick thinking from all three of us, and with a restart vote on our window popping up on our screens.
434s Duh.
435s We then proceeded to complete the final stagger, and I remember feeling ecstatic about it.
440s And that little play, which didn't look like much, changed the fate of all of us.
444s Mokokojuiced.
445s Hell yeah brother.
446s From the many struggles and tribulations that accompany a hero of Arkesia's path, one event does ring the mightiest of bells.
453s In which the entire Roads of Vern sings the name, Fardion, when those bells sound their enormous heavenly tunes and the clappers dance around inside.
462s During the last gate of liberating the ivory tower of Voldis, as we reached the epic finale of our battle, the Corrupted Guardian flayed and slew the three companions who had embarked on the quest of protection and preserving the country's existence.
478s When all hope was bleak and death was not but a reality for our hero, Fardion, he looks to the sky and notices that there are 20 bars left, and with hope all but lost.
489s He chugs his lastAdrophine with full faith and focus and the weight of the entire nation on his shoulders.
496s After what felt like an eternal struggle, he slew the creature and it went back to where it came from.
503s Lost bid on the box, though.
505s Unlucky, brother.
507s You are all a little bit questionable, but I'd welcome any of you to my raid party any day.
512s All right.
513s We're going to take a quick break.
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551s So get ready for a shell of a good time.
554s Visit today.
558s Welcome back from our commercial break.
560s I have Tom here with me today.
563s Tom— oh, yeah, sorry about that.
565s Why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself so the players can get to know you?
570s What's your role and title here?
572s Well.
572s Hey, guys, I'm Tom.
574s I am our Creator Growth Manager here at Amazon Games.
577s I work on the Creator Relations team, and yeah.
581s Yeah.
581s I'm sorry.
582s It's kind of hot in here.
584s Is it?
584s Is it just me?
586s Uh, I'm just kind of nervous.
588s Oh, okay.
590s Well.
590s Anyway, what would you say, how does your work impact kind of the players as a Creator Growth Manager?
597s I work directly with Content Creators to market our games.
601s And, you may see, you know, your favorite Content Creators in some launch campaigns or one off activations, things like the Jump Start Servers or the Lost Ark Academy Debate Club.
613s I kind of develop and manage those with the rest of the team.
617s Cool.
617s Awesome.
618s Do you have a favorite project you've worked on for Lost Ark?
622s Sure.
623s You know, I really enjoyed the Lost Ark Academy Debate Club because I got to one work with a multitude of different team members, a lot of different, Content Creators.
632s And then, you know, it was just like a very interesting new form of media that we were producing.
639s I've never worked really with, you know, filming anything and having a production and being the small team that we were, it was really fun to experience that.
648s I thought it was great.
649s And now you're here sweating for the camera, so clearly it went well for you.
652s Yeah.
654s What class do you play in Lost Ark?
656s I play the Hunger Reaper.
658s The Reaper?
659s Okay.
660s Who is your favorite or region commander?
665s As a Hunger Reaper.
665s I would say that Akkan is probably my favorite.
671s I mean, he's, he's got to be, like, a thousand years old or something.
675s Something crazy.
675s But he's got a six pack, and I would definitely love to have a six pack when I'm old.
680s Yeah, fair enough.
681s That'd be pretty tight.
682s Like the rest of him is decaying.
683s But those abs are— Yeah.
685s No, I get that, I respect that.
690s What is your favorite continent?
694s Hmm.
695s Probably Punika.
698s Punika's a continent, right?
700s Punika is in fact a continent.
701s Yeah.
701s That's a place you can go.
703s All right.
703s Yeah.
704s I don't really know how they classify the land masses there, but yeah.
707s Yeah, well, I grew up on an island, so it reminds me of, like, the whole tropical vibes.
711s Cool.
712s Who's your favorite NPC?
715s I don't really have one, but I will say that I love when the Golden Frog is in town because I like to gamble.
722s What kind of non-answer is that?
724s You're like, everybody's my friend.
726s I'm Tom.
727s **** you.
727s Who's your favorite NPC?
731s Uhh, hmm.
731s Akkan and his abs?
734s Maybe Thirain, because I know you like Thirain.
736s Yeah, I like Tom.
738s Let's bring him back next month.
739s Getting some points here.
740s Yeah.
740s Okay.
741s How many Mokoko Seeds do you have?
744s Ten?
746s I don't like Tom.
747s We should get rid of him.
749s He should stop.
749s I don't like collecting them.
751s They're so hard to find.
753s I mean, there's some that are just, like, right in front of you.
756s I get so frustrated sometimes looking for them.
759s You just stopped at ten?
761s You were like, I've done this ten times, never ******* again.
762s Sometimes I'll see them and I'm just like, nope, never mind.
767s You know what?
767s I respect it.
768s You and Andy hate Mokoko seeds.
770s Really?
770s Yeah.
771s Andy.
771s Andy has, like, 11, so I think he just beat you.
775s The Mokoko bros.
776s The Mokoko no's.
778s Mokoko no's.
779s I like that.
780s I don't.
781s Anyway, Tom, you're going to be rapidly fired at.
784s You were really prepared for that.
786s I don't want to know why.
787s I'm just going to name two things.
789s And you're going to pick one.
791s Say it back, whichever one you pick.
792s Name a thing and pick one?
795s Yeah.
795s So, like Akkan or Thirain?
797s Oh, okay.
799s Akkan or Thirain?
799s Akkan.
800s I'm going to be offended.
801s Akkan or Brelshaza?
803s Brelshaza.
804s Brelshaza or Nineveh.
807s I mean, I really like the music in Brelshaza but.
809s Pick faster.
810s But Nineveh is [ok hand].
812s Nineveh or Balthorr.
814s Gotta be Balthorr.
815s I loved working with Andrew.
817s That's fair.
817s Balthorr or Thirain.
819s Balthorr.
820s You're losing points.
821s Mokoko Seed or Balthorr?
825s Balthorr.
825s Yeah.
825s I don't know what I expected there.
827s It's the beard.
828s Yes or no?
830s Maybe.
832s That's gonna do it.
833s Thanks for joining us as we talked to Tom today.
836s The smoke is getting to my head, so I apologize.
840s Are you sure it's not hot in here?
843s I— I'm still pretty nervous.
845s Okay.
845s Well, thanks for joining me.
847s You know what, Tom?
848s You have disrespected the Mokoko people just like Andy did.
851s I know I was like, wow, you guys should hang out.
853s Actually, I think you're both terrible people.
854s You need to work on finding the Mokokos.
856s So we're going to do that right now.
859s Find The Mokoko.
859s 3, 2, 1.
859s 3, 2, 1.
859s 3, 2, 1.
880s Well, thank you for joining me for another episode of Tavern Talks with Roxx.
885s It's getting unbearably hot in here.
887s I'm going to go.
888s The smoke's hurting my lungs.
889s But before I do that, community is important to me, so I'm going to keep inhaling the smoke.
894s And ask you a question.
896s What part of Lost Ark has you sweating like this at your keyboard?
898s [Coughs] Anyway, that was for you.
902s And if you like us trying new things, be sure to like, subscribe, and let us know.
906s We'll see you in Arkesia.
914s Trying to gather my, my brain cells.
916s My two brain cells.
917s I know what I can say, but I don't know if I should say it.
920s Brelshaza.
923s Now I can't even say the word.
930s I am Roxanne, and I don't know how to read.
936s Echidna is a terrible name.
936s Ladon is a terrible name.
939s Brelshaza infentri[unintelligible]— oh ****.
945s That was way more than I expected.
945s Ahh!
945s Do you want more?
952s You look like you want more.