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0s Welcome to Eye on Arkesia, where we'll take a look at all things Lost Ark coming your way.
5s Before we get too far into July and what's to come, we know there was a lot to keep up with throughout June, so we're going to talk a little bit about that first.
12s In mid-June following LOAON or LOAON, I'm so sorry, we released a team update to touch on some of the changes coming to the 2024 Roadmap.
22s This included solo mode, tier three support boost, which we'll talk more about later, and the release of tier four, South Kurzan, and the Behemoth Raid coming in September.
31s It also touches on some other newly announced pieces of content that will be coming later this fall, such as the Aegir Raid, Ark Passive system, Hyper Awakening skills and a couple other things.
40s So if you haven't seen that yet, be sure to give it a read.
43s Before that, though, of course, comes the July update.
46s The July update is going to release on July 17th, so mark your calendars and let's take a quick look at a couple of things you can expect with that update.
55s One of the big pieces of content coming with this update is going to be the introduction of Solo raids.
59s Players will be able to use Solo mode to play everything from the Valtan Legion Raid all the way through the Abyssal Dungeon, the Ivory Tower Abyssal Dungeon, and rewards will be slightly adjusted.
69s They'll give you a little bit less gold, but you'll still be able to earn all sorts of progression materials that will help you progress through the game even as a solo player.
77s It will also include special effects to help different classes like supports, so you won't have too hard of a time getting through if you're just a Bard taking on Valtan.
87s We're looking forward to continuing to update that mode in the future.
91s The July update will also include the Echidna After Story, so you'll be able to revisit your favorite snake mom after clearing her raid.
99s And finally, it's going to include a Tier 3 support boost up to 1580, which includes price decreases for upgrades, engraving support.
108s All that fun stuff.
110s It will also includes some changes to the Elixir and Transcendence systems to make progression a little bit easier, and we know players have really been hoping for that, so we're hoping you enjoy.
118s And finally, I wanted to confirm that we will be getting the new 2024 swimewear skins that recently released in Korea for us here in July.
126s Of course, there's going to be more fun things with the July update like the Maharaka Festival and other updates, so be sure to go check out Henry's video on July 16th instead of watching this one again.
138s The Echidna loading screen contest is also wrapped up and we have selected winners.
142s These fan created loading screens are going to be appearing in the game with the After Story starting in July, and we just wanted to thank everyone that participated in that contest.
150s We got some really, really good artwork in like we were seriously floored.
155s So if you're maybe looking for even a new wallpaper for yourself or just want to see that, be sure to head over to our Discord and check it out.
161s And finally, although we already gave a little bit of a roadmap update for summer with that last team update we talked about earlier, there's still a lot more in store.
169s The next official roadmap video and roadmap will be released at the end of this month.
174s This video and article will dive into the next few months of content, and provide additional details about what to expect and everything else on the horizon.
183s There is a lot in store for Lost Ark, even just outside that crazy September update and tier four that will be coming, and we'll be super excited to share that with you very soon.
192s Thanks for joining me, as always for this month's Eye on Arkesia, and I hope this gave you a little bit of valuable insight into what we're looking ahead to.
200s As always, I'll see you in Arkesia.