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6s Coming to you from the Amazon Games Community team, it's the Lost Ark Academy Debate Club!
12s With your host, straight out of the rocks box, it's Roxx!
16s Welcome to the Lost Ark Academy Debate Club, where our Lost Ark players debate to prove they have what it takes not to be a Mokoko.
31s I'm Roxx and I'm here to make sure everyone follows the rules, both in game and here in Mokoko Village.
36s You know, pretty basic stuff, like don't RMT.
40s Right, Mokoko?
42s My ban ends tomorrow!
43s Watch out Arkesia!
46s This show is brought to you by the Amazon Games Community Team.
49s We're here to have a good time because that's really what community is all about.
53s All right.
54s It's time to kick off our very first episode of the Lost Ark Academy Debate Club.
58s For the first time, let's bring out our debaters.
61s Straight from the Creator Program, here's Grenton.
68s There you go.
69s Look at that.
69s So gallant.
70s All right, Grenton.
71s Come over here.
72s Take your place.
73s And why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself, who you are, what you do, how you are as a creator.
78s Sure.
79s I mean, most people in the Lost Ark Discord will know me for my spicy takes.
82s The rest of you might know me for tweeting about 166 days in a row for the Reaper class to come out.
87s And if you watch my stream, you probably are very well aware of my receding hairline.
93s All right.
93s I guess they can see that here, too.
96s But, you know, is it...
97s it's extra special on your stream or something?
99s Yes.
100s Okay, we'll take it.
101s Next up, we have Bobajenny.
105s Oh, welcome.
107s Welcome.
107s All right, well, Bobajenny, why don't you introduce yourself?
110s Hi, I'm Bobajenny, and you guys might call me a warden.
114s Literally, like, all the time.
115s But I actually just want to have fun and welcome all the new players to Lost Ark, and lead them out of Azkaban, of course.
122s Perfect.
123s Yes.
123s You are the guide to get folks out of jail.
125s It sounds like a lovely thing to be.
127s All right.
128s Next up, we have Stoopzz.
133s Well, everyone, my name is Stoopzz, also known as Mr.
136s Igubaba, El Shishe, El Guapimo.
137s And I'm here because I love fish, Mokokos, and Roxx because she shut down the forums and I need my skins.
144s Thank you.
145s All right, next up, we have DatModz.
147s Yay!
148s DatModz!.
152s Welcome.
153s Why don't you let everyone know a little bit about yourself?
156s Hey, guys.
157s I'm Chris.
159s Most of you guys know me as Modz.
159s I enjoy playing off-meta builds that no one else plays because things are cheap.
163s Hosting learning parties to get new players in endgame raids, and jailing this guy.
168s And I heard this guy also knows you as dad.
171s I call him dad sometimes.
173s Over the next 12 episodes, these Lost Ark debaters will go head to head and show off their creativity, their knowledge, their experience, and whatever else they can come up with to prove that they do not belong here in Mokoko Village and prove that they are not a Mokoko, or new player.
188s But remember, none of these episodes actually matter.
191s It's all just practice for the live finale where you, the community, will vote on who is not in a Mokoko.
197s Anyway, let's get started and head into our warm-up debate.
201s This is going to be a two versus two debate with Grenton and Bobajenny versus Stoopzz and DatModz, only rule here is that there are no rules.
209s Get it all out of your system now before our serious 1v1 debate later.
214s For our warm-up debate topic, we are going to be debating which Brelshaza gate is easiest to get jailed in.
221s So Grenton and Bobajenny, you will be arguing for gate five, DatModz and Stoopzz, you will be arguing for gate six.
227s I'll give you all a minute to strategize.
230s We're going to go in there, huddle again.
232s That's one way to strategize.
234s The hard part is shapes. Shapes!
239s If you've made it this far into the episode, you're probably wondering, what is this?
244s What is the Lost Ark Academy Debate Club?
247s Well, let me tell you: we know players have a lot of opinions.
250s They like to argue, say lots and lots of things about Lost Ark and all of its different content and features.
256s There's almost an endless amount of online arguing and discourse, some of it more fun than others from, you know, raids, skins, RMT.
267s Just kidding.
267s That was just the Mokoko.
268s You can't really debate that.
269s Please stop our RMTing.
270s Please, please, please.
271s Our CS team is so tired.
274s But, you know, we thought what better place to debate against each other, share opinions about these things than a Debate Club itself.
280s It seems like kind of a layup.
281s We hope you enjoy it.
282s And we're definitely curious to see what you would say about some of these debate topics.
286s Let us know your opinions.
287s Let us know your arguments.
289s Let us know how you would argue for certain things and we'll be listening.
292s We're always listening.
295s All right.
295s Back to the show.
297s All right.
298s There was some strategizing happening, I think.
300s So we're going to move right into our warm-up debate.
303s Debaters, are you all ready?
305s Yep.
306s Perfect.
306s All right, here you go.
308s The hardest mech in gate five is placing shapes in a hole.
312s And I know what you're going to say, that you rely on both people.
314s If one person doesn't get it, you don't get the shape.
318s Six - everyone has to know where the meterors go.
320s And if they drop it in the wrong tile, it's pretty much over.
323s And there's multiple gold meters, multiple raid wipe mechanics, and you can get knocked off the map.
328s No, you're kidding me.
329s You can't even get knocked off gate five.
330s Yeah at gate five, there's more times for you to wipe, though.
333s Like, why - I know you think it's hard, Bobajenny.
335s I don't run with ...
337s *indecipherable* Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
341s Because gate six is more of like a DPS track.
343s You hold your DPS, you do the mech once, you've got spare tiles and you just go at it, that's about it.
349s Yeah, you have room for error.
351s Okay, so sell me on gate five, why it's hard.
352s Because you have to have two people to put in the same place.
355s And if we're talking about Hard Brel - Drop the shape in the hole.
360s *indecipherable*.
360s You already do that with the meteors.
362s You already have people go to the same spot and drop.
364s So you have one raid, you have one raid leader calling where to drop your meteors in gate six and in gate five, it changes if you're going times three or times three plus one.
372s Not only that, you can only mess up once, you can't mess up twice on both sides.
376s One gold meteor.
376s It's over.
377s Yeah.
377s One gold meteor it's over.
379s You can mess up white meteors.
382s You have safety squares.
384s DatModz just looks tired.
384s I want to hear what...
386s At gate five you don't have overlapping mechanics once you're doing your shapes.
388s Of course you do.
389s *indecipherable* You have the beams down the middle.
393s No, no, no.
394s You stop damage.
395s Everyone sitting around on the edge.
398s Okay, does everyone got two, four, six, eight.
400s Oh, counting is hard.
402s And then you go into mechanics.
403s That's why you think counting's hard, I guess.
405s Why am I dragged into this?
412s I can count, but you can't count all of the meters because you haven't cleared that yet - you haven't cleared any of them yet!
419s And it took her like two weeks to clear that.
420s I saw that little picture on Twitter.
421s It took a long ass time, I saw that.
423s I was gone.
424s I was AFK.
425s I'm getting bullied by people that never played the fight.
427s I don't know.
427s It's unfair.
428s I mean, like, I just feel like gate six is more forgiving, though, because you can have two or three people die and you can clear it.
436s You need a certain amount of people alive at the end to do the countermech.
439s Like three people.
441s Like three, four people.
441s I kniow why you guys think gate five is hard - it's because it's the one that takes to get to gate six and you can't clear gate five, you're not going to clear gate six.
446s The only thing that's difficult about gate six is the length of the fight and getting to the end.
451s That's it.
452s Gate five, throughout - Of course.
454s I made it to the - You have a picture of the horns and everything on hard mode?
456s No, but I made it to the -.
457s That's fine.
459s I mean, you can Photoshop it Wait, so you're able to clear gate five, but not gate six.
462s He didn't clear Gate five.
463s Yes, I did.
464s I saw him there doint....
466s He already cleared gate five.
468s Maybe she can help you.
469s I mean, like he helps you, right?
471s Keep in mind, like we are normies so we don't have as much time.
474s We work corpa jobs.
476s You just sit at home, pet your cat and play Lost Ark all day.
478s That's the life!
480s That's why I'm here, baby, let's go!
483s Lost Ark respects your time, though.
484s So the thing is, it should be easy for you guys to do the raid.
488s Yeah, you're right.
488s You're right.
489s All right.
490s A lot of stuff was mentioned.
491s That was our warm-up debate, Grenton, shut up.
495s I like that one.
497s I was gonna run away.
498s You are all very warm, so we're going to go ahead and head into our commercial break.
502s When we get back, we will kick off our 1v1 debate.
515s Hi, everyone.
516s Let's talk about something that's already been on everyone's mind.
520s DatModz.
520s DatModz, he's getting there.
523s He's old.
524s How many more years can he see shapes, colors or lines?
528s How is he going to share his wealth on the streamer client when he's one-tapping, two-tapping, hitting 100 qualities.
537s He's free-to-play.
538s Plus, plus, plus, plus, plus.
542s It doesn't end there.
543s I know how you feel, so vote for me.
546s In the live finale of the Lost Ark Academy Debate Club.
550s You know that I am the only choice.
585s Welcome back to the Lost Ark Academy Debate Club.
588s It's time to get serious with our 1v1 debate.
591s In this debate, the first contestant will have one minute to make their argument.
595s Second contestant will have one minute to make theirs.
597s And then each will be given one additional minute for a response.
601s Today we have DatModz and Stoopzz arguing whether to bus or not to bus.
607s The spectators will join me on listening in closely and we will decide a winner.
612s So to bus or not to bus, Stoopzz, I think you are going to argue for not bussing today, and DatModz, you will argue for bussing.
621s Okay.
622s I'll give you all a minute to strategize.
625s All right, guys.
628s I don't know why they're both in the exact same..
630s Their thinking pose.
632s Thinking pose?
633s Weird.
633s How do you guys feel about bussing?
635s Personally, I know it's very, very contentious.
638s I don't know, because, you know, I understand that sometimes new raids can be a little bit difficult to get used to.
646s But ultimately, I feel like you should, you know, just enjoy the game as it is.
651s I don't know.
651s I'm a goblin and I like gold.
653s So if I can triple my gold income from doing the raid, I might as well do it.
656s All right.
656s So it sounds like we're coming in with some bias, which is totally okay.
659s I love to hear it.
661s I never said I was going to be unbiased.
663s That was never in my contract.
664s It was not.
665s So I'm okay with that.
666s That's not fair, man.
669s None of this is.
670s That's the whole point of a debate, right?
671s Yeah, None of this.
672s To get someone to change their mind.
672s We didn't promise fairness.
674s It's not in our TOS.
675s Actually, it is.
676s Don't look that up.
677s All right?
678s We've given them enough time to strategize.
680s Do you all feel like you're ready?
682s Yeah.
682s Ready to rumble.
683s Stoopzz, go ahead and make your first argument.
686s Starting now.
687s Listen, bearded man, I know you don't like bussing.
691s Nobody likes bussing.
692s It incentivizes players to monetize gatekeeping, right?
697s It makes money off gatekeeping in Lost Ark, which is something that a lot of new players experience.
701s Right?
701s Essentially, you're just selling an entry ticket or a clear ticket to the raid and then a new player, they come into the game, they spend all of this time grinding up their gear, going through the hyper express to do what a lot of people want to do in Lost Ark, which is the main course.
713s It's the main dish, it's the endgame, the Legion Raids!
716s And they're just monetizing that.
717s And that's no different than selling a clear ticket in the cash shop.
720s But most importantly, it takes away from the learning parties.
723s It does require a lot of work to learn the raids, right?
726s It's not easy to learn Legion Raids.
728s They take some time, so people want to take the easy route and just pay a verse or somebody else to get a bus to the raid.
735s Right?
736s But you need people to form these learning groups and there are people that do want to do learning groups.
741s And by having bussing, you're taking away from that and you're marketing it inside of the game in the party finder.
747s And I think it's a terrible new player experience and that doesn't even go into inflation and everything else.
751s That is your one minute.
753s DatModz, one minute for your argument starts now.
756s Okay, you make some really good points.
757s People bus for multiple reasons.
759s One of the reasons is the challenge themselves, right?
762s And by challenging themself and charging for a bus, it also is an equalizer free-to-play players.
766s Not everyone swipes, not everyone has an 18-player roster.
769s They might only play six characters in order to keep up and keep their gear up-to-date.
773s And so they don't get gate-kepted by offering busses and lower tier content.
777s That actually does help out new players because unfortunately Lost Ark doesn't respect your time sometimes.
783s Right?
783s And just going in the party finder, sitting there for a long time waiting for Mokokos and stuff like that, again there, it's very time consuming.
790s So sometimes you just want to get in there real quick, get their gear so they don't fall further behind.
795s Also, there's raid anxiety.
796s Not everyone wants to go into a learning party and some people just enjoy honing their characters.
800s It's almost like collecting a car but not working on it.
804s So they want to get that relic gear.
806s They want to get those better pieces, but they don't actually want to do the raids themselves.
809s But the raids are fun and they are enjoyable, but it's not content everyone enjoys.
813s All right, Stoopzz, you have one minute to make a rebuttal.
817s What does respect your time was the experience I had with you doing Brelshaza for the first time?
822s Right.
822s You enjoyed that.
823s Those are the memories that matter, right?
825s And if you don't want to do the endgame, if you don't want to do the raid, you shouldn't get the best gear in the game, right?
831s You love grinding and video games.
833s Why should people just pay - why can't you just buy Legion Raid gear in the cash shop then?
837s Why don't they just sell everything, right?
839s You have to put in some work in the endgame.
842s And what happens is that people, they're not going to do these learning groups and they're just going to, Hey, take off all of your armor, stand in the corner and watch me kill this raid.
850s And then those same people will end up in your Legion Raids with a title that they didn't even earn.
855s And you get jailed, right?
857s You don't even know who you're actually grouping with.
859s You don't know if the title's real.
861s You don't know if they put in any effort at all, right?
863s So I think that we need more learning groups.
866s And what new players need is a way for experienced players to interact with new players.
870s And if you really cared about the challenge, why do you charge them?
873s You care about the goal.
874s They're trying to make way more gold - and the idea that free-to-play players need all of that gold.
879s Why is there verse and level 10 gems on every character.
882s Your one minute is up.
883s That's ridiculous.
884s DatModz, one minute for your final response starts now.
887s You made some really good points again there.
890s And one of the biggest downsides to bussing of people using titles and achievements and different accolades to infiltrate raids.
896s But this is a player-created problem.
899s Players, when they take the bus, for whatever reason, they should not use the things that they garner to get into raids that they're not qualified for.
907s What they should do is they should use the power that they gain from the raids to make their own learning parties.
914s So they'll actually learn the raid, but they'll have more power and they'll make it a bit easier for them.
919s In addition to that...
923s Bussing is...
923s Keep your feelings inside, Stoopzz.
927s It's too hard to argue that. I need to like brainstorm.
931s You got like 30 seconds to brainstorm.
933s I believe in you.
935s Bussing.
936s Good start.
937s Good start.
943s Bussing, it can be good in some situations.
945s All right.
952s That is literally your time.
952s A for effort, maybe.
952s I'm going to bring the spectators over to talk about that, and we will decide who is and who is not a Mokoko.
958s Bobajenny, I actually want to start with you, because I know you have very strong opinions about bussing.
963s I mean, I can definitely get behind what Stoopzz was saying.
965s But at the same time, you know, Modz saying that, you know, respecting time and everything, I do think that they both make pretty fair arguments.
975s Obviously, I feel like one probably resonates more with the community than the other.
979s But yeah.
980s Cool.
981s Grenton, how are you feeling after that?
982s Kind of the same as Jenny.
984s I'm a big busser.
986s That's what I usually do.
987s But Stoopzz got me thinking, which is a rare Grenton character development moment, I guess.
992s But DatMoz, he had a point that I never thought of, which is Mokokos coming in and getting that power spike to make their own learning parties more, more comfortable and a little bit easier and less punishing, and then I just feel like Stoopzz had a perfect segue into that with the, sure, but now they're going to be imposters in your raid because they'll have that title and they'll have everything.
1011s So it's a tough one, but it's got me thinking, that's for sure.
1014s Cool.
1014s Yeah, we definitely started with a very challenging topic, so I really appreciate everyone's insight, but I think we've come to a consensus.
1022s It was a heated debate, but DatModz.
1025s Yeah?
1027s Yeah?
1028s I'm ready.
1029s You sure?
1029s I think.
1030s DatModz.
1046s You are a Mokoko.
1050s I feel really mean.
1052s But Stoopzz, congratulations, you are not a Mokoko.
1056s Okay.
1057s I'm sorry.
1059s I don't think I made the right decision based on that interaction.
1063s All right.
1064s All right.
1065s Thank you, everyone, for joining us.
1066s And remember it doesn't really matter.
1068s Bussing is bad!
1069s Don't ride the bus!
1070s He shouldn't be excited at all because none of this matters.
1072s None of it matters until our live series finale, which will happen August 24th at 10 AM Pacific Time on Twitch.tv/ PlayLostArK and the community will all vote on who is and who is not a Mokoko.
1086s All right.
1086s Thank you for joining us and we'll see you next week on the next epi -.
1090s You're already clapping.
1091s Thank you.
1092s Please clap for me.
1093s We'll see you next week on the next episode of the Lost Ark Academy Debate Club.
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