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6s Bottoms up.
7s Enjoy.
8s Yeah.
8s Thanks, Neria.
10s It's great.
11s It looks great.
12s It's nice and uhh...
13s viscous?
14s Oh, hey.
15s I didn't see you there.
17s Welcome back to Tavern Talks with Roxx.
19s A show where we get together and try new things.
23s I'm excited to have you back, and we'll get things started right away here.
26s But before that, bon appétit!
31s Is it okay?
33s Oh, yeah.
33s No, no, it's good.
35s It's good.
36s Man, you look unfashionable and empty inside.
39s You know what can help you?
41s The Arkesian Super Shop!
42s We got all sorts of monthly offerings for you in the Lost Ark in-game store.
47s You need somewhere to sit?
48s You need somewhere to go?
49s We got our Rose Thorn Mount.
52s Five color variations, red, purple, white, tan, and green.
56s This is kind of a goth theme — tan and green, those colors aren't goth, but it doesn't matter.
61s We have to appeal to a broader audience to make sales.
64s You know, the scene era died many years ago, so there's not a whole lot of people we're targeting.
68s But you want a chair to sit on, you want a chair to move around?
71s Rose Thorn Mount.
72s Of course, you got to look good when you're sitting on your mount.
75s We got gothic skins.
77s Those are from people who are really moody, still crying over the fact that Halloween is over and we've moved on.
82s They're giving sad.
84s You don't want to give sad?
86s We also got the song of Adventure Skins available this month.
89s These are actually going to include Slayer Skins.
91s And you know what?
92s We know a lot of players are really excited about those Song of Adventure skins.
97s I'm pretty sure we all know why.
99s We got suits.
99s We got shirts.
101s We got shirts that aren't even really long enough to probably be considered shirts.
105s We got dresses.
106s We got weapons.
108s And did I mention we have a skin for the Slayer, too?
111s I don't know what that looks like yet, but I'm a little bit concerned about our ESRB ratings.
116s If you ever wanted to draw your power from the ****ing moon?
119s Now you can.
121s The Mages get these crazy little moon weapons.
123s I don't know!
124s These skins were created by players, so there's not really any rhyme or reason, but they're ****ing cool.
129s And you know what?
131s Maybe you're not wanting to dress yourself.
133s Maybe you're just wanting a companion.
134s Let's go back to the, to the goth theme — Nocturnal Pet Cat.
138s I guess cats are goth now, **** yeah.
141s I mean, the black cat is, at least.
142s But there's also a little one with a monocle, and that's super cool.
146s Log into Lost Ark today, open your in-game shop, and swipe that card.
151s I need to be able to afford to eat.
153s In the spirit of the season, we asked players on Discord and Reddit to share their most heartwarming Lost Ark stories with us.
160s If your story is shared here in Neria's Tavern, you'll receive a Twinkling Moon Headband Chest that you can use to pick a cute little headband for one of your characters.
168s Also, if you were featured in last month's show in October, you'll earn it too.
173s So we haven't forgotten about you.
175s With all that being said, let's share some of your stories.
179s "Back then, in the early days of Valtan, I was in an Argos bus.
183s One passenger at the beginning asked the party not to skip cut scene so her little son could watch Argos, or the cute white deer, as he called it.
191s Me, the drivers and the fellow passengers agreed.
194s She told us that her son was very excited to see Argos playing with the drivers and during the Argos death scene he said, Argos is going to sleep, and begged us to say Goodnight Argos, Sweet dreams.".
207s "Almost exactly one year ago I met a fellow raider in Lost Ark during a Brelshaza learning party.
213s We got to talking and we've been best friends ever since, despite living in completely different countries.
218s We talk every day and spend our evenings on call playing Lost Ark together.
223s We have gone on to do everything together.
225s We clear the latest content together, and we even home together.
228s Meeting him has been amazing and I wouldn't change it for anything.
231s Thank you, Lost Ark." Keep your friends close.
236s "A month or two ago, we were all done with our weekly raidss, so we decided to queue up for some Inferno Valtan and Vykas.
242s It's usually something we do just to pass the time and keep busy when there's nothing else to do.
247s Someone new applied to the raid and it was his first attempt at trying Vykas.
251s He couldn't get into any other raids and ours was the only party up at the time.
255s Turns out he was a very elderly man and had been kicked and rejected a lot.
259s Fast forward to present day and we all formed a static with him to help him enjoy the game a little bit more.
265s He said he's been estranged from his family and considers all of us like his grandchildren.
270s It's been really fun helping him learn how to do all the old raids, and he's even gotten some titles for previous Inferno raids.
276s Unfortunately, his age is catching up to him, so he hopes to play a little bit more and hopefully stick it out for one last push through Inferno Brelshaza." You know, I'm going to be really upset if that story is not true because I am now rooting for him.
292s "I think the most heartwarming moment was when we all put gold together to buy a maid skin for our friend that we kept sending into Akkan Gate 3 as a janitor every run.
299s Now has six maid costumes." You know what?
303s I'm glad he owned it.
304s And I'm sure he appreciated you giving him that first one.
308s "About eight months ago, I took seven.
310s Mokokos into Vykas to teach them.
312s We spent something like six hours in the raid and eventually cleared it.
316s A week ago, one of them saw me in Ereonnor and thanked me for getting him into the game.
320s He's now item level 1580 doing Brel Hard and Akkan.".
325s "Me and my friend used to play alone.
327s But one day we found a Vykas learning party with six players that were already friends from different Latin American countries.
333s We didn't clear Gate 3, but they invited us to try again the next time all eight of us were together.
338s We did so, and they became our friends in real life.
341s Now we play together most of the time, text each other random stuff through the day, and are planning to meet in person soon and learn Akkan blind.
349s P.S.
350s We hold birthday parties in my Stronghold." You love to see it.
354s And there you have it.
355s Some of the most heartwarming stories from our community.
358s See, they aren't always salty.
360s What's that?
361s You need more salt?
362s No, no, everything's, uh great.
366s Anyway, my heart is warmed.
367s Their hearts are warmed.
368s And your hearts are probably warmed.
370s So I feel like this is the perfect time to cut to a commercial break.
373s We'll see you when we get back.
376s Interested in the convenience of air travel, but love getting seasick?
379s Look no further than Arkesia's new and improved Ocean Liner.
384s Recent advances in technology mean that our vessels can take you anywhere you need to go as soon as you need to go there.
392s Whether you're sailing to the frozen north of Shushire, the techno dystopia of Arthetine or to Tortoyk to visit the big head, let our ocean liners take you wherever you need to go whenever you need to get there.
409s Wait, no, that's...
410s you...
410s You're not supposed to— Turn that off!
415s Areksia's Ocean Liners, ready whenever you want.
420s All right.
421s Welcome back to Mokoko Talks with Roxx, as you see.
425s I'm very susceptible to advertising, and I took an Ocean Liner back here to Mokoko Village because I was really sick and tired of Neria's Tavern.
433s It smells weird in there.
434s The patrons are mean.
435s Her food is bad.
436s I honestly don't know why I picked that location for the show to begin with.
441s Anyway, it doesn't matter because it's a great thing I came to Mokoko village.
444s I found none other than Soomin better known as, for some reason, Zoomin Park and he's going to join me for a little bit.
452s Soomin, why don't you tell everyone who you are and what you do on Lost Ark?
456s So I'm the franchise leader for Lost Ark.
458s That's my title and the role.
462s Cool.
462s So for the players at home, kind of what does that mean?
465s What does your job entail?
467s So there are a lot of things happening for Lost Ark.
470s And obviously there is the developer and you have the publisher.
474s So I my responsibilities, from the beginning of the project, I work with Smilegate to get the product up and running.
483s So there are lots of internal teams, including like Infrastructure, Marketing and like Franchise team, and so many different teams need to work together to improve the game and service the game as a live game.
497s But also, one of my responsibilities is working with Smilegate RPG to get the, the content and also localize it and Qesternize it before we deliver it to the customers.
510s Awesome.
510s Yeah.
510s What would you say like, especially in terms of kind of some of the changes to the game content and Westernizing it, How do you say that has an impact like— sorry.
518s What sort of impact would you say that has on players?
523s Obviously we are a Western service and one of our biggest responsibilities and the role is, well, to Westernize the game.
531s So not only just localization of the text, but also we review the game and we review the players' behavior and their preference.
541s And working with Smilegate RPG to get it improved.
545s Like we suggest some of the like, updated reward and balances and things like that to Smilegate.
552s And also we designed the whole new features like Jump-Start Server or modified monetization design for, for example, like the Yoz's Jar.
561s We delivered that to Smilegate and then ask them to develop new features and changes for us.
570s Cool.
570s Yeah, definitely a lot of the projects you work on are things that players obviously end up seeing very directly, but out of all of those kind of different projects and tasks and things you've done for Lost Ark in your time here, what would you say is your favorite?
584s Like, what are you the most proud of?
586s Because I'm the first person in third party game, like division or like franchise leader in Amazon Games.
598s So I'm very proud of my first third party game launch in Amazon Games, and that's Lost Ark.
605s And obviously there are lots of challenges because I'm the first one.
608s and as a third party publisher, we have to prepare a lot of different platforms and features and tools to support the third party title.
618s So we did that and I'm very excited and also happy to see players are enjoying this game with all that from all of the effort we made.
627s Yes.
628s Soomin, as he said, was literally the first person also hired on to work on Lost Ark.
634s So you have really gotten to see it grow from quite literally day one to what it is now.
642s And it's come quite a long ways.
644s So I feel like I've been here for a while too.
647s I started before the game launched, but like nothing, not nearly as early as you.
651s So you've just seen levels upon levels of growth.
655s Probably it's hard to believe that, how excited, how I was excited about the game I would work on is Lost Ark and also is with Smilegate RPG.
665s I knew them and I already knew the game because it was released in Korea before I joined.
671s And how amazing the game is.
673s So, like super excited because this is my project.
678s This is the first project, third party project for for Amazon Games and that's Lost Ark, so it's the perfect combination.
684s Yeah, it's been super awesome.
686s Cool.
687s A few more questions for you that were in my brain and now I'm just coming up with here on the spot.
693s Not premeditated at all.
695s When will we see you again?
697s We're already in November.
698s And our last roadmap announcement was in August.
702s So it's been almost already three months.
705s And we're going to have another roadmap announcement in December for early 2024.
711s So I'm very excited to announce the upcoming roadmap with very exciting content and the features.
717s So we are going to see players very soon!
721s Yeah, definitely.
723s I know I will be there.
724s I've invited myself and a couple of other familiar faces as well.
727s Really excited to do that next roadmap video.
730s We'll see if we can, we can sneak you in before that, but more on that later.
735s Cool.
735s Now I just have some super fun quick questions I'm going to ask you.
739s Don't think too hard about them.
741s Don't think too hard.
742s No heart attacks.
743s There are no medics here in Mokoko Village.
745s Let's just get to know you a little bit as a Lost Ark player.
748s So, scariest Legion Commander?
750s I can say Akkan because the look is like kind of scary.
755s He's gross.
755s And also he's known as a Plauge Legion Commander.
758s So like I hate diseases, but the most like, most afraid of thing, the most scary thing of a Akkan is one of his attacks is drowning the player.
773s So I'm a bit afraid of water and then I see the drowning attack, like I'm totally freaked out.
779s So Akkan is my choice.
781s That's valid.
781s You heard it here first.
783s Soomin Park is afraid of diseases and drowning.
785s I think most people are.
786s So you're in good company.
787s I definitely am.
789s What is your favorite NPC?
792s My favorite NPC is Nineveh, because who doesn't like her, frankly speaking?
798s Fair enough.
798s And I love Beatrice, but Beatrice, I can see Nineveh more often in the game because I can interact with her and also have Rapport with her so I can see, that's why I love like, Nineveh.
813s That's my, she's my favorite from the beginning.
817s Yeah, I know.
817s That's fair.
817s She's got all the cute animals and stuff too.
821s How many Mokoko Seeds do you have?
823s I counted until, like 1200.
827s That's the most number of Mokoko Seeds to get the maximum reward.
833s That is way more than I have.
834s I got a little lazier than before.
837s So I stopped collecting or barely like searching for the Mokoko seeds anymore.
843s But probably I will start again with the Voldis update.
846s All right.
847s Voldis update— What are you most excited for in the Voldis update?
852s Voldis is gigantic content, so it is obviously the biggest content after Elgacia and it has a lot of great stories and and clues for the end of the chapter.
864s And also the length of the story is as long as, like maybe comparable with the Elgacia.
872s There are amazing and a lot of cutscenes and also great stories and also the soundtrack is one of my favorite.
880s Yeah, Soomin is actually very excited about Voldis and he knows quite a bit more about it than he's letting on.
886s So we'll actually have him back here at Mokoko Village next week.
890s Surprise, surprise, you're not allowed to go home.
892s To talk to you and interview a little bit about Voldis and what you can expect to come in the December update.
898s So very excited to be sharing that with players.
900s Keep an eye out.
902s I'm going to say two things and you're just going to pick the favorite.
904s Okay.
905s Brelshaza or Thirain.
905s Brelshaza.
908s Beatrice or Thirain.
910s Beatrice.
911s Beatrice or Brelshaza.
915s Beatrice.
916s Thirain or Thirain.
916s Hm?
918s Thirain or Thirain!
919s Thirain.
921s Thirain or Nineveh.
923s Nineveh.
924s Nineveh or Beatrice.
927s Nineveh.
928s I'm trying to...
928s I'm trying to throw you off.
930s So Ninveh or Thirain.
934s Nineveh.
938s Thirain.
938s HMM?
938s Oh, my God.
939s Soomin, thank you for joining me and playing my, into my silly little "Promote Thirain" campaign that I'm actually on and is the whole purpose of the show.
949s Really glad you got to join me here.
951s I don't know what you were doing in Mokoko Village, but I'm really glad you will be forced to stick around for that Voldis interview.
958s I'm sure the players really appreciated getting to know you a little bit better.
962s And we'll see you when we zoom on over to our next interview.
969s Ugh, can you say nasty?
971s After our trip to Mokoko Village, Soomin and I actually boarded the Ocean Liner again with a few other members of the Amazon Games team to head over to South Korea and meet up with the Smilegate RPG team in their offices.
983s I can't tell you, obviously too much about what we got into, but what I can tell you is we had a few days of meetings all together, shared some really good meals and spent a lot of time reflecting on 2023 and figuring out what's in store for 2024.
997s There was a whole lot of topics we talked about and a lot in the pipeline coming for next year, and there are pieces of it that I'm very, very excited about.
1005s I'd love to share them with you, but I can't, so I won't.
1009s Instead, enjoy this photo of our team together in the office celebrating Lost Ark's 5th anniversary in Korea.
1016s Isn't that a good looking group?
1017s I can't wait to share what's in store for next year, but obviously you're going to have to wait till 2024 to find out.
1024s Find the Mokoko!
1025s Three, two, one.
1029s Hi.
1031s Three, two, one.
1032s Three, two, one.
1044s And we're back.
1044s And now I have Michael with me.
1046s Michael is the one who makes all the weird videos you love to watch with your eyeballs.
1049s Michael, do you know what this is?
1051s Yes.
1052s What is it?
1053s This is a cornucopia, or a horn of plenty where limitless food comes from within.
1058s We love limitless food.
1060s You ready?
1063s It's time for us to eat.
1064s It's time for you to eat.
1065s Are you feeling hungry?
1066s Yes.
1067s It's time for you to eat some Arkesian delights.
1069s We have a little feast we're going to share here with you today.
1072s And Neria cooked so I'm going to make sure you're the one eating it.
1075s You ready?
1076s Yeah.
1077s All right, Michael, show us what you got there.
1081s It's really greasy.
1083s It's very hot Roxx.
1086s Tell them what this is.
1087s This is very hot.
1089s First up, it looks like we have Manpo's Mystery Meat Dumpling.
1092s The mystery is why it's dripping all over the table.
1095s I don't know.
1096s So, Michael, why don't you take a bite and let us know what you find out?
1105s That was vile.
1107s Well, it's still dripping, so it looks like we haven't solved that mystery.
1111s And my Adventurer's Tome still feels questionable.
1114s So, Michael, why don't you go see what's in there next?
1121s All right, what's that you got there?
1122s Looks like we got some Goblin Fish Soup.
1125s You're gonna be gobblin' that up real quick, and let us know what you think about it.
1128s We want to know if the goblins made it or the fish made it.
1133s Or the goblins are in it, or the fish are in it.
1141s The **** is that?
1141s What is this?
1143s It's Goblin Fish Soup.
1145s I wasn't expecting a protein.
1148s I'm sure there's protein in it.
1151s What's this meet in here?
1153s It's either fish or it's Goblin.
1154s You tell me.
1158s It's no good.
1159s All right.
1160s I guess we'll put you out of your misery.
1161s Why don't you set that aside?
1163s Your hands are still looking a little wet, so be sure not to drop it.
1166s So there's one more thing in there for you to have.
1168s Polish it all off.
1170s Maybe you'll get lucky and get a dessert or something.
1172s I don't know.
1173s I don't really control this.
1175s So we'll just kind of see what the cornucopia has to offer you.
1184s Look at that!
1185s It's a Holy Potato with Teeth Marks!
1189s Already in there for you.
1190s By God, I think that's Regulus.
1193s Do you see it?
1194s I kind of see it.
1196s I'm impressed.
1196s Why don't you, uh.
1199s Why don't you give it a taste?
1202s It's food, right?
1204s Bottoms up.
1205s Let's get some more teeth marks in there.
1210s Oh, look at that crunch.
1214s That's the Holy Potato with two sets of teeth marks for you.
1218s Honestly, how was that one?
1220s It's looks not bad.
1222s I think he's choking a little bit.
1223s So maybe we should get Michael some medical attention.
1227s Now, if Michael's taste testing didn't convince you that Arkesian food is some of the best there is out there, I don't know what will.
1233s So for today's community question, we'd like to ask: What Arkesian food would you like to try in real life?
1239s Let us know your top picks for what foods you want to eat in the comments.
1242s And you know, we'll see what we can do.
1244s Maybe we'll bring them onto the menu here at Neria's Tavern for next time.
1249s Anyway, thank you for joining us and we'll see you next time in Arkesia.
1252s I don't know what that looks like yet, but I'm a little bit concerned about our ESRB ratings.
1262s Underboob.
1267s I did.
1267s I had to get it out.
1268s Maybe you think you look good.
1269s You're wrong.
1270s But maybe you think you look better.
1271s Can I blink?
1273s Cool.
1294s It went in my mouth.
1296s This little curly thing.
1297s Bon appétit.
1299s Pffft.
1302s Michael's got Manpo's Mystery Meat Dumpling.
1305s The mystery is why it's still so hot.
1310s But you know what?
1311s We do want to know more about what Arkesian foods you'd like to eat.
1314s For today's community question— aaah!