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1s I'm the Aeromancer, here to give you the weather in Mokoko Village.
8s Oh, looks like the Lost Ark creators are finally back in Arkesia after a few months away.
14s Datmodz has been dwelling in darkness, much to the surprise of no one, especially after only winning one debate.
22s He's been blown away by all the competition.
25s Well, but Bobajenny has a sunny disposition.
28s But in truth, only coldness radiates from her heart.
32s As expected, Stoopzz is as loud as a thunderstorm.
35s Let's just move away from that.
38s Oh, I think there's some beautiful sun over there.
42s No, no, it's just Grenton's big ******* forehead.
46s I'm Aeromancer with the turbulent weather forecast of Mokoko Village.
54s 12 weeks ago, the Amazon Games Community Team set off on a wild journey to try something new, something silly, something experimental.
63s Four Lost Ark creators joined us in Mokoko Village across 24 debates, all in the aim of determining who is and who is not a Mokoko.
74s Is a Mokoko.
74s Congratulations Bobajenny!
79s Hahaha.
80s None of that matters now.
81s It was all a rehearsal for today.
84s Who's it going to be?
86s Bobajenny.
87s I am having a ******* great time.
90s It's ******* rigged.
91s Grenton.
92s I'm humble.
93s I know my place.
93s You're talking a lot of smack behind that mushroom.
97s Stoopzz.
98s That's why I'm here baby, let's go!
99s Ah!
99s Datmodz.
101s Look no further.
102s Pull out your axe, Whack 'em in the back.
104s Let's find out.
106s Coming to you from the Amazon Games Community Team.
108s It's the live finale of the Lost Ark Academy Debate Club!
116s You seem pretty ready.
117s I'm losing control of my life.
117s You want horses?
118s We got horses.
119s CAW, CAW, CAW.
120s No, no, no, no.
120s It's like.
124s Lost in the mushroom forest.
126s Well we can't all be emotionally stable, Michael.
131s I keep winning, this **** easy as ****.
136s You know that's weird!
140s You're losing your sanity.
145s Why are you like this?
147s He's talking to me, I'm just standing here.
148s I think you're just scared to go back to the fun house.
154s And now, the moment you've all been waiting for.
157s It's your emcee Kanon.
161s Hi guys.
161s My name is Kanon, and welcome to the Lost Ark Academy Debate Club.
166s We've got a great show ready for you guys today.
168s And I do want to mention that we've got some drops, a couple of drops, exclusive drops, I believe.
173s But before we get started, I want to introduce you guys to a special guest.
181s Oh.
182s Hello there.
183s Good to see all of you.
185s My name is Balthorr, and I want to sing you a very special song.
193s It's a beautiful song.
195s Sing along, if you will.
197s Light the lights, see how they gleam.
199s Let the community see yus stream.
201s Lost Ark debates and stupid memes.
203s Get ready to vote for our last fever dream.
208s Ohoho.
209s Oh!
210s Will Datmodz win?
211s It's hard to say.
212s He's one of six.
213s And that's just okay.
215s Only Bobajenny's made time to play.
217s She won four debates.
218s It could be her day.
223s Oh!
223s Or Grenton might take the crown.
227s Tied with Jenny, but with a frown.
230s Don't doubt, fivehead, or you'll surely fail.
233s We will watch as Stoopzz becomes increasingly exasperated that he's a Mokoko.
242s He's a Mokoko!
243s The vote is up to you.
247s Haha, haha.
247s Oh, the vote is up to you.
251s Yes!
253s Oh, Roxx is back to host with a broken watch in her hands.
258s The passive aggressive Roxx is back again.
263s Roxx is back to host— Stop, stop, stop.
268s Okay, okay.
269s Can you stop?
270s That was really mean.
272s YUh, you threw off my groove.
274s What groove?
275s You just said I was passive aggressive.
277s You're very passive aggressive, and you're being a little passive aggressive right now.
280s I think I'm just being aggressive.
284s You know what?
285s Thank you, Bathorr, for whatever that was.
289s I appreciate the effort and not much else.
293s Anyway, welcome back to the Lost Ark Academy Debate Club.
297s I'm so excited to be here and bringing you all the live finale where you will finally, finally, finally have it proved to you that this is not rigged.
306s Kanon, why don't you come join me over here?
308s Let's tell the viewers what they can expect.
312s Yeah, um, I thought Datmodz was supposed to be Balthorr.
315s Who's that guy?
316s That's— that's Balthorr.
320s Datmodz is not Balthorr.
320s Yes.
323s Datmodz is not Balthorr, they just both have beards.
324s Okay.
325s All right.
326s Very attractive beards.
328s I mean, it's a nice beard.
330s It's a nice beard.
331s Yeah.
331s No, that's Datmodz.
333s No, that's not Datmodz.
334s That's definitely not Datmodz.
335s That's Balthorr!
336s Datmodz is coming later.
336s Dat Balthorr.
336s You're throwing me off my game already!
339s I apologize.
339s I apologize.
340s I'm here to help you, not to distract you.
342s Sorry.
342s It's okay.
342s Datmodz is important.
344s He'll be showing up a little bit later, but our viewers can expect kind of a similar format to what they saw all season.
349s We'll start with a warm up debate where everyone will be able to get it all out of their systems, figure out— we'll get you.
356s We'll make sure you know who Datmodz actually is, and then we'll have six 1v1 debates so everyone can kind of prove themselves one more time, go up against each other, make their final arguments, and try to convince the audience that you or they are not a Mokoko.
371s From there, viewers will actually vote on the winner of each debate and Kanon will talk a little bit more about how that will work later.
379s But before we get started, you know, I just wanted to take a minute to thank the community team that we've been working with here.
384s It's a team I'm part of, and honestly, the people behind the scenes are just some of the most professional individuals I've ever worked with.
391s They're so organized.
392s Whoa, whoa, whoa.
393s Stop, stop, stop!
394s Oh, no, no, That's embarrassing.
399s Oh.
402s Okay.
402s And you know what?
403s Anyway.
404s I think we should just move on.
405s Yeah.
406s I'm sure they'll be fine back there.
408s You know what?
409s Let's go ahead and bring out debaters.
411s I think it's about that time.
413s We have four debaters here today who you should all be very familiar with.
417s And they were all still playing Lost Ark when we contracted them.
421s So first up, we're going to bring out Grenton.
425s Sorry, there's only a couple of us to clap for you so far.
430s It's the entire Reaper population.
431s It's the entire— There are literally dozens of you.
433s Literally dozens of reapers.
435s That's true.
436s And you're one of those dozens.
438s You know, you've won quite a few debates throughout the season, but like Balthorr said earlier, you're feeling pretty, pretty down.
446s You frown a lot.
447s How are you feeling coming into today?
449s I'm not going to be toxic at all today.
453s Are you sure?
455s To you?
455s Maybe, but no one else.
457s Great.
457s Well, how are you feeling about your chances at the finale?
462s I mean, the show is rigged, so I already know who's going to win.
465s Twitch chat is literally voting for the winners I have— I don't think anyone has any control over Twitch chat.
472s So you think?
474s Well, I guess we'll find out.
475s Not a very compelling argument.
477s We'll see how they get swayed.
479s We're going to move right along and bring out our next contestant.
482s Next up, we have Bobajenny.
486s Hey, guys.
488s Hi, Bobajenny, welcome.
490s You have just as many wins from across the season as Grenton does.
494s How are you kind of feeling going into today?
495s Those are the two highest numbers of wins.
498s I mean, the whole time I wanted to be not Grenton, but somehow we're at the same spot.
504s I don't know how I feel about that, but let's do our best.
508s Very valid.
509s Grenton, I know you said you wouldn't be toxic today, but Bobajenny apparently is still going with those smear campaigns she did all season.
516s It clearly didn't work for her, we're still tied.
517s I guess we'll find out.
519s We'll find out after the audience votes today.
522s Thank you for coming out.
523s Next up, we're going to bring in Stoopzz.
529s Full speed.
532s Skrrrrt.
532s Gotta put me up to the line, man.
534s Yo!
537s Are you crazy, man?
538s Let's not drop our debaters.
540s Thank you for joining us, Stoopzz.
541s Welcome back.
542s You are sitting squarely in the middle of the pack based on your performance this season.
547s Are you making fun of me because I'm in the wheelchair?
549s No, I just— that's literally, like, how many debates you won.
552s What does that have to do with your...?
553s "You're sitting in the middle of the pack?" Oh.
556s Well, that's awkward.
557s No, I wasn't.
558s But I'm sorry I made you feel that way.
560s I'm sorry you feel that way.
561s I thought I did great on the show.
563s You know, you do have the highest number in the show of claims that it's rigged.
567s So you won at something.
568s But you do decide— you did decide who won.
570s Like that.
571s Did I?
571s You guys came over and told me every time.
572s We did like a rehearsal of the show twice yesterday, and Mr.
575s Modz won both times in the rehearsal.
578s He got of the stars.
579s I got zero.
581s But it wasn't real.
583s I'm saying it's rigged, though.
584s Even when the show is not live, it's rigged.
587s All right, anyway.
588s Hello, man.
592s Okay, we're going to keep moving on.
593s Finally, we're going to bring out Datmodz.
595s Datmodz, let's bring some positivity here.
602s Oh, surprise!
604s It's me!
604s I bet no one expected the shadowy hooded figure to be me, Datmodz.
608s Hello, Mr.
609s Stoopzz.
609s You were supposed to say, surprise, motha sucker.
611s That was what you were supposed to say.
612s Surprise mother licker.
616s Please don't fire me.
618s All right, Datmodz, welcome.
619s Thank you for bringing out Stoopzz.
622s You have only won one debate all season.
625s Just one.
626s So you're coming in as kind of an underdog.
627s How 'bout you chill for a second here.
628s Okay.
629s It's not about who is winning or losing.
632s What really matters is the fun and the memories you made along the way.
636s And, yeah, I might be the underdog.
638s I might have taken a lot of L's, but it's not over till it's over.
642s And everyone loves a good comeback story.
644s There you go!
645s Don't say that.
645s You ditched me last week.
646s We were supposed to do Akkan together and you ditched me.
648s What about memories and friends?
650s Yeah.
650s We have to talk about that later, I did cheat on you and Akkan with Zeals and Memo, which our raid did go quicker than yours.
657s No, it didn't.
657s We went faster.
658s I watched.
659s No.
659s I checked the VOD.
660s They're like a married couple.
661s They really are.
662s We're gonna have to have a fact check on this.
664s I love Mr.
664s Modz.
665s Well, we'll have somebody, maybe Tom back there, will fact check that.
668s But you know, Datmodz, thank you for joining us.
672s Try not to tear down the set.
675s Global warming.
676s There are— those plants are very important.
679s Now that we have all our debaters up.
682s You guys are already feeling a little bit feisty, so we're going to go ahead and move into our warm up debate.
688s So while Datmodz gets ready and gets sweaty, I'm gonna give you guys the warm up topic for you to think about.
695s So today's warm up topic is: Should wipe mechanics be removed from the raid entirely?
700s Remember, this is going to be your first 2v2 debate.
703s The only rule is that there are no rules.
705s Do what you want.
706s Try to be nice to each other.
708s Please.
708s Like at least a little bit.
710s But this is the last time you will be in teams together.
712s So we'll have Grenton and Bobajenny behind the rock, Datmodz and Stoopzz behind the bongo— Stoopzz, are you okay?
719s A little gassy.
720s You were making a weird face.
725s Those donuts earlier, Idunno.
727s I thought Balthorr was going to be the stinky one today.
728s Yeah.
729s As long as you don't smell as bad as Balthorr I think you're fine.
732s Oh, it's worse.
733s Oh, no, no.
734s That's saying a lot.
735s All right, well, think about your warm up debate topic again.
739s That will be: What would be— oh, no, it's not.
741s I lied.
744s "Should all of the wipe mechanics be removed from Lost Ark?" That is your warm up debate topic.
750s Think about it for a couple of minutes.
751s Talk amongst yourselves.
752s And while you do that, Kanon is going to tell the viewers at home how they'll be able to vote once the real debates get started.
758s Sure, sure.
759s Yeah.
759s So most of you guys are familiar with the Twitch interface.
762s Once they're done debating, check the top of chat.
765s You'll see a menu there.
766s You click that and then you'll select who you think had the best defense.
771s I want to, I want to mention this, but these debates and these takes that the content creators are giving, they're not necessarily reflective of their own personal opinions or Amazon or Smilegate for that matter.
787s They are assigned topics and takes that they have to defend.
791s So when you vote, be sure to vote on who you think defended or argued their give and take the best.
798s Totally.
799s Debate club, not be correct club.
801s Right.
801s Absolutely.
802s All right, debaters, are we feeling warmed up?
805s I hear a little bit of chatter, but how do we feel?
809s I feel ready to go.
810s Do you still feel gassy?
812s I let it out.
814s Oh, no.
815s I'm so happy I'm over her.
816s Yeah, me, too.
818s You're gonna have to come over here soon.
820s Hopefully it's gone by then.
822s As long as we're ready to do that warm up debate, I'm going to pull out my— Balthorr, this is very much not a broken watch.
829s It still works.
830s Well, it looks broken.
831s You probably can't see this far with your beady little eyes.
835s But I assure you, the watch still works.
838s So we're going to get right into it with our warm up debate.
841s Again, the only rule: there are no rules.
843s Let it all out of your system now, including that gas, and have the floor.
849s That's not an easy way to start the conversation.
851s They should be removed.
852s Okay, they suck.
853s No one really likes them.
854s It's a lot of artificial difficulty.
856s And in a game like Lost Ark where it's about re-clearing raids and going through them and a bunch of different characters, having...
862s when everyone knows how to do the raid, having like even in Vykas where you can wipe the entire raid at that point where you're like 100 ilvls over it.
868s I don't think it fits the mold of the game.
870s I think you can still have fun doing raids without having a mechanic that wipes everybody.
876s But having a wipe mechanic allows players to really know the raid, though, because they know.
881s Does it?
881s What do you mean?
882s Yeah, because you know when it's coming up.
884s What does that mean?
885s If you're a mech do-er— Explain what that means.
887s Listen, one second Akkan, for example.
889s Okay?
890s Okay.
890s Gate 3 does— Not have white mechanics.
892s It does, with the statue mech.
893s Which one?
894s But it happens very early in the flight, so I don't think it should be removed.
896s But I don't think you should get like 8 minutes into a fight and then the wipe mechanic happens because then you have to re-prog another 8 minutes.
902s But if it happens early, I think it's still good.
903s Why does Vykas have wipe mechanics?
905s We don't talk about Vykas.
906s I just want to talk about this for a second.
908s Valtan: one of the best raids in the entire game.
910s Yeah?Okay.
911s It's fun and engaging for new players.
913s People can make mistakes.
915s People aren't going to get gatekept too much because they're not going to be deterred from doing the raids, because if one gigachad is in the raid, they'll be able to clear everything for everybody.
923s Have you ever done the final phase and been the only person alive on the final platform?
927s Of course.
927s Yeah, because the player skill prevails.
931s And, the most important thing is— You have a really good view from that, usually, right?
934s Because you're dead.
935s Ooh.
935s Hey, all I remember is carrying you in hard mode.
938s Listen, all that matters.
940s You were dead for how long?
942s Games are about having fun, right?
943s And that's an anti fun mechanic.
946s You just want to go in there and enjoy your time.
947s And if you're re-clearing raids, I don't want one person to wipe away, and a lot more people would be more likely to bring in like, new players if I knew that new player couldn't wipe the entire raid.
956s You're right, because the game respects your time.
957s So yeah sure, there's no— I mean, if there is one mechanic, it's going to be hard to bus.
962s Yeah, but listen, you have fun, engaging mechanics, okay?
967s That don't punish everybody for one person's mistake.
971s But that's the challenge of it, though.
972s That's what makes Lost Ark different from other games.
974s So one person's cat sitting on their keyboard while they're raiding and doing a raid, wiping everybody...
978s You're not explaining why it's good, though.
979s You look at— Look at Akkan's wipe mechanic.
983s Why is it good?
984s Okay, maybe I'm biased because I solved that when we were doing it blind.
988s But like.
988s No, it's an easy mechanic, right?
990s You press G and spin the statue.
992s Explain to me why it's good.
993s What makes a wipe mechanic good?
995s It's because it's a, it's a hard cap.
996s If you can't get that you can't continue.
999s You just have to do the mech!
999s There's a lot of other mechs that can be a hard cap where it doesn't wipe the entire raid.
1003s Like what?
1003s Even in Valtan if you can't survive the ghost phase...
1006s Why are you talking about the first Legion Raid?
1007s They re-released it, but they re-released it and people like it.
1010s You're like, "back in my day".
1012s How many people don't do clown, got get gatekept at clown because there are so many wipe mechs?
1016s You just skip every mech now.
1017s Yeah, that's true.
1018s There's still people that don't go into clown because they can't get past Mario 1 and 2.
1021s They're scared.
1023s Then maybe they should just get good.
1023s You can still make fun raids— All right, that's gonna do it.
1027s Just don't be bad at the game and you'll be fine.
1028s All right.
1029s Well, then you get to, like, the ten people left in Punika.
1031s You want to have more people playing the game.
1034s Who stays in Punika?
1034s Not anymore.
1036s You are all really passionate about this.
1037s The HH's?
1037s I don't know.
1037s Lailai!
1037s I feel like everybody is warm.
1039s Don't worry.
1040s You'll be able to all argue with each other later, I assure you.
1042s All right.
1043s Grenton, I thought you said you weren't going to be toxic today.
1045s Yeah, I lasted a whole 5 minutes.
1046s I don't even think you made it 5 minutes.
1049s That warm up debate was not 5 minutes.
1050s And you came out swinging.
1051s That was a little bit longer than a minute?
1053s That was too long.
1054s There's no rules in the warm up debate.
1056s Yeah.
1057s Are you trying to make rules?
1058s No.
1058s I got you a flower.
1060s I'm sorry.
1060s I'll put it on your coffin when I bury you.
1062s Oh, my God.
1063s Jesus Christ.
1064s I thought.
1065s Okay, I know what I'm going to have to talk to, Grenton.
1068s We're going to take a quick break before we get into the first three official matches where there are rules.
1074s We'll talk about that in a minute.
1076s While we take that break, we're going to go ahead and cut to Balthorr at his live support center.
1081s Yes, Yes.
1082s Thank you, Roxx.
1084s I can hear you.
1085s We're coming at you live from our Twitch channel.
1087s And welcome to Balthorr's Live Support Center for Salty Players.
1093s Well, it looks like we got a lot of salty players in the Twitch chat here.
1097s Ooh, we've got Mike Spicy saying "Commercial break." Hey, baby.
1102s How you doing?
1104s Oh, oh, we've got.
1106s Oh, Jencrimson making a cringe face.
1108s I like that.
1109s You sound like a salty personality.
1112s Ooh.
1113s Ohoho, you want some fries for that salt?
1120s Ooh, we've got so many people.
1121s All the comments are coming in like, like a wild fire.
1124s Oh, Balthorr, be a chad and remove— Wait a second.
1129s We're not going to remove nothing, but I can be a chad.
1132s Anything for you.
1134s Oh, wait, wait, wait.
1135s Oh, we got some more people.
1137s I see you RecallYT.
1139s You are beautiful.
1140s Hold on.
1141s I'm going to— let me just.
1145s Yep.
1145s Yes, Hello?
1147s Yeah.
1147s Police.
1148s Yeah.
1148s There's a lot of salty people in the chat here, but it looks like we're going to need somebody to call the WAHmbulance for a lot of these people.
1157s Like Hopo0815.
1160s Recall what a noob.
1164s Haha, we have so many— Show my hammer!
1170s Something sad about my hammer.
1172s Long story short, my hammer has disappeared.
1175s But I have brought a different weapon.
1179s It is a smaller hammer.
1183s It's not the size of the boat.
1185s It's the motion of the ocean.
1187s Don't quote me.
1189s Back to the Twitch chat.
1191s Oh, so many angry people.
1192s Look at all that salt.
1194s Do we have any water?
1196s Droplet tears for all you salty players or maybe a salt shaker?
1201s Let's see all the salt shakers.
1203s Ohohoho.
1203s Aww, you gonna cry?
1208s Oh you can't, you can't win the raid?
1210s Oh, why don't you just go to, I don't know, drink some ale at a bar?
1216s You know, maybe you could meet me there.
1218s You know, we could have a jolly old time.
1221s Oh, look at all this salt.
1223s Ooh, smells like victory.
1228s Ah yes.
1229s You know, this reminds me of a beautiful song.
1232s I wrote it for this very moment, and it's going to be the most exciting song that you really love.
1239s Wait a second.
1240s Balthorr you look cute today?
1242s Okay.
1243s L, is for the way you look at— What was that?
1248s Oh we're, we're done.
1249s Okay?
1250s And that's all for Balthorr's Live Support Center.
1252s Back to you in the studio.
1257s Thank you Balthorr for reading that Twitch chat so the rest of us don't have to, and managing all those salty players.
1265s They're my salty babies.
1268s Okay, maybe keep that to yourself next time, but we appreciate you.
1273s Now that we're back from that quick break, we are going to get into our first 1v1 debate.
1279s We're going to have Stoopzz and Datmodz who are already in position.
1281s You'll be taking the first debate of the live finale.
1284s How are you feeling about that?
1286s He just called my editor a noob.
1288s Recall, dude, that's crazy.
1290s You got roasted by like the homeless Santa Claus.
1292s That's crazy, dude.
1294s Sometimes the truth is necessary, though.
1296s I know.
1297s Recall does suck though.
1297s I've never even seen him raid before.
1299s He's not that good.
1300s Yeah.
1300s I mean, I'm not great, but he's also not great.
1302s I'm not good either.
1302s But, you know, that's why you have strong friends.
1307s Damn Recall you got roasted.
1307s Okay, anyways.
1308s Well, hopefully you are more ready for the debate than you are for your raiding parties, apparently.
1315s Your topic for the first debate is going to be: What would be the best way to bring players back to the game?
1321s We'll give you kind of a minute to think.
1323s Not to each other.
1324s You're debating against each other, but, you know, with yourselves and then we'll get right to it.
1328s He already knows what I'm going to say anyway.
1330s Yeah, I already know what you're going to say.
1331s Yeah.
1332s We always talk about this.
1332s Take a minute to strategize anyway.
1335s So Kanon, this is a pretty important topic, I think.
1338s It is.
1339s Bringing new players back to the game, well not new players necessarily, but bringing players back to the game is always super important.
1346s Always going to be important.
1348s Yeah, it's arguably the most important thing about the game, really any MMORPG.
1354s The thing is, Stoopzz is pretty passionate about this subject, so I mean, he's going to probably say the same thing he always says on every single one of his streams.
1361s Give a very passionate, inspirational take on the matter.
1367s But the thing is, see, I don't know if you guys have been watching the other episodes from the Debate Club, but Datmodz, the man is a walking W.
1376s He's deliberately lost all of his debates.
1378s You said that live?
1378s Deliberately, deliberately, lost.
1382s And then he's just going, to he's just going to come out with some W takes.
1385s So it'll be very interesting.
1387s Alright.
1389s All that copium going on in there.
1390s Hey listen.
1391s Listen, you see the color of this?
1393s You see the color of yours?
1395s This means that when I speak, you have to...
1399s You gotta zip it, man.
1400s Feeling lightheaded?
1401s Listen, let.
1402s Let the professionals talk.
1404s She's behind the booth.
1405s You're just standing there awkwardly.
1405s No, I like this.
1406s Somebody's finally supporting me.
1406s What you gotta call me out on that man?
1409s She has a whole set up, and you're just standing there like a plus one.
1412s Yeah, but like, look.
1414s Okay, let's.
1415s Let's go on with this.
1415s All right.
1416s Well, I do appreciate your support.
1417s And it sounds like, you know, both of these players kind of had pretty strong opinions on it.
1422s So we'll see how they do during the debate.
1424s Are you both feeling ready?
1426s Yeah.
1426s We are ready.
1427s I'm ready to rumble.
1428s All right.
1429s Stoopzz is going to go first.
1429s I'm going first.
1430s Yeah, you're going first.
1431s Stoopzz is going first?
1432s Okay, sure.
1432s By all means, Stoopzz, your first minute starts now.
1435s I think it's a pretty hard topic to solve.
1437s You know, it's not easy to bring people back into a game after they— Look me in the eyes when you're talking to me.
1441s I'm nervous.
1443s You're bullying me.
1443s I'm in a wheelchair.
1444s Okay, let me do my thing.
1445s He's wasting— He's not allowed to interrupt me.
1448s Stop arguing, you're— Can we restart?
1450s Stoopzz, your one minute starts now.
1451s Don't talk over each other.
1453s Look in my beady eyes, bearded man.
1455s It's not easy.
1456s It's not an easy task to bring people back into the game.
1458s Right.
1459s I don't want look in your eyes makes you uncomfortable.
1461s It's not an easy task with people back in the game.
1463s People, when they've decided to stop playing a game.
1466s It's very unlikely to them to, like reinstall or try out the game.
1468s But the problem is in MMOs there is so much vertical progression that you can't just hop into the game and start playing.
1474s And so with Lost Ark specifically, there's so many systems, so many materials that you need, so much horizontal content that you need that, to like tell a new player to get into the game, like yo, come into the game a year later.
1486s They're not going to want to do that.
1487s So a lot of MMOs, what they offer are expansions where somebody can hop in.
1490s And there are so many people that played Lost Ark in the past and people that might be interested in playing today, but when they find out how much or how far they're behind, they're not going want to do it.
1499s So for me, the best way to do it is obviously continue to revamp a lot of the systems like the dailies, to make them stay longer when they get in the game, but also offer a reset of some sort like season three or Tier four.
1511s I think that would be the best way to get people back in the game.
1513s Alright, that was your first minute.
1514s Datmodz, your first minute to make your argument starts now.
1518s Okay.
1519s No, that is definitely one approach.
1520s I do agree with some of that, but I think there is another way to do it because you don't want to punish the long term player.
1526s MMOs are about the longevity, your experience, getting your achievements, right, doing all the raids, right, getting all your character progress, getting your gems and everything else like that.
1534s But the problem is new players, there is that vertical hurdle that they do have to overcome and you do want the game to be inviting to the new players.
1542s So what I think the correct approach would be is not remove the long term players grind that they worked so hard for.
1549s I think what they should do is just revamp some of the more punishing systems for new players, such as revamping the card system where instead of just giving straight up power to the players, maybe it's more of a utility system.
1559s So people aren't like, "Hey man, this guy wants to raid Brelshaza.
1563s Oh, but he doesn't got LOS30.
1565s We're not going to take him." And they just add a more utility side of that aspect.
1569s And then also just introducing more system to assist new players in with progressing the game like recently there was the 1540 powerpass, right?
1577s You're getting free level seven gems there!
1579s Or you get free 1540 too, so you can pretty much do almos every single raod all the way up to Kayangel and then you just have to do a little bit more honing to get up to 1580 to do the new raid.
1587s All right.
1588s That was your minute.
1590s Stoopzz.
1590s You have one minute to make a rebuttal.
1592s Yeah, it's a good point.
1593s But the reality is that you could give anybody all the gear, all the gems, whatever.
1597s But as soon as they see that you're roster level ten, or whatever you're at to show that you haven't been playing the game, you can't buy the knowledge, right?
1604s And so when you don't have the knowledge, it doesn't matter if someone's super juiced up like nobody in the chat is going to take somebody that's 1600 but has never done a raid.
1612s Because if they haven't done the raid, they're going to wipe you.
1614s And with the wipe mechanics, the raid wide wipe mechanics for one person to wipe the whole raid, you don't want to waste time with that person no matter how geared they are.
1621s Right.
1621s So the reality is you have to reset the knowledge.
1624s You have to get people to go into new raids and learn together.
1627s And yes, at some point, right.
1628s It's every MMO, there's always going to be gatekeeping, there's always going to be a knowledge gap, but you have to reset it frequently enough for then people to hop back in.
1635s Dude, every MMO is like this.
1637s You look at it like, Oh well, I'll wait till the expansion drop.
1640s I'll wait for the next season, I'll wait for the next tier.
1641s And Tier three has gone on too long.
1644s And so they need to look to implement Tier four for new people to come back into the game.
1648s And then, yeah, let's get rid of those systems.
1650s All right that is your one minute.
1651s All the extra horizontal but, a reset of knowledge is the most important thing.
1654s Perfect timing.
1655s All right.
1656s Datmodz, you have one final minute to make your last response.
1660s That is true.
1660s Roster level is definitely one of the pain points for new players.
1663s They see, hey, this guy has the item levels, he has some gems.
1666s He doesn't have cards and he doesn't have roster levels.
1668s That's something I think they definitely need to actively revamp to help the new players enter the game more easily.
1674s Another thing that they could do, because it's an MMO, it's about community, about playing with each other.
1678s They could add some mentor systems in the game.
1680s Well, maybe like, Hey, there's a new player.
1682s He hasn't done the raid.
1684s You know, you have the different buffs are ready for those new players to take less damage.
1688s They're going to have the cheat death mechanics.
1690s So like when they do die in the raid, they actually are resurrected.
1693s I think having like a mentor system where they could like scale up new players power level to the person leading a raid would kind of be helpful, and then it would help them introduce in the raid.
1703s And then you can also add some reward system for these mentor players.
1706s So these new players that want to learn the raids, you have an experienced guy leading them through there and maybe they get some extra gold or they get some cards to help them out.
1714s All right.
1715s That is your one minute as well.
1716s That was pretty succinct.
1717s Good job.
1718s All right.
1719s We are now turning it to the audience.
1721s Twitch audience.
1723s Be sure to look for that poll you are going to be voting on who is and who is not a Mokoko, or just more simply put, who won this first debate.
1731s So that was kind of a lot of ideas floating around there.
1734s What do you think, Kanon?
1734s Yeah, I'll be honest.
1737s I personally, if I if I may inject my own personal opinion, I think I'm actually in favor of Stoopzz's take there.
1744s But again, it's not about their beliefs.
1747s They're they're they're they're going.
1749s They are there defending a give and take.
1752s Right.
1752s So I would definitely agree with with Stoopzz's there.
1756s But I think that Datmodz did a pretty good job defending his point.
1760s All right.
1760s Fair enough.
1761s Yeah.
1761s These folks, remember, it's important to remember they're debating different things.
1764s Some they might not believe in, some they may.
1767s I help you both believe in bringing new players back to the game in general, though, that would be ideal.
1772s We've gotta bring Mr.
1773s Modz back to the game.
1776s I did Akkan.
1777s Without me!
1778s Yeah, I played with some better Korean players.
1780s Yeah.
1781s I see you were dead at the end.
1783s I would've restarted the raid for you if you didn't make it to the end.
1785s I was on the MVP system.
1787s I was on the family photo at the end.
1788s It shows how good your other teammates were.
1789s For what, stagger?
1790s For damage, Grenton, something you don't know about.
1795s Well.
1796s You can't turn into a bear in this game.
1800s All right, While those votes are trickling in, are there any other thoughts you kind of want to share?
1805s Kanon, how are you feeling so far?
1807s That was just our first debate.
1808s So it could be anyone's game.
1810s I think it's going to start getting a little heated, to be honest, because when we're going through this yesterday, this was.
1817s It was a very different culture.
1819s Let me just tell you that this was— they actually— I feel like there was a lot of effort put into that talk that they just had.
1826s It was actually a serious talk.
1827s I thought it was just going to be kind of a...
1830s I mean we get serious time when it's time for serious debates.
1831s It is.
1832s I mean, Grenton was very toxic yesterday, but you were doing, you were doing good today, even though you got a little spicy during the warm up debate.
1839s I'm never toxic.
1841s He said he was going to bury me.
1842s What do you mean?
1843s He still is toxic?
1844s I mean.
1845s He's doing better.
1846s And Kanon said Datmoz is a walking W seven times so far.
1850s He said that line like five times yesterday.
1854s Listen, it's not about being nontoxic instantly.
1855s It's about the progression.
1856s Okay.
1857s So what happens if you beat the walking W?
1859s I'm setting you up, man.
1863s Alright, so it looks like we're about ready to find out who is or has...
1867s I guess you can be a W, as Kanon's decided, the first W of the day.
1871s That's a W.
1872s It is!
1877s Datmodz.
1879s You are the first to Mokoko.
1881s Oh, my God.
1883s Stoopzz you won the debate.
1883s Oh, yeah.
1884s Oh, baby.
1885s Really?
1886s Kanon's going to come give you a gold star.
1886s Wait, I thought you were saying this is rigged.
1888s I think this is rigged, I agree with you now.
1890s This dink-donker, what you are talking about?
1894s This is the first time I've gotten one of these.
1895s We did this before.
1896s This is the first.
1897s I'm.
1898s I'm not.
1898s I'm serious.
1898s Doesn't it feel better that you beat a walking W?
1901s I got none yesterday.
1904s You got one yesterday.
1904s They're giving you pity votes.
1906s This is leftover, huh?
1906s No, I think Kanon's right, though.
1908s The way he's hyping up Datmodz, you've got to be like.
1910s Feeling like yeah, you did it.
1912s He's just getting pity votes.
1913s I can't control Twitch chat, and I would not like to try.
1918s All right.
1919s We're going to move right ahead.
1920s Congratulations on your first win to our second official debate.
1925s He's so happy.
1925s We're going to have Grenton and Bobajenny, who are already in place.
1929s Thank you very much.
1930s Oh!
1930s For our next official debate, your topic will be: Is too much of Lost Ark based on RNG?
1938s So I'll give you both a minute to kind of think about that.
1941s Think about your points.
1942s Yeah, look at that.
1942s They're thinking already and we'll go from there.
1946s You know what, Balthorr, actually, why don't you come over here?
1949s You're not really doing much over there.
1950s Over there?
1951s Yeah, to my mushrom.
1951s You want me?
1952s Over there?
1953s Yeah.
1953s Okay.
1954s All right.
1955s Just don't mind me.
1957s You look so different in person.
1959s Oh, thank you.
1961s In a good way.
1961s Hey, I like your beard, brother.
1963s Same to you there, sir.
1964s Hey, brother.
1966s Thank you.
1966s Keep it on, big man.
1967s I will.
1968s Don't worry about me, baby.
1969s Thank you.
1970s Thank you for joining us over here at our mushroom.
1973s You know, I just.
1973s I figured, you know, you might be a good person to talk a little bit about this.
1977s RNG, is that something you feel like has impacted your experience in Arkesia?
1981s Yeah, absolutely not.
1984s When it comes to Balthorr there is nothing random, everything's precisely calculated.
1990s I like that confidence.
1992s I wish some of our debaters had that kind of confidence instead of just being toxic.
1996s That's called confidence.
1997s I didn't even say you.
1999s Why are you responding?
2000s You were staring into my eyes.
2001s You don't know that.
2003s Yeah, I was looking at Bobajenny.
2005s She's looking great.
2006s She was looking at Bobajenny, Crouton.
2006s So don't worry about it.
2009s All right.
2010s Sorry about that.
2011s Little bit of a sidebar, but are you both feeling ready for your first debate?
2015s I got a weird whiff of something when he walked by, but.
2017s It's probably the booze.
2018s It's definitely me.
2019s I assume it's the ale.
2021s Alcohol.
2022s I think Kanon picked him up off the bar floor last night.
2022s Oh, the rotten alcohol.
2024s You know, it was a late night.
2026s It just comes through my skin.
2026s Hmm.
2027s Late night.
2029s He gets it.
2029s I got to drink with Balthorr.
2032s He was actually wearing that.
2033s Uh-huh.
2035s Anyway, how are you guys feeling ready for your first debate of the finale?
2039s Sure.
2039s Yeah, sure.
2040s Sure.
2041s Sure.
2041s Yeah, sure.
2043s Please stop saying that.
2044s Bobajenny looks very excited.
2046s Sure.
2046s So you know what?
2047s I'm going to give you the floor first.
2050s Remember, the topic is: Is too much of Lost Ark based on RNG?
2054s Bobajenny, your minute to start starts now.
2058s So I'm arguing for no, it is not too much RNG.
2063s I know some of you guys in chat right now think that I don't really have a say in this, but let me tell you.
2069s Why do games make you feel special?
2072s If you play every single MMO and everyone has the same things?
2075s It doesn't really feel that special.
2077s But when you have that one thing where no one else, no one else has, then you feel a little bit better about yourself.
2084s And when it comes to honing and stuff like that, people say it's RNG, but there's also a pity system going on.
2090s So I don't think it's that bad.
2092s At the end of the day, if you have a mount that no one else has, that's why people go back to certain games just to get that mount.
2100s It makes your gameplay so much more.
2102s It just makes that item so much more worth it versus everyone else having the same thing over and over again.
2111s And that's why I think there's not too much like, what is too much anyway?
2114s What's too much?
2116s All right, Grenton, your minute is about to start, so we'll see your first argument now.
2121s Thank you for literally helping my argument a little bit.
2123s So RNG is great, but there is too much, right?
2126s So you're never going to get gatekept for item level because you need to be a certain item level to do the raid.
2130s You will get gatekept for not having, or if someone else applies who has a9 /7 stone and you don't.
2135s They'll take them.
2135s There's no pity system for stones.
2137s Someone applies with a hundred quality weapon.
2138s You don't have a hundred quality weapon.
2140s You know all about hundred quality weapons, right?
2142s No wonder you love RNG, because you got a 9/7 stone.
2146s You have a hundred quality weapon, so you didn't experience the rough of spending millions of gold trying to get a weapon.
2152s Ask Stoopzz.
2153s This guy's perma blue quality.
2155s He has trouble getting that RNG factor into the game.
2158s So RNGs great...
2160s in small amounts.
2162s A rare amount, Sure.
2163s That shows prestige.
2164s You know, maybe, you know, a 9/7 stone OR quality, but too much RNG is bad and there's too much in Lost Ark that's based on RNG.
2172s The only thing that isn't is honing and your set levels, which at the end of the day don't really matter because you need the level to get to the raid anyways.
2180s All right, Bobajenny, your one minute to have a rebuttal starts now.
2185s Okay.
2186s I get what you mean.
2187s You're saying that people with 9/7s are automatically getting into raids.
2191s But I don't think that's the only thing that people look at when they try to get someone in their raid.
2195s And second of all, did you not tell me yesterday that you ran all of your Yorn card runs to get all of your LOS stuff?
2205s You got a full set?
2206s Yeah, you got a full set, but then you worked for it though.
2210s So I feel like there is some sort of RNG to it.
2214s But if a game does not have RNG it does not have the same effect.
2216s It does not light up the parts of your brain that is like, Hell yeah, I want to keep going.
2221s So I do think RNG is relatively healthy for a game.
2225s So like I said, what is too much?
2228s Are the people saying that it's too much the ones that just aren't playing enough to even have the RNG?
2234s Right?
2234s If they're not playing enough and they're not really trying it out.
2238s A lot of people that I know that play a lot of Lost Ark, like they all have LOS 30 without spending on card packs, etc.
2245s So dopamine rush.
2247s Good.
2248s All right, Jenny.
2250s Grenton, you now have one final minute to make your last argument.
2254s You play a lot of Lost Ark, right?
2256s Yeah.
2256s You don't have a LOS 30.
2258s I don't.
2258s You're the only one here without LOS 30.
2260s But— No, my turn to talk.
2261s Okay.
2262s Okay.
2262s I'm just setting you up.
2263s Okay.
2264s You have a high quality weapon.
2265s You have a 9/7 stone.
2266s You got hand-me-down level ten gems.
2268s You just don't have LOS 30.
2269s See what I mean?
2270s There's too much RNG.
2271s You're almost a perfect player, but there's just too much RNG.
2274s Like I did six card runs for, like, eight months and I never missed a week and I got LOS 30 like December of last year.
2282s It sucked.
2283s I had two 9/7 stones.
2284s I'm RNG blessed and I still think there's too much RNG in the game.
2290s There has to be a certain balance of.
2292s if it's going to be cards, it's cards.
2293s If it's going to be weapon quality, it's weapon quality.
2295s If it's going to be a stone, it's a stone.
2296s But having all these different system in the game.
2298s Not only that, like Datmodz said, that has a lot of player power attached to the RNG that you have no control over and no pity for.
2304s It's just bad for the health of the game.
2306s And that's why I think that there is too much RNG in Lost Ark.
2309s But I like a little bit of RNG.
2311s You need that dopamine rush.
2313s Alright, Grenton that is just about your minute.
2316s Twitch chat is now going to take some time to vote on who they think is the winner.
2321s You know, guys, I think that was kind of interesting, too.
2324s Grenton, both called Bobajenny the perfect player and then said, I like "RNG" to close out his argument.
2330s "Almost the perfect player." You just don't listen.
2333s No, I heard the important parts.
2336s "No I heard the important parts." Excuse you?
2338s I'm noticing this guy's kind of a bully.
2342s I got bullied all season.
2344s I got bullied all season.
2345s This guy's calling her out on light of salvation 30.
2347s She called me a fivehead and made fun of my hairline.
2349s I didn't do that.
2350s That was AGS.
2351s Did you not see the intro, brother?
2355s You started it.
2356s That was definitely Aeromancer.
2357s Bathorr actually called me a fivehead.
2358s Huh?
2359s Yes.
2359s Five.
2360s I would say six, actually.
2362s Oh.
2363s You know, after all this, I think we can all agree, I mean, all of the topics that we've been talking about, a pineapple, it certainly should never be on pizza.
2372s What?
2372s Wait what were we talking about?
2374s Is he even paying attention?
2374s Uh, Grenton's fivehead, specifically. 956 00:39:37,985 --> 00:39:37,710 Oh, yes.
2378s I think he's a little drunk, actually.
2380s Sixhead!
2381s Balthorr or me?
2381s All the time.
2382s I love pineapple pizza.
2384s That's my favorite, Balthorr It's so good!
2385s I agree.
2386s I agree.
2386s I have some problems.
2388s What is going on?
2389s Listen, I like you because of your beard.
2391s I'm going to take your mead rations.
2392s What?
2393s Yes.
2394s Fighting words, Boo.
2396s You know what?
2396s I'm pretty sure Bathorr's a little drunk right now, but he also has enough hair to go around for your hairline.
2402s I don't want that sweaty mug on me.
2405s You can borrow it.
2406s I'd rather go bald.
2407s Okay.
2408s Won't be long.
2408s All right.
2409s I think I've created some tension.
2410s Balthorr, why don't you go ahead and head back to your call center?
2414s Back to my center?
2415s I'm sure there's plenty of salty players.
2417s Yeah.
2417s Okay.
2418s All right, let's get a little fist bump.
2420s Wait.
2420s Let me check my hair in your head.
2422s Oh!
2423s Oh, my God.
2426s Good hustle Balthorr!
2428s Yeah, see what I mean?
2429s I just get bullied all season.
2430s Oh, my God.
2432s Oh, I'm both the bully and getting bullied.
2435s I don't understand how this works.
2437s You crazy, man.
2438s How does this even work?
2438s Wow.
2439s You know what?
2439s I guess we'll find out if you are truly being bullied or not.
2444s Or if Bobajenny is truly the perfect player.
2447s Almost the perfect player.
2450s If Bobajenny is the perfect player because the results are in.
2455s Grenton.
2459s We're going to do this again?
2459s We are going to do this again, Grenton.
2461s Roxx.
2461s Grenton.
2462s Kanon.
2463s Grooten.
2465s Balthorr.
2471s Anyway, Grenton.
2471s Roxx.
2471s You are not a Mokoko, you got a gold star.
2474s I thought you guys had my back, what is this?
2477s I'm sorry Bobajenny.
2478s I got flowers for your coffin too, don't worry.
2480s I don't want your flowers.
2480s You are almost perfect.
2483s Thanks, Kanon.
2484s You're welcome.
2485s Good luck.
2486s Same here.
2487s I need more than one star.
2488s Stoopzz already had that, like, 20 minutes ago.
2490s Oh.
2491s That is true.
2492s Yeah, but your walking W is starless.
2496s I, uh, I felt bad for, like, bullying you the whole season.
2500s Like maybe I was a little mean.
2501s But you guys are unhinged today, what is going on?
2504s Yeah you did roast the sh— poop out of me.
2506s Say it out man.
2509s You say ish?
2509s In my contract.
2510s I can't swear, I swore too much during the season.
2512s Is it?
2513s Yeah.
2514s No, it's not.
2515s But anyway.
2516s How do you know?
2518s Tom knows.
2519s You don't know.
2521s You doing okay back there, Tom?
2523s I don't know why you're getting bullied now.
2524s I got wave from production.
2526s Leave my production team alone.
2528s They're working hard back there, man.
2529s You're right.
2531s That's the one team I'm not going to pick on.
2532s They're so nice.
2533s They deserve the world.
2535s And I really hope they got that Mokoko out of there.
2537s Anyway, we're going to move right into our — Aw, there they are, beautiful.
2541s They're so cute.
2542s Oh, look at them.
2542s Thank you, guys.
2544s All right.
2544s We're going to move right ahead into our third debate.
2548s That'll be halfway through our live finale debates.
2552s Yeah, we're going to do a little switcheroo up here and Datmodz is going to join Grooten— Grenton.
2558s What is happening?
2561s Grenton.
2561s Is it Grooten or Grenton?
2562s Grooten!
2562s Can I just get it one time?
2565s Stoopzz, thank you for not bullying me.
2565s It's actually Crouton.
2568s Balthorr, what's his name?
2569s Crouton.
2570s Is that like Dwarvish for Grenton?
2572s No, he just looks like a crouton.
2576s Oh my god.
2576s You know what?
2577s Crouton and Damtmodz.
2578s I want to go back to Canada.
2580s This is what happens when you're in the middle of every conversation.
2584s It goes with the territory man.
2586s I'm just simultaneously the villain and the person who's getting picked on.
2588s It's kind of impressive.
2590s Wild.
2590s But you know what?
2591s You have a gold star for your efforts.
2594s So remember that.
2595s Yeah.
2597s Datmodz and Grenton.
2599s Thank you.
2599s You're welcome.
2600s Your topic is not going to make you feel any better.
2604s Okay.
2604s Do pheons add value to the Lost Ark?
2609s Datmodz is looking confident, Grenton's looking kinda sad.
2612s Listen, we coin flipped.
2615s They did coin flip.
2616s Bobajenny flipped it, I witnessed it.
2617s I lost eight out of nine coin flips.
2620s It is 100% true.
2623s How does that happen?
2623s RNG.
2623s It's called destiny.
2623s Too much RNG, see?
2623s Because you're not winning!
2625s But you won that one.
2626s So despite the coin flip, despite, you know, the sides you're arguing for, take a minute to think about it.
2632s You know I'm doomed no matter what.
2634s So, Kanon.
2635s Congratulations on the win.
2636s This is obviously a topic that, you know, we assume people will feel very strongly in one direction.
2643s But what do you think?
2644s Do you think it's going to be an overwhelming vote, do you think Twitch chat might surprise us just because they do that?
2649s How are you feeling?
2650s Yeah, I think they're just going to side with...
2652s I do think that they're going to side with the opinion that is in line with their thoughts.
2656s But I do want to say one more time that even if you disagree with one person, if they have a very, if they defend that point pretty well, then that's what you're voting on, not necessarily the actual take.
2669s So with that said, yeah, Datmodz definitely I think is going to take this one.
2673s I was proud of you for how neutral you were being, but.
2676s You almost got there.
2677s Yeah, you did a good job.
2679s Had me in the first half.
2680s Yeah, you did.
2681s Grenton and Datmodz.
2682s He's getting pulverized.
2685s Are y'all both feeling?
2687s We're ready.
2689s Ready to take this L.
2691s Ready to take the L?
2692s You know what, Grenton?
2693s I respect that.
2694s So I'll give you the floor first.
2696s Grenton.
2696s Your minute to debate starts now.
2698s And I got shafted.
2699s I'm gonna get creative with it.
2700s Okay.
2701s Question is not are pheons good.
2703s But if pheons add value to Lost Ark.
2705s And they do add value to Lost Ark.
2707s Now is that good value?
2708s Probably not.
2709s But.
2710s But if we didn't have pheons right, there would be less of a reason for whales to circulate their money into the economy and there'd be less of a reason for people to interact with the blue crystal market.
2722s Not only that, we have the gold from raids coming down right, with gold nerfs, but if we didn't have pheons, the price of accessories and everything would be going up.
2731s So not only would it be harder for the blue crystal market to work, but it'd be also harder for new players, which you care deeply about, and so does the rest of the panel here, it would be harder for them to actually finish their builds and to get into raids.
2743s Gatekeeping is a big problem.
2744s You need 5x3, you need 5x3+1 maybe now.
2747s And if we had no pheons, accessory prices would go up, stones would go up.
2751s And there's too much RNG there.
2753s So people would have a really hard time getting into the raid.
2756s So pheons provide that sort of level of...
2759s All right.
2760s Something.
2760s That was your first minute.
2762s This is hard man.
2762s You did good.
2763s Datmodz, your minutes starts now.
2765s Yeah.
2765s I'm not going to lie.
2766s I just.
2767s I'm totally disregarding everything you just said.
2769s You know, I'm very passionate about this, this topic.
2771s I think we should just remove pheons.
2773s It doesn't matter who you are, if you're a little free to play Andy grinding six characters every single week, maybe 18 characters doing all your raids, getting lucky on drops.
2781s You're a little minnow, you're a dolphin, you're a whale, you're the freakin' sea, you're swiping a bunch, whenever you go to purchase some stones, okay.
2790s Whenever you go to get some items, there is that flat tax on everything, right?
2794s It deters people from experimenting.
2796s Hey, I want to try and offmeta build.
2798s Oh, look, there's an accessory that costs 200 gold.
2801s Oh, wait.
2801s I got to spend 3000 gold on the pheon tax.
2805s Right.
2805s And that reduces one of the main things and fun parts of MMOs.
2809s Not trying different builds, experimenting with different engravings.
2814s And yeah, we do have Trixion to do that, but sometimes you want to try it out in a real life scenario.
2818s You want to go try to solo Valtan with a weird build.
2821s You want to go try to do some Vykas carries with the weird build.
2825s Alright, that was your one minute.
2827s Grenton, you have one minute to make a response.
2830s You're right.
2830s Trying different builds is really fun.
2833s There's great ways to do that.
2834s The new Hyper Express events lets you try both engravings for free.
2838s No pheons, no accessories, nothing.
2840s You have Inferno.
2843s Inferno mode which lets you try any build you want, any engravings at zero cost.
2847s You just got to bring your consumables.
2849s So there are ways to do exactly what you said without having to interact with pheons.
2853s But not only that, you were talking about people playing six characters, 18 characters.
2856s Listen, the vast majority of the playerbase, they're not playing 18 characters.
2860s You know, it's just you, because you sit at home all day, you know, your little Cheeto beard playing 18 characters.
2866s But the vast majority of the players, they just want to make sure the economy is stable to a point where they can afford to even build their meta 5, let alone even try other builds.
2875s But if prices of accessories and stones are going to go up, I saw Stoopzz try to cut like 80 stones for a 7/7?
2882s Yeah, he sucks at stone cutting though.
2883s Imagine, Imagine if that had no pheons and stones were 4x the price, his community would go broke trying to fund his stone cutting addiction.
2891s It'd be insane.
2892s Alright Grenton.
2892s That is your time.
2894s Datmodz, your final minute starts now.
2897s I don't get how you can argue for this topic, pheons.
2900s I have to!
2900s Yeah I know.
2906s That's everything that you need to know.
2907s You HAVE to argue for this topic.
2910s It adds value.
2912s It adds value.
2912s Datmodz, this isn't even an argument.
2912s Okay.
2913s Yeah.
2915s What?
2918s Well.
2919s I don't know about this added value, but when...
2922s I never said it was good value.
2923s Yeah.
2924s Whenever you go to buy something, you have to pay a tax on it.
2928s Some of the items aren't even tradable.
2929s They're also trade restrictions for items.
2932s So one of your main points is A, it helps new players get items and stuff, but you know what also helps with that is the trade restrictions.
2940s You have an accessory, you can only trade at a certain amount of times.
2942s So why does there have to be that pheon tax?
2944s And what's one of the biggest pain points for new players?
2947s They're doing a really good job giving new players the new passes and stuff, getting them up to 1540 item.
2952s But what do they not have yet?
2953s They don't have a well-established roster that's generating a lot of gold and they don't have a lot of characters that are able to run Chaos Dungeons.
2959s And the only one Guardian Raid now per day.
2963s That is your minute.
2963s It allows them to get lucky and give them extra money— REMOVE PHEONS!
2968s I feel like this is just, I don't know.
2971s He didn't ven argue anything.He just yelled at me.
2972s It was one minute, but it was only about 30 seconds of a debate.
2977s Twitch chat is unhinged, so they're gonna begin voting now.
2980s Vote for me.
2980s We'll really see how that that turns out.
2983s Datmodz walking W.
2985s Jenny looks like she's already a little bit biased over there.
2987s I'll give everyone 100 pheons if you vote for me.
2989s Datmodz.
2989s W.
2989s What is this?
2989s Modz!
2992s Yeah that's a lot better.
2993s And then W.
2994s Yeah this is a W.
2995s I've got a pocket watch in my hand.
2997s Pocket watch walking W.
2998s Yeah.
2998s Grenton, you did have a very difficult topic.
3000s I think I debated— The question was do they add value to Lost Ark?
3004s I didn't say good value, bad value.
3007s Just remember that.
3008s Do they add value to Lost Ark.
3010s Grenton, you look like you're trying to beat the system here.
3013s I have to win on a technicality.
3014s It's the only way.
3015s Man.
3016s I'll give you this.
3016s You made, you made a pretty good point.
3019s Stoopzz.
3019s What are you thinking?
3020s My legs look so goddamn skinny on this thing man, holy.
3026s This is messed up man, I look crazy, man.
3027s Oh.
3028s Bro.
3029s Why?
3030s Why am I always get roasted on the side too.
3032s This is crazy.You call him a walking W and he's roasting me every 5 seconds.
3034s Datmodz is like, running for office.
3036s Datmodz you were actually in the debate, do you have anything you'd like to share?
3038s Oh, Stoopzz, you have skinny legs.
3040s But they're nice and they're athletic.
3042s Thanks, man.
3043s Yeah.
3043s They have muscle.
3044s Good muscle tone.
3049s What?
3049s Sure.
3049s The OM emote, he's too old to get that one.
3051s Hey, don't call me out man!
3053s He's too old.
3054s I've never seen you from this POV before man, I usually stare at the top of your head.
3058s I'm this tall.
3058s This is.
3058s Guys, guys.
3059s They gave me, the first thing that I heard when these guys saw me minus Datmodz because he's like 9 foot 12.
3065s Everyone's like, Wow, you're really tall.
3067s I mean, you are taller than Balthorr, so.
3069s I am.
3070s I am in many ways.
3073s Okay, relax, chill.
3076s Wow.
3077s Wow.
3078s I got your back Balthorr.
3079s Even though you make fun of me.
3081s And I won't stop making fun of you.
3085s Thought we're going to have a moment, but.
3086s Give him another one.
3087s Don't stop.
3087s I can tell you one thing about that debate.
3089s If I was a cheeto, I would want to be stuck in that beard.
3094s You know what?
3095s Fair enough.
3096s And now it's finally time to see which decision Twitch chat made.
3102s Surprising.
3104s I'm shocked.
3105s I'm kind of shocked.
3106s GRENTON.
3106s Yeah, Yeah.
3108s Datmodz, here's your gold star.
3111s All right, if you don't want it.
3112s Nah, I'm just kidding.
3113s Datmodz, you are not the Mokoko.
3116s I don't need to hype that one up.
3117s I think we were pretty, pretty certain.
3120s Give me that participation star.
3121s Thank you very much, sir.
3123s Grenton, you did do a great job arguing for something that was very challenging.
3125s I'm complimenting you.
3127s Why are you sassing me?
3128s Because there's sarcasm in the compliment.
3130s My mom's watching this and she's going to be disappointed in you.
3133s This guy is part of every conversation.
3135s She is talking to me!
3136s Every time we talk.
3137s Like, it's just Grenton.
3138s What do you mean?
3139s We should have had Stoopzz like over here.
3142s Like, you would've been...
3143s You just want a barrier.
3144s You want to use him as a physical barrier?
3145s He's just too active in this.
3147s Production team.
3148s Let's, uh...
3149s Oh, my goodness.
3150s I mean that is probably true, Michael...
3151s It's all good, Grenton, you are doing quite all right.
3153s We're going to take another quick break and hand over to Balthorr's support Center again while we get ready for our second round of three more debates.
3163s Mhm.
3163s Hm.
3164s No.
3164s Yeah, baby, it's okay.
3166s No, you could call me here anytime.
3167s Oh, yeah.
3168s No.
3168s And then I said, No, no, no, no, no.
3170s That's not my wife.
3171s That's my hammer.
3174s Oh!
3174s Uh.
3177s Welcome back to Balthorr's Live Support Center for the Salty Twitch Players.
3184s We have so many wonderful people.
3186s Ah I see L373 saying, I love you Balthorr.
3189s I know.
3190s I look better in HD or widescreen.
3195s You know, you got those little bars on the top of your screen and you could see more.
3199s There's so much real estate.
3201s You could see me drunk passed out on the ground and it's like, whoa oh, oh, oh, yes, I see.
3207s Oh, Ratpatrols "Fix the game Stare".
3210s Oh, you know what I could stare at is your tears all the way from over here.
3215s I could see you cry, and cry me a river.
3217s You know, it's like a giant river that we can all just float in.
3221s We could drink mai tais and float down the way.
3223s And we could have a great time, you and I, you know, while you cry and give us more of that stuff.
3228s Yes, that's right.
3230s Oh, yes.
3231s You know what?
3231s Wreckedess.
3233s I see you there.
3234s Yes.
3234s Do my knees hurt?
3236s More like does my back hurt from carrying all you noobs?
3240s Ha!
3241s Oh, you know, if I could be serious for a moment, there's something that I want to talk to you all about that I think would really help all you salty crybabies.
3251s I think if you buy this new ale of mine, you know, it's.
3256s It's definitely delicious ale.
3258s You could sell it to all your friends.
3259s And it's most certainly not a multilevel marketing scheme.
3264s I promise you, it's the best thing ever.
3266s You just sell it to your friends, especially if they're salty.
3270s If they're salty, little pancakes just floating over there.
3272s And you're like, here's some ale, you noob.
3275s Why don't you take this— What was that?
3277s Why don't you take this ale, and it'll be delicious and you will stop being such a noob at raids.
3284s Oh, and can I talk to you salty players about another thing?
3288s Is it peons or is it pheons?
3292s I don't get it.
3293s I don't get it.
3293s You know, it really it grinds my gears.
3297s So AmyYasu says just swipe more.
3301s Yes, I'm always fan of the whales.
3304s You know, we like to swim in that big open sea and it is the most wonderful time.
3310s I'm just floating like the freedom flag of justice just going on there.
3314s I could float on my hammer all day.
3316s Oh, yes.
3316s Let's see here.
3318s We got Barban97.
3321s Shift G.
3321s More like alt F4 you, noob.
3323s Get out of my game.
3325s RecallYT again.
3327s Balthorr, What do you think?
3329s Listen, why don't you just go back to modding Stoopzz chat?
3332s You know he needs some support right now.
3334s He really does.
3335s He can't stand.
3336s Literally.
3338s Let's see it.
3339s Oh, and we got a special.
3343s Oh, oh, oh!
3345s Ugh.
3346s I'm fragile.
3349s Oh, oh.
3350s Yes, back to my noobs.
3352s I hope you been thinking about me multilevel marketing scheme.
3356s It's one of the best in town.
3357s I tell you right now.
3358s It's— wait!
3359s Not multilevel marketing scheme.
3361s My bad.
3362s Oh, Lovebug says LMA—Ooh!
3365s Yeah.
3366s La la la.
3367s I see what you're doin' in there.
3368s It feels really good.
3370s Ooh, I see so many people.
3371s DLoe that say hi to Datmodz.
3375s That's his Baby mama.
3376s Oh, hello, Datmodz.
3378s Good to see ya.
3380s He's got the Cheetos for reals.
3382s Hey, why don't you come over here Datmodz?
3384s Oh.
3385s Hello, family.
3386s You're looking good.
3387s Balthorr.
3388s I really like your beard.
3389s Now, this is a majestic thing.
3391s That's.
3391s Yes.
3391s Yes.
3392s What do you, what products to use in that?
3394s You got anything to sell me?
3395s It's pure oil from the bottom of the barrel of the ale.
3399s Mm hmm.
3400s That sounds good.
3401s Yes.
3401s And.
3402s And the tears of my enemy.
3404s Yeah.
3405s All these nobs.
3406s Look at all of them.
3406s They're just floating away.
3407s Say hi to Datmodz Beard.
3409s Hello, Datmodz Beard.
3410s I see.
3411s Oh, it's nothing compared to yours at all Balthorr.
3414s Ah, yes thank you.
3415s I try my best.
3417s You're talking about whales.
3418s I see a bunch of them in chat right now.
3420s Yes.
3421s Yes, they are.
3422s They are just swooning all the way from their little whale stoop.
3427s I can hear you guys.
3428s You sound like.
3429s You sound like you need your back scratched because you're just here.
3432s You can't reach them with your little hands.
3435s Hey.
3437s Now, what was that?
3439s More multilevel marketing scheme?
3441s No.
3442s Okay.
3443s Back to you in the studio, Roxx.
3447s Thanks, Balthorr.
3448s You know, you're not supposed to, like, advertise your sales on like, company time.
3455s Like, have you ever...
3457s Who hired you?
3458s You did.
3459s I believe you did.
3461s Uh, I definitely didn't.
3463s But I do know you said you had customer support experience, and I'm no longer sure if that's true.
3470s No, I absolutely lied.
3472s Uh, okay.
3474s Good to know.
3475s You know what, I don't trust you over there.
3476s Why don't you.
3476s Why don't you come over here?
3478s Go over there?
3480s Yeah.
3481s Before we get our next debate started.
3481s Here, let me get my mallet.
3483s What is that face Stoopzz?
3484s Huh?
3485s Why?
3485s What is that face?
3488s Do you need this mallet to fix it?
3489s What is he doing?
3490s We're good.
3491s I already regret this.
3493s Good hustle, Balthorr.
3494s Thank you, Daddy.
3496s Son, is that you?
3497s Papa!?
3501s Oh, wow.
3502s Your son grew up quick.
3502s What a man you've become.
3504s What a mighty hammer.
3505s Thank you.
3506s Well, you may have been on to something at the beginning of his show.
3509s Apparently, we're finding out a little bit too much about Datmodz and Balthorr.
3514s But you know what?
3515s We're going to move on from whatever that is and get ready for our next debate with Stoopzz and Bonaenny.
3522s So this is going to be our fourth debate.
3524s It's still anyone's game so far.
3526s Lots of stars spread out.
3527s We'll see if Bobajenny earns her first start here.
3531s So, you two, your topic is going to be: Should Lost Ark offer more solo progression opportunities for players?
3539s We'll give you kind of a minute to think through what you want your arguments to be and we'll go from there.
3545s Yeah, Balthorr, also what you said when you— I don't want to know.
3549s It sounded like you were taking a personal call.
3552s Oh, you heard that?
3553s Yeah, we all did.
3554s Yes.
3555s Well, I was talking to my agent.
3558s Yes, my agent.
3560s About, you know.
3561s About your hammer?
3562s Yeah, that's it.
3563s Tell me more about this...
3565s Don't...
3565s don't tell us more.
3565s About my mallet?
3567s No, no not that hammer.
3568s Oh, my hammer.
3569s Oh, yes.
3570s It's the best in the world.
3571s Oh I bet.
3572s Everybody loves it.
3573s They talk about it for miles.
3574s In fact, speaking of this topic, I mean, I pretty much solo the entire game.
3580s You could basically just hang out with me the whole time.
3583s Yeah, fair enough.
3585s Except some people here don't have my card.
3589s No more multilevel marketing, that's enough from you, no more sales.
3595s But it sounds like Balthorr might be a fan of solo progression opportunities.
3599s So we'll see what our two debaters are going to argue for.
3602s Are you both feeling ready?
3604s Datmodz, is...
3605s I don't know why I said Datmodz.
3607s This is crazy, man.
3609s Datmodz is over there and not debating.
3611s It's the beard.
3612s Stoopzz and Bobajenny.
3613s It's because I'm in this wheelchair.
3614s You don't remember my name.
3614s Yesterday you called me Grenton and now you call me Datmodz.
3617s This is messed up man.
3621s I never called you Grenton, I called Grenton Grooten.
3622s She did one time.
3623s He kind of look like you a little bit.
3625s You almost are twins.
3626s Who the hell looks like Grenton?
3627s I'm still getting bullied.
3629s What do you mean, Groupon?
3630s Groupon?
3631s Oh, is that what you're talking about?
3633s Are you talking about Grooten?
3635s Grooten?
3636s I like it.
3637s What is this guy saying, man.
3639s Stoopzz, again, thank you for not bulling me.
3641s Sounds like our debaters are ready for that debate.
3644s Stoopzz, who I very much know, and Bobajenny, are you both ready?
3648s Yeah, I'm ready.
3649s All right.
3650s Stoopzz, I feel bad, so I will give you the floor first.
3652s Your minute starts now.
3654s I think this is a kind of an easy topic.
3656s And it's like, of course, Lost Ark needs more solo progression.
3659s Okay?
3659s Because right now the game is a very raid-based heavy game.
3663s And so you get your character all juiced up.
3664s A lot of you guys come to the game, check out Hyper Express, you're waiting to play Aeromancer.
3669s You want to pump, do big damage— well that class doesn't do a lot of damage.
3672s You want to do big damage, right?
3674s You want to play in the raid or support your friends.
3676s So you hone, you enhance, you go through the little triangle dance of the screen as you enhance it all the way up.
3680s You get there and then you don't get invited into the group.
3683s And that is one of the hardest things about MMORPGs is that you do all the work to do a raid and then you sit in the party finder it for hours and it's super frustrating if you don't have friends.
3692s And so we have to go out of the way to help people get into groups.
3695s But if you offer more solo content and ways to progress your character via solo content, then you can at least play on your own time, whether it be 1 in the morning, 12 in the afternoon, whenever you want to play, you can play.
3706s Not saying group content isn't important in an MMORPG, but giving people ways to progress on their own I think is super important.
3712s Do I have more time to go?
3713s All right.
3714s That was like, exactly your minute.
3715s So that wass pretty good for you to ask.
3717s Bobajenny, your minute starts now.
3720s I get it.
3721s You know, sometimes you would be like, Hey, it'd be a lot faster if I just do the whole Valtan by myself.
3727s And I totally understand that.
3729s At the same time, like, don't you want to have a community where you can count on or are you just like, Hey, I wanted to Valtan.
3735s Is anyone up to do Valtan with me?
3738s And then they hop right in.
3739s Because at the end of the day, there is vertical content that is very, very co-op.
3745s But people usually forget about the horizontal.
3747s Nothing about horizontal is co-op.
3751s It's all solo.
3752s So we have solo horizontal and then solo vertical.
3757s I feel like that's going to throw off the balance a little bit.
3760s You know, people are going to just play solo and I feel like what makes Lost Ark a bit different from other MMO is that there's so many opportunities for you to play co-op, and I think that is what makes it fun.
3773s All right.
3774s You have a little bit more time.
3776s Do you want to?
3777s This is very difficult, guys.
3782s All right, Stoopzz.
3784s Your minute, your final minute for your final argument starts now.
3787s I agree with you Bobajenny, playing with your friends is important.
3789s Like when Mr.
3790s Modz ditched me last week I was hurt.
3791s I like playing with my friends, man, it's very, very important.
3794s But I think that giving people an option is always better than sitting in the party finder.
3798s And I think Lost Ark has really great combat and no one can deny that.
3802s And so I think that with fights like Prokel, which are super fun, if you gave solo boss encounters, so we have legion raids, then we can work on solo bosses and maybe you get three for your gold earners, and you can either do one or the other.
3813s Maybe raids give you more gold.
3815s You can get gear sets from solo bosses, you can earn some gold on the side.
3818s So if you don't have time to get into a raid group or you can't, you still have the avenue of doing some solo boss encounters and you can work on your skills and get better.
3825s For a new player getting to the game, how are you going to develop your skills?
3828s And you can't really get into the groups, right?
3830s So offer a solo fight.
3831s Solo Boss like a solo Vykas man.
3833s A solo clown.
3834s That'd be really cool, man.
3835s Some of the same patterns help you learn a little bit, right?
3838s Get your skills on, make some gold, progression.
3840s Solo encounters is the future.
3843s All right, that was your minute.
3846s Damn.
3846s Bobajenny, you can do it.
3847s Pay me.
3847s You have one more minute.
3849s Objection!
3850s No, no, objection.
3852s We're still in the middle of a debate.
3853s You can't object a debate.
3855s Object!
3855s I want to point out Mr.
3856s Stoopzz did not even invite me to the raid.
3858s I only got invited by Zeals.
3860s And you forgot about me, I did no.
3863s leave you.
3864s You forgot about me.
3864s I just want no lies and slander.
3867s I don't even know what game he's been playing.
3869s My invite got lost in the mail.
3871s This guy said Xavier won the argument.
3873s That's messed up, man.
3879s All right, Bobajenny still has one minute for her last debate, so we're going to give her that.
3884s Bobajenny, you feeling ready?
3885s I know we kind of got us off base there.
3887s All right.
3888s Your final minute starts now.
3890s Mr.
3890s Man.
3891s I understand.
3891s We're still going?
3893s It's my turn!
3895s Mr.
3895s Man.
3895s Look, I understand he ditched you.
3898s You know what?
3899s I wasn't invited either.
3901s But this could be the moment where we can all make up and just play together.
3906s And at the end of the day, it's just so much more fun when you play with everyone.
3912s So do you really, truly want solo prog all the time, though?
3916s Like, although I'll say this, to have co-op and have the option for solo, but I feel like that kind of gameplay would be completely different because everyone has solo in mind thinking I'm juiced, I'm just going to go in and I'm just going to one shot the boss.
3931s But at the end of the day, there is mechs.
3932s There's mechs to do.
3934s And we talked about wipe mechanics and stuff like that.
3936s So I think that that could be a different play mode.
3939s But the game overall is mainly based on co-op.
3943s And I would definitely invite you.
3945s I'll play with you.
3945s Screw this guy, I don't want to play with this bish.
3948s Alright, that was Bobajenny's final minute.
3950s Twitch chat now has the opportunity to vote on who they think the winner is.
3955s You guys, this got weirdly like emotional and about friendship.
3958s I'm glad you guys are here with me at my mushroom.
3960s Yeah.
3960s I got to tell you, something Stoopzz said really resonated with me about having friends, and I realized I don't have any.
3970s But everyone calls you to protect them, though.
3972s Yeah, that's true.
3973s But Iike.
3973s They just use you.
3974s You know, it's just using me.
3976s That's why I drink myself.
3977s You know, I got to drink my body weight to make up for the pain and the sadness.
3982s Are you okay?
3983s I'll be fine.
3984s Just looking for a friend.
3985s I'm your friend.
3987s Oh, wow.
3991s You're moving rather fast there Kanon.
3995s I mean shoot, man.
3996s I said shoot.
3998s I definitely said.
4000s I said shoot.
4002s You got to watch out, man.
4003s I'll give you my contact.
4004s We'll.
4005s You know.
4006s Oh I got it.
4006s I got yesterday.
4007s I got it.
4008s Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.
4010s Yeah.
4010s Heheheh.
4011s All right.
4012s Well, it looks like we have the beginnings of another beautiful friendship over here.
4015s This is weirdly heartwarming.
4017s Despite you all yelling all over each other during that debate a minute ago.
4020s So, you know what?
4021s I will take it.
4022s I will take it.
4023s This is like an opposite.
4024s It's like there's nothing but love here.
4026s But then over there, it's like my boy.
4029s My boy Stoopzz is really jaded about something.
4032s Datmodz, what did you.
4033s What did you do?
4034s I feel bad.
4034s I think.
4035s I think I pushed him to be a solo cell phone player.
4037s Now, we used to have so much fun in raids together, and he told me that group content was the favorite content.
4042s Oh no.
4043s We missed one raid together.
4044s And I think all your fault, it really had an everlasting effect on him.
4048s That's like Story of the Joker.
4049s Yeah, I think we're gonna have to do some raids together and make up for it.
4051s He created the villain.
4054s The Stoopzz villain arc.
4057s How come he has the orange thing?
4058s What is the...
4059s why does he get the orange?
4061s 'Cause he's my Emcee.
4061s I'm like, yeah, I'm at a higher level.
4063s He's above us.
4063s Is that like a retired Mokoko or?
4067s Is that like an aged Mokoko?
4068s He's just definitely the more attractive Mokoko.
4071s Listen here Xavier.
4076s Are you crazy, man?
4078s That's a pretty savage comment.
4079s There's a picture of me in Discord as, Professor X with, like, my head shaved.
4084s All right, well, I guess we'll find out who won that debate.
4088s It looks like the votes are in.
4092s Oh, man.
4093s I just needed to take a deep breath.
4095s Yeah.
4095s No, no.
4096s Yeah.
4097s It was dramatic.
4097s It was really good.
4098s Thank you.
4099s I try to be dramatic.
4101s Can I ask one question?
4103s Because we got the results in, and I don't think my boy Stoopzz.
4106s You know, because yesterday he was.
4108s He was complaining about how he was always losing in the rehearsal.
4111s He's been doing that for like three months.
4112s Hey Stoopzz.
4112s How do you feel about this?
4114s Do you feel like you won this one or what do you think?
4117s Yeah, I think so.
4118s I think she had a hard topic.
4119s Okay.
4120s Fair.
4120s Well, Bobajenny, how are you feeling though?
4122s I got the hard topics.
4124s Yeah.
4125s All right, Well, then I guess it's time for me announce that— Time for me announce?
4129s Time for me to announce that Bobajenny.
4134s Unfortunately Stoopzz is not the Mokoko.
4137s Nooo.
4138s Sheeeeeesh.
4138s He'll get his second gold star.
4139s I mean look at that.
4140s But the stars aren't everything.
4142s Don't worry too much yet.
4144s Wow.
4145s They seem like everything.
4146s Look at that.
4147s They are pretty important.
4148s Look at that.
4149s Look at that.
4150s Balthorr now that you've made a friend, thanks for joining us as well.
4152s I'm going to send you back to man the support center.
4155s Oh no!
4156s I see chat was getting pretty spicy.
4156s I don't know who Xavier is, but like.
4160s It's alright, I'll head back.
4160s Call me later.
4162s I'll get you on my multilevel marketing scheme.
4165s Sounds great, just make sure you bring that other hammer.
4166s Oh, the other one.
4167s That's right.
4168s Okay.
4168s What are you guys talking about?
4169s Like I said, what?
4172s You're really struggling there about Balthorr, huh?
4174s You know it, Papa.
4177s What is going on with this guy?
4179s I don't know.
4181s Are you making fun of how slow he walks?
4183s He's got short legs.
4185s This guy's crazy.
4186s I just showed up yesterday.
4187s I saw him for the first time.
4188s He's crazy.
4189s He's drunk.
4190s Leave him alone.
4191s I think he's getting progressively more drunk throughout the show.
4193s He's getting unhinged.
4193s Have you met Balthorr?
4194s That's kind of what he does.
4196s Asughs...
4199s Look in his eyes right now.
4202s Balthorr are you okay over there?
4203s I got a new Papa and his name is Datmodz.
4209s Let's leave him in his support center for a while.
4212s Stoopzz may be on to something.
4214s We're going to go ahead and move into our next 1v1 debate.
4218s Bobajenny and Datmodz, why don't we do a little, do a little shuffle?
4224s Thank you.
4224s Thank you.
4225s A shuffle.
4226s Oh.
4226s Oh!
4227s You're stepping on my leaves.
4228s Oh.
4229s Oh, flower.
4229s Get everyone into place.
4232s Bobajenny and Datmodz.
4233s Bobajenny, you still have another chance to earn a gold star.
4236s I'm the only one without a star.
4237s This is your chance.
4238s You can earn it here.
4240s Your topic for this debate is: Should there be options for how players can earn gold in their raid?
4246s Is it something that they should have control over?
4249s Okay.
4250s So I'll give you both a minute to kind of think about that before we get started.
4255s Can someone check on Balthorr, please?
4257s Yeah, I miss him already.
4260s I'm fine.
4261s I'm fine.
4265s Oh, okay.
4267s You know, let's not check on Blathorr.
4268s Or someone turn off Balthorr's camera and figure out who hired him.
4273s Bobajenny, Datmodz.
4275s Are you feeling, feeling ready?
4276s I think we are ready.
4278s Ready?
4278s Oooh!
4279s Ready.
4279s Ready.
4280s Ready.
4280s Oh.
4282s They're squaring up.
4283s They're very ready over there.
4285s Okay.
4286s You know what, Bobajenny got that first hit in, so I will give you the floor first.
4290s Your one minute to make your first argument.
4293s And the debate starts now.
4295s So should there be customization options for how players can earn gold?
4299s Wait, wait, wait.
4301s You know what they say.
4302s What?
4302s Ladies first.
4303s That means I'm going first.
4304s Hahaha alright, fine.
4306s Okay.
4307s I firmly believe that players should have more customization options for the content they consume weekly.
4313s There's certain raid that you really enjoy.
4314s You might really like Vykas, her feet— What?
4317s The scene where you're doing the typing test.
4319s Okay.
4320s Maybe you like doing the Brelshaza square places.
4322s Maybe you just really like Akkan.
4323s Maybe Kayangel, your favorite fight.
4325s You want to get the wings.
4326s I think players should be able to select what raids they do every week.
4330s Maybe you don't, you shouldn't be forced to do something you don't want to do just for a reward.
4334s Once you get your sets leveled up, once you get your items required, once you get your horns, once you get your pet, you should just be able to do three Kayangels per week on your character.
4342s Okay.
4343s You don't even like playing your old set anymore.
4345s They're retired.
4347s There are the new things.
4347s The new hotness.
4349s Souleater came out.
4350s You want to know what?
4351s You should be able to transfer all your raids to the new character and just play that character all week long.
4354s Do as many chaos dungeons on it.
4356s Do all the guardian raids you want to do it.
4359s Do Vykas as much as you want to do it.
4362s It also will help getting, uh, assisting in getting your sets quicker and your bonuses quicker so you're not forced to run things that you don't want to run.
4369s All right.
4369s That was your minute, I guess, since you decided.
4374s Bobajenny, your one minute starts now, officiallu.
4377s It felt like you were selling me a slap chop or something.
4379s But, I was gonna say the question is, should there be customization options?
4387s I think no...
4390s because...
4393s you know what?
4393s You're right.
4394s But!
4395s Hold up.
4396s Because listen, listen.
4398s People want to progress their character.
4400s Every single time a new raid comes out, that's when you get the new materials to craft your new gear.
4405s If everyone is just doing the new stuff over and over again, who's going to help out the Mokokos with the other stuff?
4411s And I feel like in general, Lost Ark is an alt kind of playing game.
4417s So again, this kind of ties in with the solo progression where you probably just want to stick with one character and solo progress.
4422s But I think overall, like there's also like group synergies and stuff like that.
4426s This is very, very difficult, guys.
4429s But I do think that it would throw off the balance a little bit and no one's going to be doing Brelshaza anymore because it takes ten years.
4436s So I feel like a little bit of customization is fine, but full customization where you can do multiple raids, I don't think that would be healthy.
4445s All right, Datmodz, you have one minute to make a final response.
4449s Now, you did make a really good point.
4450s There is certain raids that people don't necessarily like the most and that might cause and force players not to run it anymore.
4456s So new players might not be able to find groups.
4458s However, there is one big problem with Lost Ark, that's burnout.
4461s What leads to burnout?
4462s It's doing things that you don't actually want to do, it's things that you feel forced to do.
4467s And I think that's problematic.
4468s That's why you should be able to select the raids that you want to do.
4471s And also for new players, because that's obviously a concern, you always want to have the new players having a good experience.
4476s That's why you need to add more systems in the game to allow other players to mentor them.
4480s You have a better group finder, have a better matchmaking game.
4483s So there is players that want to learn a trade and there should be some type of incentive for older players, veteran players, bored players to go in there and help them out.
4492s Maybe instead of running a bus or something, because that's what a lot of people do for extra gold, you have a system in place in the matchmaker where you want to be a mentor and you basically get the equivalent of the bus gold for helping the new players, and then they also get their sets.
4504s But then if you don't want to do that, you could just run your favorite raid three times per week and make that gold.
4509s Cash Money!
4509s Alright, Bobajenny, you have your final minute to argue against President Datmodz.
4516s I'm literally against the walking W.
4518s You guys don't understand how hard this is.
4521s Okay.
4521s But I do feel like some customization is good.
4525s But if it's, if it really, really comes down to a gold, you know, the gold thing, is it really about the customization or should they just keep the gold, you know, higher so people wouldn't have to think about gold, wouldn't have to think about, you know, doing Valtan every week.
4540s Mmhmm.
4541s Because at the end of the day, like these earlier raids are there to prep you for the future raids.
4548s And if you keep going back, that would get boring as well, don't you think?
4553s Like I said, guys, this is very difficult.
4556s I wouldn't get bored.
4557s But that is a good point, though.
4559s Certain raids do introduce mechanics that help you learn new raid mechanics because they reintroduce them at certain points.
4564s So not reinforcing those raid mechanics might make it harder for other people learn their stuff...
4568s and I'm fighting against myself.
4571s Why'd I do that?
4572s Don't listen to what I'm saying!
4572s That was Bobajenny's minute.
4574s Don't listen!
4575s Honestly Bobajenny made her argument, but I kind of liked the support you were giving her, so I let it happen.
4581s Let's go!
4581s You know what, we had Bobajenny versus Datmodz.
4584s Actually, it was Bobajenny and Datmodz versus Datmodz.
4587s So we'll see how the community decides to vote on that.
4592s Yeah, that was very interesting, while they're voting, that you decided to take her side at the end there.
4597s That is an interesting debate strategy for sure.
4600s I didn't take her side.
4601s I just recognized she made some fair, good points.
4604s And MMOs are about community, so you should respect your community members point of views and perspectives, and you shouldn't just automatically dismiss them.
4611s Back to you Roxx and Kanon.
4613s Kanon look at this guy, do you see this?
4613s He's like walking himself back now.
4615s He's trying to make himself look good.
4616s Yeah, it's, I think it's part of his campaign technique.
4619s I think he's guilty.
4620s I mean, I don't know what he actually said, but I'm kind of mesmerized at how he said it.
4624s I mean, this guy looks like he's...
4626s Are you okay?
4627s I mean, he's the only one out here that looks like he's, that sounds and looks like he's running for president of the United States.
4634s I mean.
4635s Arkesia.
4636s Arkesia.
4637s Arkesia.
4638s That's right.
4638s That's what I said.
4639s Yeah.
4639s Yeah.
4640s I heard that.
4640s I don't know man, what is that?
4642s What?
4644s Stooppz, what are you looking at?
4644s What's going on?
4645s Why in the hell are you panning to me when I'm staring off into the void?
4647s Man I was out there zoning and I look up and the camera's on me.
4650s I'm not even...
4650s You are, Stoopzz, are you aware that you are on a livestream?
4655s You are on a livestream.
4656s But he controls the camera.
4657s You're always on camera.
4659s I know, but it just randomly panned to me.
4660s You're the main character.
4662s Like Grenton, you're always on camera.
4662s You're saying it's, I'm always interjecting myself in the conversation?
4664s Like Balthorr, he's always camera ready.
4667s What's going on?
4668s It doesn't matter.
4669s Ughh...
4669s It's so bright in here.
4671s Do we need to call a medic?
4671s I can't see anything.
4672s What do you mean?
4673s It's too much, you guys yelling, it's hurting my ears.
4676s Why are your goggles so wet?
4677s And because I sweat.
4679s Aughhh.
4681s Balthorr is sweating from his eyes and he is still more camera ready than you, Stoopzz.
4686s It's just so much.
4688s They're foggy, you see that?
4689s Yeah, dew.
4690s It's very moist.
4691s Hey, I don't need to see anything to still carry your salty butt through a raid.
4697s Oh, my God.
4699s Does he even play the game or no?
4701s He's in the game.
4702s Balthorr is in the game.
4703s He's in the game.
4705s I am the game, baby.
4707s O-okay.
4708s Hehehe.
4709s You know what?
4709s Your guys' toxicity seems to be rubbing off on our Sidereal here.
4714s I don't know how that's going to play out next time y'all have to face the Legion Commanders.
4723s We're getting some comms in right now, guys.
4725s Hahaha, sorry, I'm laughing.
4727s We can hear it so.
4728s So what you all can't see.
4729s Michael, why don't you let them see you really quick?
4733s Show our production team.
4734s They're talking into my ear, and they just told me a super secret.
4737s That was my real shocked face, so.
4743s All right.
4744s All right.
4745s I don't know if you can lip read from that angle, but by one vote, confirmed by the people counting back there, the votes Twitch chat.
4755s A single vote.
4758s Datmodz.
4760s Bobajenny is the winner.
4763s Woooo!
4764s Let's go!
4764s Down with Modz.
4768s Your first gold star.
4768s I don't know who that one vote was, but they got you a gold star.
4771s It was, it was the Play Lost Ark channel.
4774s It was the Play Lost Ark channel, hahaha.
4774s I don't think we can vote in our own polls.
4776s Wow.
4776s Let's goooo!
4777s That is, that is amazing.
4778s It is a tight race.
4780s This show's rigged, I told you.
4781s Oh, my God.
4782s Grenton, are you kidding me?
4782s Are you still saying the show is rigged?
4785s How do we all conveniently have one star?
4787s You don't!
4788s Stoopzz has two!
4788s Chat decided.
4790s Oh, does he?
4790s Yeah he has two.
4791s Yeah.
4791s It's a pity, star.
4792s It's— what you mean it's a pity star?
4795s It's because you've been bullying him.
4795s You called him Xavier.
4797s Uh, me?
4798s Yeah.
4799s That's true though, that's crazy man.
4801s I can't believe you called me that.
4802s All right.
4803s Well, we'll, keep his name to Stoopzz for now.
4806s But it looks like we have one more debate.
4810s Look at all the stars on everyone.
4812s I'm— I'm really happy.
4813s Everyone has at least one gold star.
4815s Yeah, less complaints.
4816s You know what, good job.
4817s Everyone gets the participation trophy.
4819s Joke's on you.
4820s These maybe don't matter, but we'll get to that later.
4824s But you know what?
4824s I'm proud of all of you.
4825s You all did good enough to get a gold star from the wrangled Twitch chat.
4831s Like I said, though, it is still anyone's game.
4833s Anyon'se season.
4834s Anyone can be a Mokoko.
4836s We have one more debate to do between Grenton and Stoopzz.
4841s So y'all are both set up.
4843s Grenton.
4843s you got to give it your all, or he's going to have three stars.
4846s He's going to have won all his debates.
4848s That's the one person I'm not going to be toxic to.
4850s Wow.
4850s Wow.
4850s Why did you decide that?
4852s Because all show he was talking over me for 12 episodes, but all show, he's been nothing but nice to me.
4858s Your hands are freezing.
4859s That's not what you said yesterday, man.
4860s Well, yesterday we were all tired and then he was just mean.
4862s But like, today, he's nice.
4863s Don't let him fool you Twitch chat.
4864s I wasn't mean yesterday, man.
4866s I don't know, you were kind of mean yesterday.
4867s I was not.
4867s Okay, you're right.
4868s What?
4868s I'm not gonna— he's right all the time.
4871s I will.
4871s I want to correct something, though.
4872s So the last episode we had to debate which gate was the coolest.
4877s Yeah.
4878s And I had to do, I didn't do Akkan yet, right?
4880s So I had Brel gate six, Akkan gate three is definitely the coolest gate in Lost Ark.
4884s Yeah.
4885s So I'm gonna give you that W.
4886s Yeah, I just said Akkan gate three is the best gate.
4888s Yeah, I would do.
4889s Akkan for like...
4890s Can you fix that on the show?
4890s Like, can we go back?
4891s No, we can't retcon the show.
4892s No you can on YouTube, Michael you can add text, like.
4895s Sure.
4896s Okay.
4896s Thank you.
4897s You're pissing off Michael.
4898s No you can.
4898s I know but he said sure but he's not going to do it.
4900s You can't retcon canon.
4902s Have you ever seen Star Wa—?
4904s Anyway.
4905s Roxx got fired.
4906s Anyway.
4907s Whoa, whoa, whoa.
4907s Chat don't let— this is part of his strategy.
4908s Anyway.
4909s We still have one more debate to get through.
4911s I haven't even told y'all your topic and you're all, already all ready.
4916s True true true.
4916s Your debate topic is actually an important one.
4919s So I'm glad you hugged it out.
4920s OM OM OM.
4920s OM OM OM.
4921s How do we create a better and healthier community for newer...
4925s newer players or players that are still progressing?
4929s So, you know, hug it out.
4930s Think about how you can help those noobs keep those warm fuzzies inside and you'll all have a minute to strategize.
4938s I think it's an interesting strategy that Grenton's taken here.
4941s This is all part of his his strategy.
4943s You think maybe he's just playing the long con?
4943s Oh 100%.
4944s I mean, all of a sudden he's a nice guy.
4946s Are you kidding me?
4948s Grooten?
4948s I mean, come on.
4948s No, no, I'm not buying it.
4950s I don't buy it chat.
4951s So you think he's trying to be the wholesome in order to sway votes about the, you know, the new players and the community?
4956s 100%.
4956s 100%/ That's interesting.
4958s That's a very interesting take from our Emcee here.
4961s Why do you call him Grooten?
4963s I don't understand.
4963s What is that supposed to— I don't understand.
4964s See this is why I like him.
4966s But I just don't actually understand.
4967s What is it?
4967s Is that not his name?
4968s You said that so many times.
4969s You guys were saying it yesterday too.
4970s What is Grooten?
4970s I have no idea what you're talking about.
4972s What do you mean?
4973s You guys said it, like, ten times yesterday.
4975s I was sitting right here.
4976s That's his name?
4977s Yeah, Grenton.
4977s What does Grooten mean?
4979s I don't know.
4979s What does Stoopzz mean?
4980s Why are you arguing with us?
4981s This isn't a debate between us.
4981s I could talk to you about the lore.
4985s True, you do have lore.
4985s Wait I want the Stoopzz lore.
4986s I can't because I'm not allowed to say like, stuff on.
4988s Oh.
4989s Yeah.
4990s Yeah, yeah.
4990s A TV show.
4991s Well, I don't know what these guys are talking about, but are you both ready for your final debate?
4995s It's the final debate of the season.
4997s Yeah, I'm ready to go.
4998s I'm ready.
4999s I have to go to the bathroom so bad, so someone has to wheel me out of here right after this is done.
5003s This is crazy.
5004s I need some help.
5004s Alright.
5004s Well, I really don't want to see that on camera.
5007s So we're going to go ahead and get things started.
5010s Stoopzz, you know what, you have the floor first.
5012s Your first minute— what?
5013s Do you not want it?
5014s No, no, no, it's fine.
5016s Let's go.
5016s Okay.
5016s I'm ready, full speed.
5016s Your minute to debate starts now.
5016s Full speed.
5019s Okay, so.
5021s Lost Ark.
5021s Listen, everyone always talks about Lost Ark, right?
5023s And we all know that, you know, if you get into the game, everyone's experience, it's hard to get into groups orand stuff like that.
5027s People can be a little bit more hurried for time, rushed, and it can create an environment that's maybe not as welcoming to new players cause you have stuff to do, right?
5035s And so we've done a lot, you know, shout out to my mods and the Discord, TinyDam, Kim, Connor, all you guys.
5041s I seen you in the chat.
5042s You look cute today.
5043s Thanks guys for being here.
5044s Shout out to you guys for moderating that Discord for new players and getting them in there.
5049s But the reality is, I think that you need to create more opportunities like that in game.
5053s It doesn't have to be specifically in game like a mentor system but I think just whatever, have opportunities for people that like that, like Connor, Kim and etc to shine because not everybody is built for helping other people.
5064s You have to do it out of the goodness of your heart, right?
5067s You have to do because you want to, not for some stinkin reward or like a skin, you're gonna get the best results when you generally want to do something.
5074s Am I good?
5074s Do I got time for more?
5075s You have more time.
5076s Send it baby.
5077s So yeah, that's what I would focus on there is giving those people more of an opportunity to play with other players and also not so much of the focus on raids.
5084s Now you do not have more time.
5085s That was your minute.
5087s You made the most of it though.
5088s Grenton, your first minute to make a debate starts now.
5092s Yeah.
5093s So everything you said makes sense.
5095s But there's a underlying issue is that no matter how many nice people you have, you were saying like TinyDam, Connor, all these people, you're still going to have the biggest issue, which is gatekeeping.
5104s And you gatekeep for a lot of reasons.
5105s I play Reaper.
5106s I was super excited to show Stoopzz's my 5x3+2.
5110s His whole chat?
5111s "Wasted nine seven on Reaper KEKW." So no matter what it is, at the end of the day, it has to be balance in the game that allows you to play the class you want, play to the build you want so you can get into these raids.
5124s So the best way to bring new and returning players back to the game and create a healthier community is to make it so there's less of a discrepancy between the absolute top like predator slayer and the absolute bottom like, you know, machinist and kind of compress that gap so people aren't getting gatekept based on what they find fun.
5144s All right, Stoopzz, you have one minute to make your final argument.
5148s Yeah, that was kind of hard to come up with that on the spot huh?
5150s Yeah, that was all improv.
5152s I think ultimately an important topic, regardless of whatever, like this whole thing.
5156s I think that the game ultimately should offer more avenues for people to interact and let players that are willing to help other players shine a bit more.
5164s And I think taking away the focus from raids is also important, right?
5167s Because Lost Ark is a game where it is a raiding game and in any game or MMO you ask people do they raid?
5173s They might say no, but in Lost Ark, if you ask them, if you ask somebody if they raid, they're going to say yes 100% because that's the game, it's raiding.
5179s With raiding, you're going to have people that aren't willing to sit there and teach other players.
5183s So it creates this experience as a new player where you're trying to get into the end game content of raids and people aren't always going to be willing to teach you these things.
5189s So I think by all— One, giving people an opportunity to help other players, I don't know what that solution actually is, but creating those and then Two, not putting so much of the focus on raids in an environment where it's a little more lax, chill and, you can kind of interact and hang out.
5203s I think those are what make an MMO more welcoming to other players and new players specifically.
5209s Right?
5209s You have the diversity of content, but you also have to make sure that you can let veteran players teach other players— is that time?
5215s All right, it's time.
5216s I let you finish your sentence!
5218s Grenton your final minute is now.
5220s Yep.
5221s And at the end of the day, it all comes down to, like you said, the content and what's in the game.
5224s People, MMO communities have been like notoriously cutthroat.
5228s That's the word I'll use, not toxic, where if you're not at their level, you're bad.
5232s And if you're suddenly over their level, you're RMT-ing, like that's the sort of the community that MMOs fosters.
5237s So you kind of gotta figure out a way to bridge that gap.
5240s And I think what you were saying makes a lot of sense.
5242s Less of a focus on raids.
5243s We were talking about it earlier with more solo content, ways to express your skill, right?
5247s To show that, hey, even though you play a class that isn't the top of the DPS, you have a way to show that, hey, I'm still a good player.
5254s That in itself will alleviate a lot of the community sort of bias that other regions have imposed on our region.
5261s But not only that, like you said, having people who are willing to help newer players is very important.
5266s But I think even if you have thousands of people who are willing to help but the systems in the game and the discrepancies between classes is where it is now, then you can have the nicest people in the world and you're still going to have toxicity in the game.
5277s All right.
5277s That was your minute.
5279s Twitch chat will now vote on what they think.
5283s That was hard.
5283s It got really friendly all of the sudden.
5285s Jenny, we got the hard topics.
5286s What is happening?
5288s It is friendly.
5289s Actually Bobajenny and Grenton are...
5291s Yeah.
5292s What are you?
5292s What's goin' on here?
5293s No we were just saying we got hard topics.
5294s Oh, okay.
5295s Yeah.
5295s Well you know what you guys did a great job.
5297s That was our last debate of the season as well.
5300s Wow.
5300s So we've done, you know, 12 episodes, six debates today in the live show.
5304s And, you know, there were, like Kanon said earlier, some topics that are more challenging just to take an angle, take a stance.
5311s But I think everybody...
5312s I feel good.
5313s Y'all did a good job debating.
5314s You, uh, arguing, being argumentative, too, which you know, I think is more natural for some folks here.
5322s But all in all, I feel like you guys did a really good job.
5324s How are you all feeling?
5326s Feeling pretty confident going in this last one that Stoopzz hopefully doesn't win another star because honestly, he's just gotten all the really easy topics today.
5335s He's been saying this competition has been rigged from the beginning and he was right.
5340s He was right!
5340s For whatever reason everyone else has to debate the hard stuff.
5346s That.
5347s It's almost like he pitied.
5348s Stoopzz looks confused.
5349s What do you have to say?
5350s I mean.
5351s You had a really easy one.
5352s Where like, the pheons.
5354s The pheon one, but also like the gold and splitting it up.
5356s And you're like, doing this like campaign and like running for president and you still lost to Bobajenny.
5360s Damn!
5360s Oh.
5362s Smear campaign!
5362s Look how awesome Bobajenny is though.
5365s I would vote for her too.
5365s I'm just saying!
5365s I'm just saying.
5365s Imagine voting for a giant bearded man or Bobajenny?
5370s I don't know, am I wrong?
5371s I'd vote for Bobajenny every time.
5372s I mean, we have to figure out who won this debate.
5375s And actually it will not be over until it is over.
5379s Surprisingly, that's something Datmodz said, I wasn't trying to pick up on that.
5383s But this is not, you know, this may not be for all the Mokoko seeds quite yet.
5387s We want to see who won this last debate.
5389s And this is important, but, you know, the audience will still have an important decision to make.
5393s More on that later.
5395s You know, we didn't actually ask Balthorr who he thought was the winner.
5399s Uh huh.
5399s Yeah.
5400s Yeah.
5400s I hear you loud and clear.
5402s The fact is, Roxx, I am not drunk anymore.
5406s I soaked up all the Cheetos from Datmodz's beard.
5410s And I can also say without any competition, that we can all agree that I should be in the game more often.
5417s Can we make that happen?
5419s Anyone?
5420s Hello?
5421s Well, we'll see about that later.
5423s After, maybe after this Debate Club finale.
5426s And if you stop drinking on the job.
5430s But before we do that, it looks like we have our final winner of the debates, but not our final winner of the show.
5438s Grenton.
5439s Hmm.
5440s You're so unenthusiastic.
5442s I main Reaper.
5445s I cannot argue with that.
5447s And that is why Stoopzz is not a Mokoko.
5449s Wait, that is why he's not a Mokoko?
5450s No, that's not really why.
5451s Are you saying that Roxx's official view is that she hates Reapers?
5454s It actually has to do with the whole debate you just did?
5455s Yeah.
5456s That's why he's not a Mokoko.
5458s Put it on this.
5459s I'm making a Reddit post about you.
5461s You wouldn't be the first.
5461s Bling bling man, you got stars.
5463s Put it on your forehead.
5465s Oh, my God.
5468s Give him that star.
5468s Stoopzz is putting on his third gold star.
5474s Sheeeeeeesh.
5474s Let's let him stick that on.
5474s Look at that.
5474s Look at that.
5475s Look at how happy he is.
5476s Yeah.
5477s Kanon actually, Stoopzz's cape is almost as shiny as yours now.
5480s It almost is.
5481s Hey production team.
5482s Can we get a, can we get a, can we get a zoom in on Stoopzz right now?
5486s I haven't seen that man smile this much since.
5490s Yeah.
5490s Oh, nooo.
5491s Ohkay!
5494s Kanon knows too much, apparently.
5496s We still have to tally all the votes.
5498s And, you know, I know you can kind of see we just talked about, but we're going to count the votes, just to be sure.
5504s And there will be another vote coming up soon.
5507s So stick around to figure out who the winner will finally be and for those very important Twitch Drops.
5513s But, you know, when we do that, we're going to head back to Balthorr at his support center one last time.
5518s Yeah.
5519s Uh huh.
5519s Uh huh, yeah.
5520s Thanks.
5521s Thanks again.
5522s Yeah.
5523s Okay.
5523s No, no.
5524s You can still call me Papa.
5526s Thank you for coming back to the Balthorr Live Support Center for you salty, salty players.
5534s I am definitely not tipsy anymore, and I can read the comments like, we've got so many people here.
5540s We got people saying "Go Stoopzz, go," so many people saying, "Huh, I'm confused." Wow, it sounds like you inside the raid.
5547s Listen, I literally tell you what to do in those dungeons and you just can't do it.
5553s Like, what's the point?
5554s You know?
5554s You know, why do I even try?
5557s Kylin says "Balthorr card when?" you're speaking my language, brother, I tell you right now, I've been trying to figure that out my whole entire life.
5568s Lets see, KaraSky says, "Ooh, you crazy hot." Oh, yeah, that's right.
5574s Maybe like hot Cheetos.
5576s Datmodz's!
5576s Hot Cheetos next stream.
5578s That's right.
5579s Throw some over.
5580s Heheh.
5581s Digital bro said "I want my Balthorr card" You know, this is starting to look like the right chat.
5587s In fact, I should change the name from Balthorr's Live Support Center for Salty Players to Balthorr to Live Support Center for Balthorr stans.
5597s Yeah.
5597s Look at all the people.
5598s Everybody's going for Balthorr.
5600s You know what?
5600s I would shipBalthorr with Balthorr.
5603s Yeah, I'd be in for that.
5605s That'd be crazy, Tyrell says.
5608s "Balthorr, are you single?" Well, who?
5611s Maybe...
5612s we're going...
5612s No!
5613s Not anymore.
5614s Have you met Kanon?
5616s Heheh.
5618s Oh, let's see who's there, Georby says "Balthorr by far worst Sidreal.
5624s Get Azena or Innana on the screen." I see what you're saying there, but like I said, maybe we could get you some.
5630s I don't know, some some some nachos or some French fries or all that salt you're dealing with or maybe Stoopzz over here can wheel in.
5640s This mothasucka said barrage enhancement Stoopzz.
5643s Man F-you, man, you crazy, man?
5644s He's upset.
5645s He's upset.
5646s Ladies and gentlemen, you heard it here first.
5648s Stoopzz is angry.
5649s He's wheeling all the way back to his spot at the speed of a snail.
5654s He's so mad.
5655s Don't put yourself near that Stoopzz because he's a snail and he will literally melt and die.
5660s So don't do that.
5661s Let's see who else we got here.
5662s Oh, RandomOak99.
5665s You are laughing your face off and I love you for it, baby.
5669s Listen, this is a really good time.
5671s I mean, I was talking to my friend Kanon over there for a moment, and he said maybe we could be friends, but maybe all of us can be friends.
5680s You know, we could form like a community.
5683s We, we could do a synchronized dance.
5686s Oh, we could all dance at the same time.
5689s Or maybe cry tears of sadness because we're all alone in drinking.
5695s Hey, can we get some more ale, Roxx?
5697s Maybe?
5698s Maybe uh, maybe later.
5699s Let's see who else we got going on over here.
5701s Waspuee says, "Can we be friends?" You know it, I already said so.
5709s Korusami says, "Can you sing for us?" I can sing you a song!
5715s And it's not very long.
5717s That's about it.
5717s That's all I got for you.
5719s We've got so many wonderful people.
5720s People are very angry.
5721s "Do the dance for us?" Listen, I was wasted when I did that dance.
5725s Not going to lie.
5726s Don't remember a step.
5727s In fact, if you say that I dance, I don't believe you.
5730s You're going to have to go back and watch it again later.
5733s "Expose your hammer size?" Well, let's see here.
5737s Yeah.
5738s Heh?
5739s I mean, you know, knocking on the boats of freedom!
5743s Heheh.
5745s I got to tell you right now, like I said, this is my favorite hammer.
5748s I do have a little axe, but nobody uses those these days, You know what I'm saying?
5752s Hey, "We love you," Big Nate.
5754s Well, we love you.
5756s In fact, I love all of you.
5758s And you can all be a part of my multilevel...
5760s oh, uh.
5762s We'll talk later, babe.
5763s We got to get back to the studio.
5765s Back to you.
5765s Roxx.
5768s Woo!
5768s Thank you, Balthorr, for keeping them...
5770s I.
5771s I don't know how you made them feel, but thank you for doing that.
5775s So we're going to— actually, I was so distracted by Balthorr, I forgot to tally the votes.
5778s He's good!
5781s Bobajenny, can you like, lean foward?
5783s One, three, three.
5786s I have five.
5787s I don't think.
5788s Is that a star?
5789s Do you count too?
5790s I'm having a hard time seeing.
5791s Yeah, I'm from.
5793s Yeah.
5794s Yeah, yeah, yeah.
5796s Oh, there we go.
5797s Oh god, now they're confusing me.
5797s Thanks man.
5798s That's a pity.
5798s That's a pity star.
5799s Why would they do that?
5800s Oh, you know what?
5801s You know, none of the gold stars matter.
5804s And you know what?
5805s I lied all season!
5807s All season did matter because it is up to the community to decide who is and who is not a Mokoko.
5814s I know we said all season the aired debates didn't matter and only the final mattered.
5820s But I changed my mind.
5822s It's up to you to decide.
5824s Put together, you know, your brains, collective Twitch chat hive mind.
5828s That sounds scary, actually.
5829s Maybe don't do that.
5830s You know, think about what you saw today, what you saw during the season, the debates today.
5835s You can think about the gold stars because they're pretty and shiny and we like pretty and shiny things.
5840s But, you know, really think about all season, the debaters you saw and we want you, Twitch chat, to decide once and for all who is not a Mokoko.
5850s While Twitch chat votes, you know what?
5852s Why doesn't everybody give their final kind of campaign?
5855s We'll go down the line and start with Datmodz.
5857s Oh, a campaign speech!
5859s Here we go.
5859s Wow, right on the spot.
5860s Okay.
5861s Well, first off, I just want to thank all of you guys for watching.
5863s And if you vote for me, you're just going to get one taps from this point forward.
5866s I can't actually ensure this, but it is a possibility.
5869s And I just want to give a big shout out to the production crew and Balthorr for the amazing performance.
5873s Mr.
5874s Stoopzz.
5875s I love you, buddy.
5875s And.
5877s You're looking wonderful.
5878s And then also just sharing this set with this entire crew is an absolute privilege.
5883s Anyway, hopefully you guys found an entertaining.
5885s Also, my son, not to guilt trip you guys, 18 months old.
5888s He just wants to see his father be winner.
5893s Wait, what is going on? 2543 01:38:13,822 --> 01:38:13,600 Please vote for me!
5894s Please!
5897s Alright Bobajenny, why don't you let chat know how you're feeling.
5903s Uhm...
5903s I never left the game.
5905s I never left the game.
5907s Damn.
5907s I stuck through Lost Ark through thick and thin.
5911s Still playing to this day.
5913s When you're stuck on the floor, you can't get up.
5915s Nah man.
5915s No no no no, my Summoner is reformed.
5919s Okay.
5920s Reformed?
5920s Reformed!
5921s I've been reformed.
5922s I'm no longer the helper of Azkaban.
5924s This is a reform.
5927s I stuck to the game through thick and thin.
5930s All right.
5931s Why?
5932s Why do you have extensions on your forehead?
5935s Listen.
5936s I am the underdog here.
5938s I'm the one who plays Reaper.
5940s I've been bullied the entire season except by Stoopzz, he bullied me the entire season, but not now.
5943s So that's nice of him.
5945s If I win, I'll shave my head.
5947s I will embrace.
5949s I will embrace the bald memes.
5951s That's not a big difference.
5952s I know.
5952s I know.
5953s But it's a difference.
5955s You crazy, Bobajenny, how are you going to say that?
5958s All right.
5958s Grenton will shave his head.
5960s Stoopzz, is there anything you'd like to tell Twitch chat?
5964s Yeah.
5964s All memes aside, guys, thank you guys so much for watching.
5966s I really, really appreciate it.
5968s All the staff here.
5970s Michael in the back, Tom, everybody, even drunk Balthorr.
5974s It's really, really cool.
5975s And I think honestly, I got so happy just reading all the people in the chat and like, just seeing all of us here.
5980s It's kind of crazy that I met all these people through a video game.
5982s And I'm just thankful that I'm here and yeah, just super cool that Lost Ark has brought so many people together.
5988s I love all you guys and appreciate everybody.
5991s So wholesome!
5992s Don't wave too much yet because we're not going anywhere.
5995s Those votes are coming in.
5998s I think we have our winner.
6001s We'll give them a couple more minutes to tally.
6003s I just want to make sure.
6005s Looks like we're good.
6006s Balthorr any last words before we announce our winner?
6009s Yes, I can absolutely say without a doubt that I have no idea where I am.
6018s Alright.
6019s Well, leave him there in his corner, then, where he can do the least amount of property damage and finally announce our winner.
6028s Are you ready for this, Kanon?
6029s I am.
6029s But before we do, I just want to say something really quick.
6033s First of all, big shout outs to AGS for putting this together.
6037s Michael in the back.
6038s Tom and Chuck, you guys have been fantastic, but all of you guys in Twitch chat should know the situation Mr.
6045s Stoopzz has been through and he's a really good friend of mine.
6048s I'm glad to have you out here now.
6051s I thought Balthorr was a really good friend.
6052s He is.
6053s He is, but.
6053s He's just my boo.
6055s All right, well, it's finally time to announce our winner.
6058s Datmodz is already making eye contact with me.
6062s It's like he knows something.
6065s You know what I know?
6065s What happened?
6067s You are a Mokoko.
6068s Awww.
6069s So there's still three left.
6070s Grenton.
6072s Three stars on your forehead.
6074s There's four.
6075s I don't know how to count.
6077s That's definitely four.
6078s Sorry.
6078s I'm not surprised you could fit that many on there man.
6079s I was getting blinded, this gold star and forehead sheen is very blinding.
6081s I'm just leaning into it now.
6085s You are also.
6086s A Mokoko.
6087s I don't know why I paused after I said also.
6089s Yeah, I figured.
6089s That made it.
6090s Yeah.
6091s That means we're down to two, Bobajenny and Stoopzz.
6096s Mhm.
6097s Twitch Chat already knows, but you guys don't.
6099s So I have all the power right now.
6100s I love it.
6101s I know.
6102s You cheated.
6103s I saw it over there.
6104s Why are you reading Twitch chat?
6107s I can see the screen.
6108s Why did you cheat?
6108s Why did you take all my power?
6110s I don't know.
6112s Unreal.
6113s Well, Stoopzz, you are not a Mokoko.
6119s You are the winner of our Lost Ark Academy Debate Club finale and season.
6121s Crown me Balthorr.
6122s Look at that.
6123s Oh, my god!
6124s Oh, wow.
6127s The lovely Balthorr has crowned you.
6129s This is my pity crown, huh?
6130s You won!
6131s What do you mean it's a pity crown?
6132s You look real good.
6133s All right.
6133s Balthorr, why don't you come join us over here?
6135s And I know we kind of just did our campaign speeches, but I wanted to give everyone a minute to kind of share their parting thoughts.
6140s Mr.
6140s Balthorr!
6143s You know, you've been here all season.
6144s We did a lot of filming.
6145s We did 12 weeks of episodes, and we've just well, not quite yet, but we're just wrapping up the live finale.
6153s Datmodz, are there any parting thoughts you'd like to share with Chat, with the Lost Ark Community?
6157s No, just thank you guys for watching.
6158s And you guys are all peepocute.
6160s And I hope you guys have a wonderful day and hopefully you get all the items that you want.
6164s Aw, kind till the end.
6167s Bobajenny, anything you'd like to share with the audience before we sign off?
6171s I think Lost Ark has been very transformative in our lives in different ways.
6176s I'm really happy to be a part of this and really see the game come to life.
6182s And yeah, I just really enjoy my time here and everyone here is really awesome.
6186s Awesome.
6187s Thank you.
6188s Grenton, the floor is yours with that shiny forehead.
6191s Yeah, I'm just adding stars to my head now.
6193s I think I'm allergic to these.
6194s I'm crying.
6196s Or you're just really emotional.
6198s Yeah.
6198s Stoopzz has a wreath, and I have a crown of stars.
6201s But no, for real.
6201s Thank you, everyone, for watching.
6202s It was super fun.
6203s It was awesome to meet all of you and Stoopzz, and meeting Kanon for the first time was cool, even though Balthorr makes fun of me.
6209s Still a big fan, so.
6211s It was really awesome.
6212s Thank you again to everyone in production and everyone at Amazon Games for putting this together, because I can't think of any other company who would actively self roast themselves week after week and uh, take it on the chin.
6224s So thank you everyone.
6224s It was super fun and congratulations Stoopzz.
6227s I don't think it was a pretty win.
6228s I think you deserve to win.
6230s Awwwww.
6230s All right.
6230s Stoopzz, our winner.
6231s Do you have any parting thoughts?
6233s Yeah, I kinda already said it all, but thank you guys so much for watching.
6236s And thanks for voting for me.
6237s Hi, Mom.
6238s If you're watching, you might be watching at home.
6240s And big shout out to just everybody in the chat, the community and stuff like that.
6244s Like I know sometimes we're mad, you know, especially like the cubes.
6246s Fix the damn cubes, Roxx.
6248s I don't know what's going on with that thing, but.
6249s I'm here!
6250s I need more gems!
6251s But overall, you know, like, I really, really do think it's super cool, especially on Twitch, like all the people that you get to see them in chat, you know their name, you know what I mean?
6259s It's like it's like a cool experience, a very, like small knit community.
6262s And also everybody here at Amazon, like, they work really, really hard you guys.
6266s I've been around this office a few times now and they're working super, super hard trying to do cool stuff for you guys, the best they can.
6271s So overall, I think big shouts at them, shouts to you guys, I love you and thanks for having me.
6276s Awesome.
6276s Thank you so much, everybody.
6278s Wow, I'm like, I just wanted to give you guys the floor for a minute.
6280s I had a point of realization.
6282s Datmodz has had a realization.
6283s A new development?
6284s Let's hear it Datmodz.
6285s I just want to get one more thing off my head.
6287s I just realized at this point, we all became friends because of this game.
6290s And that's really what MMOs are about.
6292s Talking about nurturing friendships without Lost Ark, I would've never met Stoopzz.
6297s I would never raided with Grenton, and I never would've been— You ditched me last week, man, I can't believe it.
6303s Let's keep it heartwarming.
6304s We know.
6304s We know, you can cry about it later.
6305s I'm not letting that go!
6306s You buy me a beer after this for sure.
6307s As many as you want.
6309s As many beers as you want.
6311s I'm not freakin' Balthorr.
6313s I'll wheel you around.
6315s He's here, he's in for sure.
6317s I'm always in for ale.
6318s Are you going to finally invite me to a raid now.
6319s Of course!
6321s You're always welcome, just ask me.
6322s Okay man.
6322s All right.
6323s Well, I feel like I'd be amiss to not ask Balthorr.
6327s Any parting thoughts for the community as you know, a hero of Arkesia?
6330s Yes.
6331s I just have to say, after all our fun today, I want to be serious and say I love all my salty little babies.
6340s All right.
6341s Thank you all so much for joining us all season.
6344s And with this finale, I just wanted to take a minute as well to say, you know, the community team has worked really hard on this.
6350s I'm very grateful to be a part of it.
6352s And it's been just really great to see the reaction to the show.
6355s I know we did something totally weird, totally unexpected, like very clearly a little bit crazy, and it's not like something we've ever done before, but we've had a lot of fun making this content for you, you know, reading reactions.
6368s We've learned a ton, and you know, I think you've probably seen we have some other videos that have come out recently, and it's just been really great to connect with the community on that level.
6376s So we're still here.
6378s The show may be ending, but we're already coming up with whatever we're going to do next and we'll still be around to see you.
6383s And also, just on a personal note, thank you for letting me host the show and having me be a part of the Lost Ark community.
6390s And this is by far the weirdest thing I've ever been paid to do.
6393s So I'm very appreciative of that.
6395s Yay for weird pay.
6396s We love doing weird stuff, apparently.
6399s All right, Kanon, why don't you close us out one last time?
6403s Yes, ma'am.
6404s Thank you guys so much for joining us here today.
6406s I hope you guys enjoyed the show.
6408s Before we close this out, I want to see you guys send as many hearts as you can.
6412s I can't see the chat, so I'm going to trust that you guys do.
6414s I want to see Dink Donks or Hearts in the chat for my good friend Stoopzz and everyone else here, especially Stoopzz.
6420s It was very difficult for him to come.
6421s I cannot imagine how difficult it was.
6424s Are you bettering me up?
6425s This is crazy man.
6428s Of course man, of course.
6429s You're my boy.
6430s There's a lot of hearts.
6431s There is?
6432s Thank you, guys.
6432s I appreciate that.
6433s We're gonna go out to dinner tonight and he's still going to be wearing that thing if you keep hyping him up.
6437s I mean let's go.
6437s He's not taking that thing off.
6438s Wheel me back, let's go I'm ready.
6439s Thank you, guys.
6440s I'm ready.
6441s All right.
6441s Thank you, guys.
6442s Thank you all.
6443s And we'll see you next time.
6446s Bye.
6447s Thanks.
6448s Oh, yeah the jazz hands.
6448s The jazz hands!