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Hey Planeswalker!

Wanted to give my POV on the Workshop Power & Glory Event! You can check out how I came to this conclusion here: https://youtu.be/WHdm3vu16ps

First off, I'm curious what you guys think of the event? Do you like Wizards idea of having these different freeplay events? Personally, I really like it and wish they would give away more stuff or have more win stages!

Second, I don't know about you but personally I thought the Mono Black deck was much stronger. Certainly I think you can get there with the twins ru deck, but I feel like the value is more hit or miss vs the mono black seemingly is consistent. In both the games I showcased on both sides the win condition was the same for mono black..I did like being on the winning side better lol

Anyway happy to hear your thoughts, and feedback!


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about 1 month ago - /u/wotc_Cromulous - Direct link

Originally posted by gawker_sucks

I enjoyed it and look forward to the next workshop events. Sure, more than two decks would be better, but it's fun enough for a couple of games and it's only live for 48 hours anyway.

Regarding the win rates, as always half the people say that deck is OP, the other find the other one OP. I have only access to mtgarena.pro data and there we have 59.55% wr for Royal Scions and 57.53% wr for Syr Konrad. Both numbers are over 50% because it uses only data from people using the tracker and they seem to be better than the average player. I would be curious to see data from other trackers, but it seems that both decks are pretty even.

That is about the same shape as the internal numbers - very tight, with the Scions ever so slightly ahead (like, sub-51% last I looked). Go team Kenrith!