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27 Oct

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25 Oct


Originally posted by Cone1000

Kind of annoyed that Roiling Vortex gets through when a few other cards got the axe for abusing the 2nd casts.

Why is [[Flaxen Intruder]] banned?

We definitely discussed Vortex, but let it slide because 1) it affects both players equally and 2) it doesn't turn the mode entirely off, it just imposes an extra cost (albeit it a heavy one). There's a tricky line to draw between cards that get a surprising, temporary turn in the spotlight and cards that do too much, and we try to be permissive when it's close, but it's possible that we'll end up cutting it in the future.

24 Oct

23 Oct


I'm a devoted red player and hater of all spells blue.

My attempt to sabotage a day of blue-themed Daily Deals was unfortunately ultimately thwarted, and they are now back in the MTG Arena store.

Next time, perhaps.... shakes fist

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Oct 23, 19:25 UTC
Resolved - This issue has been resolved, and Daily Deals are available once more.

Oct 23, 16:07 UTC
Identified - Daily Deals are currently unavailable. We are aware of the issue, have identified the cause, and are currently working on a fix. Thank you for your patience, and we will update you with more information once it's available.

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Oct 23, 02:27 UTC
Completed - An additional hot fix has been deployed. Patch notes are available, here: We recommend players restart their client at this time. For all other issues, please contact support.

Oct 22, 16:49 UTC
Update - We are currently investigating reports of gameplay issues related to the Unsanctioned basic lands. As a workaround, we encourage players to use different basic lands at this time.

Oct 22, 15:00 UTC
In progress - Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.

Oct 20, 18:28 UTC
Scheduled - We will be performing scheduled maintenance on October 22 at approximatel...

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Bug Fixes

  • Direct Challenge is once again available for all supported formats/modes.
    • Please Note: Historic Tournament is currently unavailable through Friend Challenge (challenging a friend through your friend's list. Direct Challenges are unaffected).
  • Players should no longer experience game play issues related when using the Unsanctioned basic lands.

22 Oct


It's a bug; we'll fix it. We're very sad too.


Originally posted by Tubssss

What is Super Standard?

Standard with 100-card-minimum decks.


Game Update Highlights

  • Festival of Adventure - Earn Zendikar Rising showcase card styles by participating in these limited time events!
  • New pets and cosmetic items in store, including the Black Lotus pet and Euro Lands.
  • Gameplay improvements and bug fixes!




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