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We have deployed the fix, and Turbo Draft is now available again. Anyone who has already entered should now be able to draft & play normally.


We have deployed the fix, and Turbo Draft is now available again. Anyone who has already entered should now be able to draft & play normally.


There's a problem with this event, so we have temporarily turned it off. We are working to restore it, but no ETA to give at this point. We will ensure that everyone either gets to play or gets reimbursed.


Originally posted by Squee2020

Any idea when it might be back? Seems like a lot of us are out 5000 gold. It's really frustrating.

Working on it, but no ETA to give right now. We have identified the problem and understand the fix, but we don't yet know when we can deploy it.

In any case, we will ensure that everyone either gets their gold/gems back or gets to play. Apologies for the frustration here; I get that this isn't the experience you wanted. (It's not how I wanted to spend my Saturday morning either.)


There's an error with this event, and we have turned it off temporarily.

08 Apr


Originally posted by ahtgsdfvvvvvvregfvt1

higher res

"How can we get the styles not in bundles?"

additional card styles will be available through the upcoming Strixhaven College Cup...

On MTG Arena, these are available as styles, and they can be found in the usual places, like event rewards or store bundles.

I assume that means all of the remaining styles will become available through coming events, but I wish they would explicitly say that.

All of the remaining styles are scheduled to become available through coming events.

(Tech development involves very few absolute guarantees, sorry.)

07 Apr


Originally posted by avocategory

Draft will have one lesson per pack; they’re identical in distribution to paper draft packs other than not having a foil slot. They haven’t mentioned for arena boosters, but I would be very surprised if those had a dedicated lesson slot.

In the 8-card store packs lessons are treated like any other Strixhaven card of their rarity (no dedicated slot). 15-card draft packs work just like tabletop packs.


Originally posted by gryfn7

I wonder if this bug is related to PWs getting double the loyalty counters when they come back from exile /u/WotC_BenFinkel

Yes, this is the same bug, and it will be fixed with the Strixhaven release. #wotc_staff

06 Apr

05 Apr


Originally posted by Cone1000

Thank you for updating us on what happened to those styles.

If I may ask, are there any plans to make the Vorinclex showcase viking style available, or to bring the borderless mythic foretell cards to Arena in the future?

Showcase Vorinclex is scheduled to also be available with the Strixhaven release.

The borderless Foretell cards are not scheduled to be on Arena. I think some early published content may have gotten wires crossed between these cards and borderless planeswalkers and Pathways.


Narfi, Egon, and Harald will be available for purchase in the deckbuilder (along with other KHM showcase styles) when Strixhaven releases.

(These three were locked off for an event that ultimately had to be pulled at the last minute. :( Sorry for the frustration.)

04 Apr


Originally posted by metastuu

Does the client get to know what cards are banned? If so is there a way to format the banned cards from that place in the client to the description? I'm just speculating I don't know if its feasible.

The client does know the banned cards, and right now it knows how to apply a red filter over them in the deckbuilder so that you can see they are banned. It can absolutely be taught to do other things with that information, but as with everything, that comes with costs, and balancing those tradeoffs is a constant part of game development.

03 Apr


Originally posted by Naerlyn

Well, no longer! We're reconfiguring the structure so it can fit cleanly in the client, and you'll see the new version during Strixhaven.

Does that mean that event descriptions and ban lists will be back on the client again from then on?

I'm not sure what you mean here by event descriptions. All events have some amount of descriptive text which usually explains the basics of what's going on. What additional description would you like to see?

Ban lists are a different question. They were migrated online so that they could be updated more rapidly if needed - like in case there was an official B&R, or a card turned out to be very oppressive in ways we knew players wouldn't want more of. If that happened while the cards were listed in the client, that meant we were picking through several languages' worth of localized text to make updates on a short timeline. That change also opened up the option of doing events with long ban lists, like the progressive Historic Shakeup that just ended, which would never have fit on the event page before.

Honestly, I don't expect that we will go back to writing out the ban lists in text. It would be a pretty hard sell to move back to the riskie...

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