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31 May

Originally posted by Cassiopeia2020

It's definitely bugged, I've seen other people complaining too. I crafted it last week unaware of this until it happened to me and I lost a game because of it.

Sometimes it does let you exile your permanents and sometimes not, it's inconsistent. I think it's been bugged for months now, so it's probably not an easy fix.

It's more that we hadn't been aware of the issue. We're working on a fix this week, not sure when it'd go live though (very likely M21-release at the latest though). #wotc_staff

30 May

Originally posted by somefish254

Hey Jay, just wanted to say that the you were mentioned a few times on Maro's podcast and I found that hilarious. Thanks for taking care of mtga for us and for enjoying Limited! You are the people's champion!

Oh cool, thanks for letting me know! Which episode was it?

29 May

Originally posted by maynevent

This is fantastic news. Thanks for following up and letting us know.

I'm not sure if you can speak on it, but do you have any update on the timetable for when the Arena MacOS client will be available? Last I read, pre-COVID, it was Summer 2020.

Like most folks in this thread, I play through GeForce Now because I am on a Mac but would much rather play it natively. Regardless, thank you again

Nothing to say there now other than that we still feel good about that β€œSummer 2020” timing. Also, as a Mac gamer since around 1986, I get it. We hope to have more to say here before too long.

We’re working with NVIDIA to ensure Arena stays available to players here.

28 May

Thanks for alerting us! A fix should be ready in the near future.

Originally posted by elleody

You play aggro well. Thanks for the game. :)

Thank you for the game, too! Turning creatures sideways is my favorite. :D

27 May

26 May

25 May

Originally posted by asterik216

Well that's great to hear. A big thank you from me and I'm sure many others for that.

Are there any plans for giving players a unlimited amount of deck slots if they are stored locally? Something like MTGO has maybe? Also is there a possibility of folders to organize decks into groups?

Folders are definitely an often requested feature - but we've been thinking more about custom tagging on decks as a solution to some of the organization problems. Reasoning: it wouldn't require a refactor of the page and it could be more powerful than folders - each deck would only be in one folder but could have multiple tags.

Local deck store sounds neat. You probably wouldn't be able to play a deck until you moved it onto the server, but I could see having a page of stored decks. This would still require some refactoring of the manager, because right now it loads all of your decks at once. Maybe as just a filesystem function? I'll look take a look at it, but no promises. :)

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