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24 Jun

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THIS IS A SCHEDULED EVENT Jun 24, 15:30 - 18:30 UTC

Jun 15, 20:31 UTC
Scheduled - @MTG_Arena maintenance will occur to deploy the 2021.5.60 game update.

⏲️ Full deployment estimated at ~3 hours.
🛠️ No downtime expected, but a restart is required.
📝 Patch notes available soon after.


21 Jun


Lemme guess: the Auspicious Starrix I see in your opponent's graveyard had been mutated onto an Old-Growth Troll, and this Troll Warrior token came from sacrificing the Starrix-as-an-aura? MTG sure can be ridiculous sometimes. We'll look into getting the right token identifier for this bananas case... #wotc_staff

20 Jun

19 Jun


We actually do have a fix for the loop detector to identify this style of situation and cause a draw now. It should come with AFR. The bug was that we didn't identify that spell copies might be mandatory, so the loop detector thought that the copies were being proactively cast (and that therefore something like running out of time would cause this loop to end, as the autoresponder would rather pass than cast anything). #wotc_staff

16 Jun

15 Jun

14 Jun


Originally posted by SolarJoker

Velomachus says to cast an instant or sorcery spell from the top seven. If it said "instant or sorcery card", you'd be right.

Even that isn't the full picture; play/cast permissions describe the object on the stack, so it would still be fine to cast Chop Down if it said "you may cast and instant or sorcery card..." as it would be an instant card on the stack. If it said "you may choose an instant or sorcery card... you may cast that card", then you wouldn't be able to pick Giant Killer, as "choose" will refer to the object in your library (which is not an instant card). #wotc_staff

11 Jun


Originally posted by Varedis267

Not quite, it does have logs and you can find them if you are using android for example, but someone would have to build a wrapper and launcher around MTGA for a tracker to work in game, even then it would only work for Android and not iOS so it's probably never going to happen.

To improve perf, the logs on mobile don’t include all the information the trackers would want to consume; they’re equivalent to PC without the Detailed Logging turned on.

10 Jun


Originally posted by AlistairTheGecko

What kind of madman is making Demonic Pact work in cube?

Check out some of Andrew Cuneo's content!


Originally posted by CHRISKVAS

Is there a theme here I'm missing?

These are some Cube favorites, for those who are into that kind of thing. :)

09 Jun


Originally posted by Brokewood

Hello there!

You wouldn't happen to have a deck list from them?

This is super intriguing.

WotC_RyanG posted the decklist a few comments above this


Originally posted by Immundus

There's variants of it, but a lot of the core parts are the same between them all.


3 Amulet of Safekeeping (M19) 226
4 Powerstone Shard (DAR) 227
1 Transmogrifying Wand (M19) 247
3 Jhoira's Familiar (DAR) 220
3 Karn, the Great Creator (WAR) 1
1 God-Pharaoh's Statue (WAR) 238
2 Ugin, the Ineffable (WAR) 2
1 Meteor Golem (M19) 241
1 Cryptic Caves (M20) 244
1 Arcane Encyclopedia (M19) 227
2 Mobilized District (WAR) 249
2 Karn, Scion of Urza (DAR) 1
4 Karn's Bastion (WAR) 248
3 Arch of Orazca (RIX) 185
4 Zhalfirin Void (DAR) 249
1 Reliquary Tower (M19) 254
1 Mystic Forge (M20) 233
2 Chaos Wand (M19) 228
1 Platinum Angel (M10) 218
3 Blast Zone (WAR) 244
1 Detection Tower (M19) 249
3 Mind Stone (WTH) 153
1 Magistrate's Scepter (M19) 238
1 Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger (BFZ) 15
2 Ugin, the Spirit Dragon (M21) 1
1 Animal Sanctuary (M21) 242
2 Buried Ruin (JMP) 491
1 Forsaken Monument (ZNR) 244
1 Paradox Eng...

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