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@Axl, The Obliterator#78073:

This article is for you! Make sure you give it a read.
Is the girl in the picture you?


This article is for you! Make sure you give it a read.

25 Feb

Originally posted by gawker_sucks

I enjoyed it and look forward to the next workshop events. Sure, more than two decks would be better, but it's fun enough for a couple of games and it's only live for 48 hours anyway.

Regarding the win rates, as always half the people say that deck is OP, the other find the other one OP. I have only access to data and there we have 59.55% wr for Royal Scions and 57.53% wr for Syr Konrad. Both numbers are over 50% because it uses only data from people using the tracker and they seem to be better than the average player. I would be curious to see data from other trackers, but it seems that both decks are pretty even.

That is about the same shape as the internal numbers - very tight, with the Scions ever so slightly ahead (like, sub-51% last I looked). Go team Kenrith!

24 Feb

Workshops are designed to be preconstructed deck experiences that break up your regular play with a game or two with decks that are new to you.

They do only reward the first win, but you can change among the provided decks and keep playing if you want (and earn quest progress and win rewards while doing so).

While this Workshop is Brawl-based, Workshops as series aren't about Brawl (nor will they be used to assess the popularity of constructed Brawl). They will offer a variety of play experiences, including things that may not line up to traditional Magic formats.


Did you have fun?

2 days ago - WotC_Lexie on Forums - Thread - Direct

It's a harmless (and random) survey that actually does tell us quite a bit. We take peoples' answers, analyze their matches, and pull data based off of it. There are other games that have a similar after-match survey setup.

22 Feb

21 Feb

TIL: The event calendar is working again!

My goal is to have it updated once the State of the Game is live, but due to technical issues I wasn't able to do it for February. I was not aware it was working again, so... good thing I packed a lunch today!

Should be fully updated shortly.

Reminder: You receive the trophy pet through a redeemable code, that is sent via email. Please triple check your inbox, spam, and promotions folders. If it isn't there by now, contact our support team and they'll make sure you get it.

P.S. Please be nice to our support team when you contact them. :heart:

FEB 20 -

6 days ago - MTG Arena Admin on Forums - Thread - Direct

Bug Fixes - Update

  • Players who previously redeemed the [[80560,hashtags]] code for the Championship Trophy pet should now see the pet in their collection.

Originally posted by Fizjig

I haven't gotten my email. I wonder what that's all about.

If you haven't gotten your email, please triple check your inbox/spam/promotions folders. If it isn't there, contact our support team! They'll get it sorted for you.

20 Feb

FEB 20 -

6 days ago - MTG Arena Admin on Forums - Thread - Direct

Note: This was a data only deployment. Players will not need to update their client as a part of this maintenance.

Patch Notes

  • Various updates and changes to the Theros Beyond Death bot priority.

Bug Fixes

  • Gitrog Monster is now playable in Traditional Historic (best-of-three) events and play queues.
  • The Championship Trophy should no longer disappear from player inventories after redeeming the [[80560,hashtags]] code
    • Note: This is only a fix for players who have not yet redeemed their code. For players who previously redeemed the code and do not have the pet in their collection, we will be deploying a separate fix.
  1. It's a bug, we're aware, and we're working on a fix.
  2. You do not need to contact support - we'll be automatically fixing this for all affected players as soon as possible. We're aiming for tomorrow, but we need to implement/test the fix first.
  3. Happy Wednesday, everybody!

19 Feb

For clarity: The Wednesday Brawl schedule was changed so that it didn't overlap with the upcoming no entry preconstructed deck Workshop events, which begin next week. Wedneday Brawl was not reduced in length -- it's still 24 hours -- but it has shifted both the beginning and the ending 8 hours into the future relative to the previous schedule.

In addition to avoiding the conflict with the Workshop events, this schedule brings Wednesday Brawl in line with our normal event start and entry-lock times, which generally occur at 8am Pacific (1500 UTC or 1600 UTC, depending on daylight saving time).


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