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This event is a little tilting. The community wants Brawl, so WotC gives up brawl but makes it locked to two decks.

I wonder how many people will get their single win and not play the event any more. Then Wotc says "See people do not want brawl, players played very few games of it "

It would have been nice if there was two wins, one with each deck. Then after that the deck selection unlocked and we could play out brews.

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about 1 month ago - /u/LeeSharpe - Direct link

Workshops are designed to be preconstructed deck experiences that break up your regular play with a game or two with decks that are new to you.

They do only reward the first win, but you can change among the provided decks and keep playing if you want (and earn quest progress and win rewards while doing so).

While this Workshop is Brawl-based, Workshops as series aren't about Brawl (nor will they be used to assess the popularity of constructed Brawl). They will offer a variety of play experiences, including things that may not line up to traditional Magic formats.