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For more information on the upcoming Android Early Access, please refer to today's announcement article.

Kaldheim Pre-Orders

Prepare to journey to the icy realms of Kaldheim! From now until January 28, you can pre-order Kaldheim on MTG Arena! Grab both pre-orders and Bjorn the beautiful blue bear will be yours!

Kaya Pack Bundle


  • 50x Kaldheim Boosters
  • 1x Kaya the Inexorable Card
  • 1x Kaya the Inexorable Card Style
  • Inexorable Sleeve

Niko Play Bundle


  • Set Mastery Pass
  • 3x Player Draft Token (can be used for Premier or Traditional Draft)
  • 1x Sealed Token
  • 1x Niko Aris Card
  • 1x Niko Aris Card Style
  • Defying Destiny Card Sleeve

Kaldheim Set Mastery

Set Mastery Rewards

  • 33 Kaldheim Boosters
  • 5 Kaldheim Mastery Orbs

Mastery Pass Rewards

  • 4,000 Gold
  • 1,200 Gems
  • 25 Kaldheim Mastery Orbs
  • 1 Player Draft Token (can be used for Premier or Traditional Draft)
  • 20 Booster Packs (2x ELD, 4x THB, 3x IKO, 3x M21, 4x ZNR and 4x KHM)
  • 10 Kaldheim Mythic Rare Individual Card Rewards
  • New! Playsets (4x copies) of the five Rare cards from the Kaldheim Theme Booster
  • 15 Common Card Style Rewards
  • 10 Uncommon Card Style Rewards
  • 1 Niko Aris Avatar
  • 1 World Tree Sleeve
  • 1 Glory of Kaldheim Exquisite Sleeve
  • 3 Bear Pet Tiers

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