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The whole idea of the brawl is that it can be played on Wednesdays, because according to WotC this was the most populair day. And I actually have the Wednesday off (children are out of school early here in NL), so it was very convenient. However, the new schedule means it actually starts when more than half of the Wednesday is gone, at 16:00 hours.

I know WotC always caters to US players (it is an US company after all) but I think they overdo it a bit in this case.

Hopefully they reconsider and let it start earlier here in the EU.

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5 months ago - /u/LeeSharpe - Direct link

For clarity: The Wednesday Brawl schedule was changed so that it didn't overlap with the upcoming no entry preconstructed deck Workshop events, which begin next week. Wedneday Brawl was not reduced in length -- it's still 24 hours -- but it has shifted both the beginning and the ending 8 hours into the future relative to the previous schedule.

In addition to avoiding the conflict with the Workshop events, this schedule brings Wednesday Brawl in line with our normal event start and entry-lock times, which generally occur at 8am Pacific (1500 UTC or 1600 UTC, depending on daylight saving time).