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Theres a mechanic that i'm not understanding and i'm hoping someone can explain it to me. With the deck i've been using I have multiple planeswalkers, when removed from the battlefield by a banishing light, if i destroy the banishing light with either planar cleansing or ruinous ultimatum, it seems that when the planeswalkers return to the battlefield they do so with double the normal amount of loyalty counters. For example, in the game i was just playing I had 3 planeswalkers captured by banishing lights and after a planar cleansing EACH of them had 10, 12 and 12 loyalty counters (vivian, ugin and chandra).

I dont fully understand what is causing this. It happens every game I play that has a banishing light card. Is this a bug? or is there something about how banishing light works?

I should note that if i destroy a banishing light by other means besides a "destroy all nonland permanents" card it does not seem to have this effect


EDIT* No i do not have vorinclex or any other cards that modify counters

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Yes, this is a bug. I've avoided making comments on previous threads on this issue until we had figured out what the exact problem was and identified a fix. Sadly, our release cycle demands that the fix will come with Strixhaven's release. But we did solve it, huzzah. The short version is that some pretty fundamental changes we made to support Learn caused replacement effects to behave incorrectly in cases where multiple simultaneous zone transfers to the battlefield occur. Yeah, sounds crazy, and I suppose I could go into it deeper when we reveal another relevant card in this story. #wotc_staff