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I'd say a few times during every game I play on Android I will be unable to advance the turn. The button will simply not work to pass a portion of the game. My only option is to pretend to cast a spell (if it's possible), or quickly press auto pass on and off which usually works to end my turn.

Is this happening to anyone else? Anything I can do? I reported the bug but no one has gotten back to me yet.

Thanks in advance.

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25 days ago - /u/WotC_Jay - Direct link

This is a bug, and it should be solved with the Strixhaven release. You can fix it with the “pretend cast” method you mention or by opening up a library or graveyard browser. Apologies for the issue.

(In case you're curious, it’s stuck thinking you’re dragging a card, so won’t let you click the buttons.)

25 days ago - /u/WotC_Jay - Direct link

Originally posted by gryfn7

Hi Jay, I hope you don't mind if I let you know of some other significant mobile app bugs that can be replicated against Sparky. You don't need to reply, just want you to be aware of them and hopefully pass these bugs on to the mobile dev team to have a look at them.

There are two other significant bugs with the mobile app (Android and iOS).

One concerns the mobile app stacking/grouping the same permanents with activated abilities (e.g. Usher of the Fallen). The app only allows you to select or activate the permanent on top, you are not able to select or activate any other permanent in the group/stack:


The other bug concerns a spell or ability targeting a permanent that is off screen. When you try to drag the row of permanents to see the one you want into view, the mobile app will select the permanent that you initiated the drag on as the target, rather than the one you actually want:


Thanks for the report; I've passed it on to QA to investigate further.