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Was in a match with my [[Shessra's Death Whisper]] Brawl deck, which is my go-to deck to complete the Kill X of your opponent's creatures quest. Opp scooped around turn four before I could kill anything, but not before sacrificing a skeleton with [[Ashnod, Flesh Mechanist]]. Back on the home screen, I was surprised to see the quest wheel had ticked up from zero. Opponents sacrificing their creatures counts as a "kill."

Partly, this quest wording has always bugged me* because in Magic there is no rule that defines what it means to "kill" a creature. This is an Arena-specific term, and now we know one more part of how it's defined.

*Also the fact that it's singular "opponent's" instead of plural "opponents'" but that's being nitpicky.

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I see now "dies" is defined in the rules as going from battlefield to graveyard, so destroying and sacing are both dying. So translating the quest into official rules text, it might be more along the lines of "Have X of your opponents' creatures die" (passive voice intentional).

I'm 95% certain that it's counting the number of creatures that move from your opponent's battlefield to graveyard, yes.

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