19 days ago - MTG Arena Admin - Direct link

Hello everyone,

With Zendikar Rising Quick Draft now available for players, many of you have noticed that this event is not a part of our full-art basic land promotion alongside other Zendikar Rising limited events. While this was always our intended design and the promotion is not advertised in-game on the Zendikar Rising Quick Draft event page, we could have done a better job communicating this disparity in our game related updates (namely the September State of the Game and 1.12.00 patch notes).

Since this has led to a fair amount of confusion and frustration for our players, we’re going to be doing a couple of things to hopefully help rectify the situation:

  • First and foremost, all players can use the code ZendikarLands to receive up to three* full-art basic lands from Zendikar Rising (limit 1 per account). No event entry or pack purchase required.
    • *Same rules as the event promotion, including duplicate protection; this code only redeems for ZNR full-art basic lands, so if you’ve already collected all 15 you can still redeem the code, but you won’t receive supplementary rewards. If you’ve collected 14, you’ll receive one, 13 you’ll receive two, etc.
  • We will be updating both the patch notes and September State of the Game shortly to further clarify which events will reward the full-art lands.
  • While the event promotion is only available until October 15, the ZendikarLands code will be redeemable until the release of Kaldheim on MTG Arena.

We apologize for the misunderstanding and we’ll make sure we do a better job disclosing what in-game promotions are available where in the future. As a final note, please do not contact support requesting a Zendikar Rising Quick Drafts refund or additional rewards because you did not receive a promotional full-art land upon entry, as this is “working as intended” and isn’t considered part of our refund policy.