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  1. Apoc is a massive dud after a year+ of hyping him as the new greatest character in the game. He should have had a bigger impact than any other single character, and he's basically useless.

  2. Where's the Kree Commando event? It was supposed to start at 1PM PST yesterday but we haven't heard a single word about it.

  3. The lamest new skill raid team with multiple repeated characters when there was the obvious low hanging fruit of Howling Commandos.

And to cap it all off, we're going to go 2+ days without a single bit of communication from Scopely because they dropped this dumpster fire on us on a Friday afternoon!


  • The Into The Shadows gold orb opening event that had a leader board which had been advertised as open to everyone turned out to only be accessible to the top 1% of participants.

  • The webstore hasn't been working for some players since 1 PM PST yesterday

Edit 2:

  • Alll of this amid the entirely disappointing 5 year anniversary "celebration"

Edit 3:

  • The Historic Encounters event has 40% fewer character shards than it was advertised to have.
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Originally posted by VVillyD

It's easier to not get so mad you quit when you don't spend money on the game.

Seriously commander. Don’t spend money.