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I’m glad you are ok.

Thanks, bud. Went to see Gwen Stefani in Las Vegas last week. Great show!


There's currently an issue where Saved Squads for certain game modes are not saving properly, most notably when accessing them from the character roster. This issue is scheduled to be fixed in the next major release, version 5.8, targeting release next week. In the meantime, there are two ways to ensure that your changes are saved.

The first way is to enter the game mode of the associated Saved Squad tab that you want to make changes to and then make the changes. For example: enter the Arena mode if you want to make changes to your Saved Squad tab for Arena.

The second method is to Copy the teams/changes from the Roster tab and then Paste them into the specific game mode tab.

We appreciate your patience in the interim.

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22 Oct

21 Oct

20 Oct


The character shard availability in Supplies for Lady Deathstrike was unintentionally ended a day early. The shards are reactivated for the duration of the time stated in the Inbox message. We will be sending out compensation for the confusion/inconvenience.

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18 Oct

15 Oct


Greetings Commanders,

Today,, we're giving you a peek inside an ominous laboratory that houses enticing rewards and a deadly new S.T.R.I.K.E. operative. And after a view of the dark side of science, we've got the new location of a high-flying Secret Avenger, a Legendary Event screaming back for a return, multiple Blitzes, and Bonus Events that'll be a catalyst for victory.

Lab X-Periments

Coming alive on October 22nd at 5:00PM (PDT) is the year's most terrifying event: Lab X-Periments! Available in this workshop of horrors are Lady Deathstrike character shards and other wicked rewards. Here's how you can engineer success with this limited-time event:

Test Subjects Milestone

Scoring: Unleash characters with the limited-time "Pierced Veil" trait (31 available characters) in Blitz or battle in Arena and Raids with any character to earn points toward the Test Subjects Milestone.

  • Duration - 24 hours each Milestone...
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14 Oct


There is currently an issue where multiple event preview cards were created and Mojo's Mayhem is not accessible. The game team is currently investigating and working quickly to address it.

EDIT: The issue with Mojo's Mayhem not being accessible has been fixed but you might need to restart your client before you can see it again. The extra event preview cards and related inbox messages have also been removed. The team will be discussing potential compensation for this inconvenience. Thank you for your patience while we worked to address this.

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The final Experiment X Milestone was intended to end today, however another instance of the Milestone was unintentionally started. As players have already started making progress in the extra Milestone, we will continue to let it run for the full length of the timer. Enjoy the bonus rewards!

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