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It's happened quite a few times where certain players in our opponents alliance are obviously using hacks and mods to cheat in war. It's pretty frustrating to have proof of an obvious cheat and no real way to submit it.

I currently am trying to show customer service screencaps of a gamma team that gets bigger everytime it's attacked. It's health also reverts to full and rulks ultimate also starts over. Took my alliance 4 attacks to take out a team that we probably would have taken out in 1 or 2 attacks.

Scoply doesn't seem to care about cheating. So if I can't beat them.... how do I join them? Might as well cheat too, right?

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Just upload the video of this so called cheat on YouTube and ask any CC to report to the devs. It's not a rocket science.

Have you seen most of the player base commander?

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