Hey all. Long time no talk! Hope you all had a slushilicous new year!

Avengers tower is fun. I enjoy the challenge. (I know some of you don’t)

Here’s the #1 problem with.

It’s not a fair game mode. Once you get to level 50 You drop down a level as you climb further if you lose unless……..

You force quit the app right before you lose.

Sure you lose access to that team till next reset but most Importantly you don’t lose the tower level your on.

So what?

So there is a large percentage of commanders that can just try multiple teams at the same higher levels and not worry avoid dropping down to 50. It’s the new combat cancel(they still haven’t fixed this in war)

So boundless entertainment. Fix it. Either make it so everyone drops or no one drops. Keep the integrity of the new mode.

Yours in slushiness!

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