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We have another update on the situation regarding the Nova Trials Rank Rewards with the intended change to the minimum point value of 400K but had unclear communication. Upon further review there was an adjustment to the final rank payouts with extra rewards. All players that earned at least 100K points in the Nova Trials Leaderboard are eligible to receive Rank Rewards. This recalculates the entire Leaderboard and sends additional rewards to eligible players. The top 1-5000 Ranks will receive a duplicate Nova Red Star, which will be converted to Elite Credits. This process started today and may take a few hours to 1 day for the new rank rewards to be sent to all players.

Future iterations of Nova Trials and other Trial events may have adjusted minimum point values or rank thresholds. You can find these communicated in blog posts and/or on the ranking tab of future events.

We appreciate you providing feedback on this topic and for your patience while we reviewed it. Enjoy your updated rewards!

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