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There was an issue yesterday with the game servers that necessitated emergency maintenance. This issue has caused secondary effects, which have impacted Cosmic Crucible. The results are that certain data was calculated incorrectly, including Tribunal Rankings, Leaderboard rankings, match-making, and some players being unable to attack.

There are several ways in which we’re addressing the situation.

  • The current tournament will continue to completion, and rewards will be sent per the standard rules.
  • The final Tribunal Ratings will ignore scores for this tournament, reverting to the standings at the start of Season 3.
  • Additional points for the Trials and Tribulations Milestone will be sent to all players and it will be extended by a few days.
  • Compensation will be sent, including Silver Credits, Gold Credits, and Quicksilver character shards.

The next round of Cosmic Crucible will begin as scheduled, and we’ll monitor it closely to ensure a smooth rollout. We greatly appreciate your patience and wish you the best of luck in the next round.

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