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So, this nasty little bug that only affects some players, and only occurs some of the time, is still going around. This is a character who's used every day in the raids, appears as an enemy in most sections of the raid, is one of many Eternal buddy options for arena, is used every war, will be used by every player in every Dark Dimension. A premiere character in the game.

When Captain Sam uses his special, he taunts, gains counter attack, and spreads energy to the whole team. Invaluable. When he's attacked, he gets knocked back, and then jumps forward to counter attack. Except, sometimes he doesn't. Sometime he gets knocked back, and then he enters his idle animation. And the whole game locks up. No buttons to press, you can't hit quit. The music continues and all the characters continue in their idle animations. You can click on characters and the little yellow text with their name floats up. That's it. The only way to end the battle is to force quit the game.

You send your report in to Customer Support. Include your screenshot. They'll tell you they're aware of the Captain Sam freezing issue, thank you for your patience, and send you back 10 raid energy. Great! You go back to playing. Captain Sam doesn't lock up when he goes to counter attack. You keep playing a week. No incident. And then it happens again.


In this shot you can see that Sam has been knocked back and to the left. He had used his special, and now Rhino has just attacked both him and Shang. They should heal up, Sam should counter attack, and return to position. Except he doesn't. They heal, the counter attack icon goes away, and he stands there. Music continues, idle animations play on loop, I try minimizing out of the game and restoring it (hence the Google play icon on screen), and nothing fixes it. The timer just runs down.


Same node, same situation. It had been a few weeks and there had been a patch to "fix overall performance" so I figured it had been addressed. Sam has been knocked to a different position, further to the left. But the game locks up the same way. I report to CS, I get some raid energy back, I play the node again. This time it doesn't happen.


A few days later, in a Tech node. My Doom's ultimate is nowhere near ready after the first Tech node, so I send him in with some lesser characters to regain some energy, eat the opening volley of attacks, with the intent of reviving him and going back in with my real team. Except, lo and behold, I get the Cap Sam lockup with the enemy version. He gets knocked back, stuck inside of Sharon, and the whole game locks up same as the player version. I can't even press quit on the node. I mean, I can press it, but it doesn't actually quit. It sits there, with the music playing and idle animations looping and the timer ticking down. All I can do is force close.


An alliance mate of mine posted this about a month and a half back. Same bug. Cap Sam has been knocked back and is stuck inside of Thanos. He can't do anything. He says this is happening almost daily and he's frustrated. He is no longer with the alliance.

Here are a number of older reddit posts about this same bug, with people commenting they've experienced the same. But it isn't consistent, and it isn't affecting everyone equally, so it isn't picked up as a bigger issue

https://www.reddit.com/r/MarvelStrikeForce/comments/r3x42p/does_anyone_elses_game_freeze_up_whenever_you_use/ https://www.reddit.com/r/MarvelStrikeForce/comments/rak4cs/cap_sam_freezing_the_game/ https://www.reddit.com/r/MarvelStrikeForce/comments/r1fn3t/dd4_keeps_crashing_in_global/

I'm sure there are more, with less appropriate titles that are harder to come across with a quick search.

I'm hoping that this longer write-up will get this issue noticed, hopefully with some urgency. If this is meant to be a premiere character, used everywhere in both PVE and PVP environments, it can't continue to lock up the entire game without it becoming a bigger source of concern.

I play on an Android tablet, if that's relevant, without low-graphics mode enabled. This issue has happened both before and after I enabled 60fps. There are no similar issues with other characters.

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