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Look, I get it that mistakes happen. Bugs appear, there are typos, etc. But the lack of communication is ridiculous. Like, it’s clear that cerebro and archangel spend almost no time engaging with the community. Look at how little they comment or post! They hardly answer questions or address concerns.

I wouldn’t be upset at these blunders if we received responses/acknowledgements within a reasonable amount of time. So to summarize, here’s my ranking of important issues that need to be fixed:

  1. Prompt and honest communication
  2. Moving goalposts by the introduction of limits on event raid points.
  3. Everything else

Am I alone in feeling this way? Is it unreasonable to expect “community managers” to engage with the community?

Inb4 “it’s the weekend dude” No, this happens fairly often during the week too. It’s not like the CMs are chatty Cathys M-F.

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We have the worst CMs. Cerebro and AA are not good at their jobs. Hence why they work at Scopely.

I resent That!

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They. Don't. Care.

I care commander!

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