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  1. Kang. It's obvious. Kang is too valuable for new players to get their hands on. He's just too OP.

  2. ZIM. Because he's an 'exclusive'.

  3. 4 Horsemen + Apoc. (5 Toons but yeah, you can obviously see why).

  4. Any DD or Legendary toon. (I know, I'm stating the obvious).

Toons that are MAYBE out of the list:

Agatha, Ikaris, Sunfire, Darkbeast, Nemisis.

Toons that I could totally see us getting 100 shards of:

Kate Bishop, Kity Pryde, Shield Medic, Scarlet Witch, or any of the Rebirth toons.

I want to hear what you guys are speculating right now.

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That's rough

Right? Why would anyone come back

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