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0s here are the most important things you
2s need to know about coming to Marvel
3s Strike Force next week everyone's
5s favorite K-9 Cosmo will have character
7s shards available through her event
8s campaign mission to Infinity at the same
11s time a meta event called rough riffs
13s will be running that will reward you for
15s opening Intergalactic orbs and gold orbs
19s all of the frisky fun begins on June 6th
21s Star-Lord the annihilation War version
24s will be flying in with the first chance
25s to get character shards using power
27s core's hand or offers on June 8th and
31s finally get your silver and gold
32s promotion credits ready because
34s gwenpool's red stars will be available
36s in the elite store for direct purchase
39s coming soon look for the inbox message
41s or details available on the updates page
43s of

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