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If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out his comment in here I guess Weapon X costume is not meant for me.

I mean... I have no words for this type of disrespect for the community.

It's a very relevant post about the current milestone event and how blatantly stupid it is.
Teal gear gated behind $, that's fine.. it's new released.

Gating a costume behind $? that's just plain stupid and a slap in the face of 95% of the playerbase.

Our community manager, Cerebro, what's his response? A stupid joke about spending $$$ instead of acknowledging the situation. I would feel ashamed to be called a community manager after that because you clearly have no attachment and understanding of this community.

Edit : to everyone saying “ it’s just a costume” , this is not the issue. Even tho it should be available to all players… I’m not too fussed about it. It’s about how the community is treated and how out of touch the developers / community manager(s) are with us.

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Was he drunk or something...

Hey sorry. I’ve been on a bender

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too many White Claw slushies

Can you have too many.