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With gear tear 16 & the increased prices of uniques in the store, & the cost of just building characters up to level 80 to begin with, more gold into the economy is a necessity at this point. Yes Scopely, we all understand you just upped the gold into the economy but unfortunately that wasn't enough, & came far later than it should have to begin with in my opinion, but in order to build our rosters we need more gold for the things I've mentioned as well as for extra teams for war attack & defense. Gold orbs also need a rework, if you're going to sell us 9 mini 13s at over 500k then that should be the minimum for what we receive out of these gold orbs.

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The team is watching the Gold economy closely, especially with release of Teal Gear. I'll be asking them regularly about the Gold economy and if it's on par with our expectations. If there are further infusions it would likely come through methods similar to how we already recently increased accessibility instead of through the Gold orbs.