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There are three significant updates to the info announced last week regarding the Nova Trials.

First, the start date of the second edition of the Nova Trials will be pushed back from May 24th at 2:00 PM (PDT) to the 25th due to technical issues. We’ll update you if this shifts again.

Second, it was announced that the second run of the Nova Trials would not have a Milestone and only a Leaderboard. There will, in fact, be Milestones only for this run that will contain some rewards, including DD6 Countdown orb fragments for earning 400,000 points. There will also be another Milestone with rewards regarding the next topic…

Third, it was announced that Nova would receive three Awakened Abilities and the materials to unlock them available via the Nova Overloaded Orb, which can be purchased via Power Cores and offers. By scoring 1.1 million points in this new Milestone, you’ll earn enough fragments for 12 Nova Overloaded Orbs, giving you a chance to unlock Nova’s Awakened Abilities!

Furthermore, fragments for the Nova Overloaded Orb will have a permanent place in the future Nova Trials Milestones for players with Nova at 7 Yellow Stars. This will provide a long-term chase for unlocking Nova’s Awakened Abilities and a greater incentive to participate in future Nova Trials.

We appreciate your feedback and greatly enjoy seeing players unlock and power up Nova!

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