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I have Sabretooth fully T4'd. And although it says rebound chain to 5-6 targets, I'm finding the average is only about 3, even if he has multiple other targets to chain to.

In fact, I've only seen him do the full 5-6 chain 3 or 4 times out of 30+ uses since the patch.

Something is cutting off his ultimate early, and it doesn't appear to be that he doesn't have a target to chain to.

Its almost as if his ultimate is coded to be 3-6 targets instead of 5-6 when T4'd to level 7. I'd say 75% of the time when I've used it since the patch, he only hit 3 or 4 targets total, even when he could easily continue with his rebound chain.

Anyone else seeing this?

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24 days ago - /u/CM_Cerebro - Direct link

Thanks for reporting, I'll look into it.