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Hello everyone, this is Archangel and I'm super excited to be here as a Scopley Community Manager in the Boundless Entertainment studio!!! I have played Marvel Strike Force for over 2 years now. I started when the game launched but took a break after a couple of months because I was playing two other games at the time (SWGOH and IDLE heroes). A couple of years later, during the early Black Order meta, I redownloaded the game and saw an offer for the X-Men team and I was like . . .I'm in! I called a friend who led an alliance and asked if I could join his alliance, as they were running Ultimus 7.0 at the time (I was under 200,000 TCP, so green). Within 6 months I was soloing a lane in Ultimus, became a captain and helped run the alliance, focusing on designing raid maps and launching the raids everyday and on time.

I eventually migrated to a higher-powered Alliance that was doing Doom 2 - I was just over 10 million TCP at the time. We unlocked Doom 2.3 not long after and I ended up going back to my old alliance to be with my friends, as they were stuck on Doom 2.0 and needed a boost in leadership. I became the Leader, organized a merger, made raid teams and maps, made training videos for the raid and two months later we are now doing Doom 2.2.

I have over 15 million TCP now, I play hard core and love the game. I will strive to communicate quickly and efficiently on timely issues and ensure detailed and accurate weekly developer blogs. As an alliance leader, I am looking forward to representing the interests of alliance leaders in the regular feedback sessions with the dev team.

Aside from MSF, I love sports with Pro Football, College basketball, and Tennis as my personal favorites. The Carolina Panthers are my favorite pro team and Duke is my favorite College team. I grew up watching Andre Aggasi play tennis but I would say that Rapha Nadal is my favorite tennis player today.

I have a strong passion for video games, especially RPG’s, as I love the stories and the extraordinary worlds we can experience in them. I was born on the NES - I love Castlevania, Dragon Quest, Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age, just to name a few.

I also love technology, whether it’s PC’s, phones, or gadgets. If you meet me, ask me about my Redmagic Gaming phone . . .you’ll regret it, LOL!

I am looking forward to getting to know everyone and making a great game even better.

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I'm sorry. She's super cool! but I promise I'm cool too!

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