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I have to admit, adding a 60k point requirement (after the fact!) to the ranked leaderboards of the Return to the Shadows event has to be a new low. In fact, I still don't know where it's even mentioned, aside from the other reddit posts from confused players!

There was no mention of this additional requirement anywhere within the blog, nor was there ever an ingame notification for it. How are they going to just cut it off rewards at just past the 1% mark without people's knowledge? And yes, no one knows about it, as evidenced by the numerous threads from players asking about their "missing rank rewards"

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From the blog: LEADERBOARD Earn as many points as you can to climb the ranks of a leaderboard that rewards Dark Promotion Credits to all participants. Ranks 11 to 75 will earn 6 Red Stars for Dormammu, and if you land inside the top ten, you'll get 7 Red Stars for Dormammu!

"All participants"... I haven't heard from support despite asking about the status of these, but they're saying it's not all?

What a failure of a weekend for /u/CM_Cerebro and his protege /u/CM_Archangel

I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of jealous they get paid to do such a poor job. Still can't be bothered to comment on the Kree event. The only tweaks to the much-maligned copy and paste anniversary events so far have been hidden requirements and nerfed rewards. Oh and edits to an event they never tested.

Truly don't understand how they go to sleep remotely satisfied with the job they've done.

How do they go to sleep satisfied?

They know they are paid for their managing of negative feedback on Reddit. Their job is to “manage” all of you commanders.

Also lots of alcohol helps

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I know AA has acknowledged that redditors hurt his feelings

You’ve never hurt my feelings!

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Originally posted by Kyotoshi

cerebro got fired, he hasn't posted in a month lol

Drunken Cerebro is never fired!

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It's their job to relay info from the community to internal teams and to tell us what they're allowed/told to tell us. They're like the most controlled people as far as what they can say and when.

Can confirm. They aren’t allowed to speak for themselves!

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Originally posted by Dapper_Category4187

Unfortunately there's zero way we can know this as fact.

If it's not communicated before hand, then we don't know about it, regardless of if it was intended or not - the goalposts had moved based on the information we were given.

It destroys the little trust and credibility scopely have.

This 5th year anniversary has truly been shambolic, everything has missed.

I don't envy your position right now, as frankly scopely have insulted their customer base, left their community managers in a horrible position to take endless pelters with zero response, and nothing of any meaning. It's not your fault, but we will feedback on this... Means nothing unless action comes from it. Based on the status quo in the game, I would imagine there is little faith in an acceptable or appropriate fix.

I’m sorry. What trust and credibility did they still have left? Are you new here commander?

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You guys are really awful, you know that?

Oh they know.

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You're the CM we need right now. HELP US DRUNKEN CEREBRO

Stop spending money on the game commander. Help yourselves. That’s my advice. And have some booze.