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Hey Scopely, You seem to be going through some tough times. It feels like you're spiraling a bit here. Like, you were your own toughest critic, which led to more mistakes, which led to more self destructive thoughts, which in turn led to the summer of blunder. After that you must have felt really poorly about yourself, but instead of just hitting the gym, listening to some classical music, eating healthy and fixing the game, seems like you've just continued the cycle of self hate and now your house is a mess, the Cosmic Crucible is down and you can't even find the find button?!? What if a few of us just came over and helped you clean up? I know your buddy Tauna's not speaking with you, but if you admit you have a problem and ask for help, we'll all get you ship shape in a blink of an eye. Heck, you don't even have to ask. Just let us know when we can stop by. I'll grab Rem and Mobile on my way, a few programmers I know, and we can go back to having fun and complaining about bottle necks. Remember those days?

Worried about you bud.

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I would be but one of MANY volunteers to be part of QA Testing. :)

You don’t want that pain.

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You don’t want to share your Whiteclaw Slushie Machine.

That’s not true. If your of legal drinking age commander come and get 1