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Wolverine, Ironman, Spider-Man, and Black Panther would show up at the very beginning of the movie but would be underpowered and completely useless. They would be wrecked by minions.

Every time somebody tries to hit Shang-Chi in the movie, they would end up punching Luke Cage instead.

Shang-Chi would just randomly start healing people during the movie but this would never be explained or referenced in any way. The audience would just be like, "Wait... can Shang-Chi heal people?"

Infinity Watch would show up from outer space with all of their infinite power and attempt to punch down on Shang-Chi to no avail and they would all be like, "WTF?"

All of the fight scenes would take place on a helipad for no obvious reason.

Towards the end of the movie, Kestrel would just randomly show up out of nowhere and one-shot Shang-Chi. The audience would then all blurt out together, "Who the f%&k is Kestrel?"

Roll the credits.

In the final Easter egg scene, Scopely would explain that they changed the text on Shang-Chi's healing abilities and that he was working as intended.

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Movie is working as intended.