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I haven’t seen CM’s address any issue on Reddit for awhile now. I get them ignoring most of the bitching comments or personal attacks, but they don’t even respond when people tag them over legit bugs or game breaking issues. I think we did it Reddit. We broke the CMs.

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Sorry been on a bender. How you all doing on your positive bingo card? Full coverage right?

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We should just quit calling them community managers.

Let's be honest, they don't manage anything. The cc's are a bigger community presence who get us more (and more accurate) information about the game. Well the ones that haven't quit the game yet. The envoys resonate that cerebro and archie barely engage with them as well.

Are they just there to blog post? If they have so little they actually do, why TF are the blogs still littered with inaccuracies?!

I resent that!