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Please u/CM_Cerebro come out of the closet and tell us what is happening here. Is being able to complete only 1/4 of an event the new normal and FTP players have to deal with it? Is this a new kind of marketing strategy?

Or, as I hope, is there a bug here? Are we missing something? Because limiting access to only 26% of the rewards in a Thanksgiving event feels VERY desperate for money.

I mean, even Thanos was fine with a 50/50 ratio. Here we have a 26/74 event, making Scopely twice as evil as Thanos.

Talk to us Mr. Community Manager. Do your job. Because this community really needs to hear from you on this now.


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Happy Thanosgiving to you /u/player1mtl Enjoy your slushies!

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Lol cerebro doesn’t know wtf is going on, our sensitive little buddy will read a corporate lawyer approved statement when him and the rest of the team get back from a nice longggggg break

little durnk righ now