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You've really outdone yourselves. Dropping the prices of gear in the supply store, only to raise the minimum number of items we can buy was some master class manipulation worthy of Mr. Sinister. This is the same as cutting the price of gas in half but requiring a minimum purchase amount of 30 gallons. It's fine for everyone that can afford to get 30 gallons every time, but for everyone else who just wants to top up before a trip, or just needs a few more gallons until payday, it's f*cking bullsh*t. You could have easily changed the store so that instead of having to buy X amount of something, we could instead buy up to X of something.

At a time when players have been begging for more gold for months (years?) and the only advice players are giving others is "limit your spending to 1 million per day," you make it so that buying 4-5 items a day costs around half a million gold or more in itself. How exactly are we supposed to limit our spending when we need to start gearing up our characters to do Doom raids, going from level 65 to 70 takes 1.5 million gold, going from level 70 to 75 takes almost 2 million gold, and going from 75 to 80 takes another 2 million?

To top it all off, the upper-tier rewards for the daily gold spending milestones are an utter joke. 3-5 L3 training modules? 50 A15 orb fragments? What are these? Rewards for ants? They're almost as bad as giving players achievement rewards of Hulk shards well past the required amount to 7 yellow stars him. The whole fiasco that is your rewards system, from daily milestones, raid milestones, arena payout, and achievements is summed up pretty well by how bad the latest event milestone is. The daily cost keeps going up, but the rewards stay pretty much the same. Credit where credit is due, you did knock it out of the park with some of the recent event milestones actually being well in the players' favor, but this current one is incredulously out of touch with your player base.

I get that you're not going to make gold more available. Why would you when the bottleneck works so much in your favor? Since most of the world is moving past covid restrictions now, I'm sure your monthly revenue stream isn't quite what it was last year. As a company focused on the perpetual growth of profit margins, you've got to squeeze as much out of us as you can. Your shareholders don't care about how the player base feels or the actual state of the game, only how much profit you made. So why make your game be more player-friendly, or have an in-game economy that makes sense, or patches that solve more problems than they cause? Those things don't affect the bottom line, and that's all you care about. Hell, I'm sure I'll get a bunch of replies saying "They're a for-profit company. What else should they care about?". f*ck me for thinking a billion-dollar company could afford to make a decent product right?

TL;DR: Daily in-game cost of playing keeps going up, but resource rewards growth is pretty much stagnant. Pretty reflective of the real world really.

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Uniques should appear in stacks of 2-4, so if you're seeing more than that in a stack it's not intentional. We will investigate this.

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Originally posted by BigMikeThuggin

ive seen as many as 9 in a stack for 540,000 gold

Thanks for confirming.