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The team has wanted to keep players up to date with many of the issues that have taken place since the 6.4 update. We also want to update you on a few older issues as well.

  • Cosmic Crucible did not start for some players so this week’s Crucible was canceled, while we address the problem

- This issue will be fixed for the next round. Compensation will be delivered this week, and it accounts for clearing all 6 rooms - 29,000 CC Credits, 6,300 Elite CC Credits, and 100,000 T2 L4 Ions for ALL players level 60 and above.

  • S.T.R.I.K.E pass: Season 20 early messaging that caused players to get the inbox before the pass had started.

- Compensation was delivered last week.

  • RTA Daily objectives did not reset for some players.

- Compensation will be sent shortly.

  • Echo not in the War Store

- This was fixed yesterday.

  • Adam Warlock applying disrupt to non-protectors in the Doom Raid III, Bio node 2. He also has been doing this in other modes where he is a PVE enemy.

- This was not intended and the fix went live yesterday. He will not do this in any PVE environment now.

  • Psylocke's passive ability, Reinvigorate, applying Evade and Counter to non-Uncanny X-Men, particularly Jubilee on node 2 of Bio in Doom III.

- The PVE versions of characters can have different functionality than the playable version in your roster. Psylocke has applied this passive to other X-Men allies in other PVE modes and thus is intended.

  • Increase to War rewards not yet implemented

- Anticipated to go live in the coming month.

  • On release day of version 6.2.0, some players reported receiving a few shards for Gambit and Mega Orb fragments.

- This bug is extremely difficult to diagnose. As such, we will be sending all players special compensation in the near future, as part of our general compensation package, which will be explained further down. In the meantime this issue will be removed from the known issues on the Customer Service page. We appreciate your patience on this issue.

  • Some Costumes disabled in battle.

- We are still working on this issue. Once the issue is fixed it will launch with one of the client updates.

  • Undead Asgardian (AKA Greg) is not interacting as intended with Kestrel’s passive in Doom 3 Skill node 1.

- Fixed

  • The Finder button not displaying the nodes where gear or character shards can be acquired.

- A server correction went live yesterday. It did not fully fix the issue, so there will be a new version, 6.4.1, created to correct this. More on this in the next section.

There are several issues that cannot be addressed on the server and thus requires a new version. The team is working quickly on version 6.4.1, and it is a high priority to deliver this as soon as possible. It is anticipated to address these issues:

  • Campaign energy icon not visible when navigating between Apocalypse Saga and Campaigns.
  • The ability material count text shrinks when the player has more than 100 ability material count in the hero menu.
  • The finder button is not always listing items in the correct order. 
  • The player has to hit the “+” icon next to the energy in order to get the prompt to buy more.
  • In Alliance Raids, the buttons related to Raid Season and Raid Store show a red badge of “99” when something can be claimed.
  • Achievement Visual issue where it was displaying incorrect numbers for achievements.

While bugs are a reality of video game development, the volume introduced in version 6.4.0 does not meet our standards. In several aspects we didn’t deliver the best possible experience. Boundless Entertainment takes these issues seriously and the team is reviewing internal processes. You deserve a world-class experience and we’ll continue to strive for that.

The team is preparing a general compensation package to be delivered in the near future.

Please continue to give us your valuable feedback. Enjoy the new War Scourge today. Unlock Red Hulk and witness his new battle effect!

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Originally posted by bluevader13

What about the missing gold from the Multiple Man Blitz?

What about the Brawn event being 5 points per energy spent that you confirmed on stream, but we got 4 points per energy spent instead?

Yeah no.

Originally posted by Mintyphresh33

You deserve a world-class experience and we’ll continue to strive for that.

Then why is the communication worse than ever after being promised better communication countless times?

  • There's literal radio silence from community managers now until blog post updates.
  • Bugs go responded to for months beyond saying "it's on the known issues page" - if something has existed for 2 weeks plus, don't we deserve a status update on it?
  • What are the internal quality process updates that were done and promised to us in blog posts if you can't launch a single update without major game impacting issues? How can you continue to promise the playerbase better when you consistently perform the same or worse?
  • If Community Managers are not allowed to respond anymore to subreddit comments and questions, at least tell us that - this comes off as literal deaf ears until you're forced to finally say something.


I promise slushees for all!

Originally posted by Hollow_Hubris

I still find the most annoying "feature" to be that the War Results screen pops up twice after each War.

Minor issue, but it bugs me to to no end.

Damn. You only get it twice? I get 4-6 times usually.