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There is no errors on characters, they are developed and work exactly as intended, even though they do things their description doesn't inform.
There is no toxic play time, playing blitz 5 times a day to complete event is healthy because it takes only 3 minutes per rotation, using a clock to log in every 2 hours is healthy.
There is no problem with war, everybody have the best defense team and this balance it out, doesn't matter the only actual counter is 8w with Adam Warlock, everybody have an equal chance to win.

There is no problems with raid being a 24/7 thing for 24 players, if a single player decides to take time out to take care of his family he should see how his actions punish the other 23 players because you either hardcore the game and give up everything else as the religion it is or change alliance and accept you will never get g16.

There is no problems with arena, people comunicating and locking others out of the top 10 is a strategy and should be viewed as such, arena is not suposed to reward power, it is suposed to make you log in.

There is no character hold-back, every character can be obtained in a lower power by every player, with the right effort you could farm phylla vell right now (the orb is actually fine too, mathematically you need around 1000 credits for single fragments, eventually you will unlock and/or increase her stars, buy the orb).

There is nothing wrong with this game, you are just not loving it as much as i do because you nitpick problems on places that doesn't bother me or others like me....

There is nothing wrong in taking a time out, there is no FOMO on this game, you can go back from the point you left and easily obtain the newest characters, the newest legendaries, get a good arena spot, compete in the top alliances...

And finally: "if you don't agree with the way the game works, you should probably quit."

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There is no subreddit for this game; don't look for one.