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0s you need this new team for Marvel Strike
3s Force raids
5s computers are skill raid Specialists
7s made up of Captain America World War II
10s the Bucky Barnes Union Jack
13s and Jet Iron Fist World War II and Nick
16s Fury Nick Fury's abilities are well
20s known but here's what you need to know
21s about the rest of the team
24s Captain America World War II is a
26s control and he dictates the battle by
29s supplying Invader allies with ability
31s energy manipulating effects and by
34s denying enemy summons and clones
37s you can inject even more power into cap
40s with the skirmisher iso a class which
43s will give him extra Focus to help plan
45s negative effects and clear enemy
47s positive effects
50s it's a long time friend Bucky Barnes is
53s a blaster who not only deals out painful
55s damage
57s but also has two separate abilities that
59s clear taunt
63s we recommend
64s your ISO aid class for bucking as it
67s takes advantage of his powerful basic
69s ability which prolongs negative effects
74s Iron Fist World War II is a support who
77s sustains his Invader allies with barrier
81s heels
84s clearing heel block and a revive via his
87s ultimate ability
88s the Healer ISO weight class is perfect
91s for Iron Fist
95s lifesaver
97s Union Jack is a blaster who operates in
99s the shadows with stealth he applies a
102s veins to allies and inflicts crit damage
105s and negative effects upon his
107s unsuspecting enemies Union Jack comes
109s with a passive boost to his crit chance
111s and adding the extra crit chance from
114s the Raider ISO class makes him crit on
117s nearly everyone his attacks this team
120s now joining Marvel Strike Force is
123s critical for commanders looking to
124s overcome the most challenging skill
127s raids
132s if you enjoy this video share it with
134s your fellow fans and let us know what
136s you think of the newest characters in
137s the comments below if there's a
139s character you want to see in Marvel
140s Strike Force then let us know thanks for
142s watching

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