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0s a snicked off the old block the adamane
4s Apple doesn't fall far from the tree
7s however you want to describe daken's
8s relationship with his father Wolverine
11s it's not the best there is and what it
14s is isn't very
16s nice dhan was born akiro in Japan to
19s Logan AKA Wolverine and his late wife
22s itsu trained as an assassin and
25s brainwashed by the ancient mutant
27s Romulus dhan was convinced Wolverine was
29s responsible for his mother's death armed
32s with his dad's iconic bone claws and a
34s special talent for manipulating emotions
36s with fairmon daens life is a bloody Saga
40s of Revelations conflict with his father
43s and dark Quests for power and
45s Vengeance and now he's joined Marvel
48s Strike Force dhen is a mutant controller
51s for the mercs for money and his violent
53s past all around the world earned him
55s villain and Global traits here's your
58s official strike summary on Dakin he's an
61s assassin his claws are sharp don't make
64s fun of his leather vest and don't use
68s stealth around
69s him dhen utilizes heavy chain attacks
72s and stealth to hunt down enemies
74s stealthed on the
76s battlefield still thinking of using
79s stealth against dhen we're begging you
83s don't let's use his special ability to
86s illustrate why it's a chain attack that
88s ignores stealth teachers a bonus attack
91s that ignores stealth and the ability
93s gains damage for the attack if the
95s target is you guessed it
99s stealth you can run but we don't
101s recommend hiding especially if you were
104s planning on hiding using stealth dhen
107s doesn't like that we're looking at you
110s super
113s [Applause]
115s scroll super scroll isn't the only one
118s who should be on high alert Aken and the
120s Merks for Money Team are Alliance War
123s behemoths in fact they're the apex
125s predator on helicarriers offense and
129s [Music]
130s defense in Alliance War dhen expands his
133s Hit List to support characters
135s specifically attacking them with his
137s special ability and denying them
139s immunity at the start of a match perfect
142s against the likes of Apocalypse
144s Cosmo and Brawn so if you're keeping
147s score at home super scroll and
149s apocalypse should be afraid of this guy
152s yikes and dhan is even scarier with ISO
156s 8 dh's high focus in crit chance make
159s either the skirmisher or Raider class
161s work well and by work well we mean help
164s you tear your enemies into tiny little
167s pieces so are you ready to make Father's
169s Day plans and dominate Alliance War with
172s dhin let us know in the comments and if
175s you want a closer look at dhen or the
176s other MKS for money characters in the
178s game check out Marvel strike force.com
181s where you'll find the latest news weekly
183s blogs and free offers
187s [Music]
188s [Applause]