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There have been questions regarding the Gift of the Celestials event in Milestone 20 with the mysterious green orb. This is an automated orb that has an equal chance of giving one of the following Teal Gear pieces:

Augmented Focused Chi

Augmented Gamma Radiation

Augmented Quantum Energy

Augmented Tesseract Energy

Augmented Astral Energy

Augmented Molecular Cloth

Augmented H.A.M.M.E.R. Tech

Augmented Judas Bullets

Augmented S.H.I.E.L.D. Tech

Augmented Unstable Cloth

Augmented Ballistic Weave

Augmented Arcane Magic

Augmented Promethium

Augmented Uru

Augmented Miasma

Augmented Carbonadium

Augmented Adamantium

Augmented Palladium

Augmented Vibranium

Augmented Gravitonium

Augmented Titanium Alloy

Augmented Luminium

Augmented Alien Spores

Augmented Extremis

Augmented Oz Formula

Augmented Serum SO2

We apologize that you're currently unable to tap on the item for more information and we'll try to address this in the future.

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