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I’d probably be considered a whale - I buy every character offer twice, usually buy power core refreshes daily, and spend money on offers as needed, usually spending $500-1500 a month. I’ve been playing for 1215 days, and I’ve mostly loved the game. But it’s also been an addiction - a driving need to log in every day, to get the newest character immediately and get them ranked up as high as possible, to be the best player in my shard and alliance. I’m a completionist and the idea of not having a new character was frustrating and stressful.

I used to roll my eyes at many of the complaints in here too. I understood the delicate balance of having to be a profitable company while also embracing the needs and thoughts of an interactive and engaged audience and fan base. It was clear that there’s an executive leadership that are the sh*ttiest humans out there, focused purely on lining their pockets, and there was a motivated lower level of management who advocated for us. Which is usually what happens - the people at the top don’t even know how the game works. They just see dollar signs. But the middle management tends to care.

But thanks to this flaming dumpster fire of an event as well as the sh*tty communication and understanding from a corporation that has lost that balance, whether to a loss of advocacy from employees who have quit or given up or the total corruption of everyone, I’m done. I’ll probably still log in occasionally, but I’m not spending another f*cking dime. This was a “both middle fingers” and a hearty “f*ck you” from the company and I’m responding in kind.

Thank you for breaking me of my addiction and to every exec who signed off on this decision, f*ck you.

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how could you be spending on average 1k per month and only around 15-16 on 1200 days played?

i'm at 15m at 800 days played and I only spend around 150 per month on average.

Just because you spend a lot….. doesn’t mean you spend intelligently.