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There are three different issues to address. First, for a limited number of players, the daily login calendar for November ended before the final day rewards could be collected. We have identified players that logged in for 29 days and missed claiming the Day 30 reward and will be sending them the missing 250 Power Cores by end-of-day tomorrow, Saturday, 12/03, Pacific Time.

Second, the Blitz schedule for next week only has been slightly modified:

  • The Blitz for Scarlet Spider and Red Guardian each have their run times reduced by one day (24 hours).
  • The Red Star Blitz and Orb Blitz will not run simultaneously but instead one after the other.

This change is necessary for this week only to add event prizing (related to Dark Beast) to some of the Blitz rewards.

Third, regarding The First Panther milestone event, there will be 10,000 Vibranium Meteorites available in the web Free Claim on Saturday, 12/03, Pacific Time, so don’t miss it.

Make sure to Blitz with your Astonishing X-Men this weekend for some great rewards in the Quick Rumble!

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