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It is now past 12 AM UTC on June 14th, which is the date we agreed to come back on. Since our previous post (which you should read if you haven't already), things have sadly changed for the worse. Reddit has continued to double down on their decision to raise API prices, in a move that hurts everyone. This includes a leaked memo from Reddit's CEO published by The Verge, stating, "like all blowups on Reddit, this one will pass as well."

Since our last post, over 1,000 subreddits, including major subreddits such as r/aww, r/music, r/videos, and r/futurology, have committed to going private/restricted indefinitely, until Reddit meets the community's demands.

We feel it would be most fair to allow you, the r/Minecraft community, to decide if we should join these other subs and extend our participation in the blackout protest indefinitely. Please vote in the attached poll. The poll will be up for 24 hours.


We share the list of demands posted in /r/ModCoord, those being:

API technical issues

  • Allowing third-party apps to run their own ads would be critical (given this is how most are funded vs subscriptions). Reddit could just make an ad SDK and do a rev split.
  • Bringing the API pricing down to the point ads/subscriptions could realistically cover the costs.
  • Reddit gives the apps time to make whatever adjustments are necessary
  • Rate limits would need to be per user+appkey, not just per key.
  • Commitment to adding features to the API; image uploads/chat/notifications.

Accessibility for blind people

  • Communicate with the disabled communities around the impact of these API changes
  • Commit for better accessibility in the official app
  • You say you've offered exemptions for "non-commercial" and "accessibility apps." Despite r/blind's best efforts, you have not stated how they are selected. r/blind compiled a list of apps that meet users' access needs. Work with them on allowing those apps to continue working.

--The r/Minecraft Team

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6 months ago - /u/sliced_lime - Direct link

Now this is me speaking purely from a personal point of view, not in any way as a representative of the company I work for... so here's my personal take. I've been a reddit user for a very long time now, it's a social network form that fits my personal style extremely well. Over the last couple of days, I've repeatedly found myself almost opening up reddit out of sheer habit.

And yet over the last couple of days I have stayed away, and actually I only opened it up today because I read that these types of votes were going on.

I'd love to have reddit back, but that needs to be a reddit that isn't hostile to its community. Until then, I'll keep staying away and I'd argue all subreddits should stay closed. Reddit leadership currently thinks this protest will blow over and they'll get away with it. If the large subreddits reopen, they will be right and this site will go down the drain.

The only option is to keep protesting, and that means staying closed.

Again - my personal take only.

(side note: keep in mind that the people who take this the most serious are not going to see these polls, so your results will bias towards people who want to reopen)