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29 Aug


Originally posted by M-CDevinW

Yep, Kingbdogz (I think that's his name). Believe he publicly spoke about his anger that ripoffs like this are allowed.

Hi there! To clarify first, I'm speaking in this thread only as a community member and an ex-lead for the Aether Mod team, as I now work as a designer at Mojang Studios. I am still in constant communication with the Aether Mod team and good friends with Oscar who is the current team lead and the person who continued the project after I left. It's true that when the original Aether Dimension map came out that I felt both surprised and concerned as it was using the same name as the mod we created all those years ago. However, since then a lot of communication has happened, and I can say that everyone within the original mod team is happy with how it's turned out.

So, I wanted to clear the air a little around the Ether Dimension II map specifically. A while ago I was in contact with Oscar to figure out how to proceed. We contacted the developers over at SNDBX about the Aether Dimension project (as it was originally named when the first map was released), and both of us explain...

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