Community Team Builds: Sustainability

Minecraft Community Team Gets Sustainable

As the weather gets warmer and flowers are blooming outside, the Community Team here at Mojang Studios started thinking about some of the ways we can better take care of the planet, both in the world of Minecraft and outside of it. We got on the topic of environmental sustainability, which is a focus on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the planet for future generations.

There are a lot of ways you can create sustainable habits in the real world. Recycling is a big one, as is going paperless, growing your own food, donating items when you don’t need them anymore, and using less water and electricity. But how can we live more sustainably in the world of Minecraft?

Our team got together during a meeting on a Friday and took on this challenge: create a sustainable build.

Here’s what we ended up making:

A house with daylight sensors on the roof to act as solar panels. All the lights inside this house are powered by the sun! 

These unique wind turbines. You know, those tall white structures you might have seen driving on long road trips through flat areas in the real world. These structures produce wind energy, a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.

A house in a desert biome, where resources are scarcer! This was made using various stones to help naturally keep cool in the hot summers. This approach helps reduce your carbon footprint and dependencies on electricity. To conserve on water, the front yard and back yard are landscaped with beautiful, native cacti.

And finally, an apartment complex with private decks for each inhabitant, where it’s possible to grow a thriving garden with potted plants even in a small space.

What are your passions when it comes to taking care of our planet? Unlike in Minecraft, we can’t just spawn a new world if we get tired of this one. We’ve got to take care of the one we’ve got! When it comes to sustainability, how are you doing your part? 

Have you created any sustainable builds while playing? You might have done it without even realizing... if you’ve ever grown your own crops, used a dried kelp block instead of coal for fuel, or planted a tree farm, you’re on your way!

Written By
Kristina Horner



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