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From my battle to our war, MMORPG MIR4.

Greetings, This is MIR4.

Dragonians! Which Spirits are accompanying you on your adventures across the Mir continent? Do you have a favorite Spirit?

This event is your chance to share your chosen Spirit and earn both special and abundant rewards in our community event!

Please refer to the information below for further details.

■ Event Period

- July 9th, 2024 Update ~ July 23rd, 2024 Update

■ Event Details

- The number of participants in the two events being held, ‘Strongest Spirit Deck’ and ‘Your Best Spirit’ are added together, and event rewards are distributed whenever the participation goal is reached.

Event 1. Strongest Spirit Deck

- Consider which Spirit Deck you think is the strongest according to one of the topics below.

- Select one of the following topics: Deck composed of only Epic grade Spirits, Deck composed of only Legendary grade Spirits, or a Deck composed of a mixture of different grades.

- You can build a Deck with Spirits you don’t currently own, so it’s okay to not provide a screenshot.

- Select one topic and post the strongest Spirit Deck for that topic on the Discord Channel below to participate in the event.

(Discord Channel > s-s-d > Post)

Event 2. Your Best Spirit

- Take a screenshot with your favorite Spirit in MIR4.

- Upload the screenshot on the Discord Channel below to participate in the event.

(Discord Channel > y-b-s > Upload)

■ Event 1: Information Required to Participate

- Server: 

- Character Name: 

- Select Topic: 

- Your Strongest Spirit Deck: 






- Explain why this is your Strongest Spirit Deck:

■ Event 2: Information Required to Participate

- Server: 

- Community Name: 

- Your Favorite Spirit: 

- Explain why this is your Favorite Spirit:

- Image: (Image taken with your favorite Spirit)

■ Reward Information

Type Item Name Quantity

Participation Goal


Box of Hopes
Rare Mineral Fluid
Rare Snow Panax
Rare Noirsoul Herb

Participation Goal


Epic Blue Dragon Statue
Skill Tome Summon Ticket
Spirit Stone Summon Ticket
Epic Eternal Snow Panax
Epic Azureum Mineral Fluid

Participation Goal


Legendary Blue Dragon Statue
Legendary Spirit Stone Summon Ticket
Epic Noirsoul Herb
Epic Promotion Material Box
Epic Gold Goblin

※ When using Box of Hopes, you can obtain 10 each of Dragon Material/Eyes/Claws/Sphere Summon Ticket and Mystical Piece Summon Ticket.

※ The participation goal is the sum of all event submissions for both Event 1 and Event 2.

※ Rewards will be sent by mail on ‘July 26th at 17:00 (UTC+8)’, and all items acquired through rewards cannot be traded.

■ Instructions

- You can participate only once per account for each event.

- If a higher participation goal is reached, the rewards for the lower participation goal(s) will also be distributed.

- Submissions that are not related to the event or do not abide by the Discord server rules will be deleted without warning.

- Event entries can be posted on MIR4 Global’s official forum and official SNS (Discord/Facebook/Steam).

- Participation outside of the event period will be excluded from the event.

- The reward distribution date may be subject to change.

Thank you.