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Hello everyone, happy new year!

As always, we'd love to hear your feedback, suggestions, critiques and any thoughts you might have! Please make sure to keep things constructive, polite and be respectful to one another. We're back to normal, and we have a few good things we discussed today! Some of the things we talked about are:

  • We discussed a few issues going on currently, such as server browsers not showing the correct ping, causing issues, especially in less populated regions.
  • We are investigating issues with crashing on the main menu.
  • Marox is working on a major refactor to some of the game's code. This should help a bit with stability and let us do things easier, as well as remove some restrictions.
  • Tying into the above, this means that we're able to differentiate animations in some instances - before, all feint animations for each weapon type (1h/2h/polearm) were identical, however now we're not locked into it being hardcoded. Crush is looking into making some weapons have more readable feint animations.
  • Marox also has done quite a bit in terms of squashing bugs, and the team is also doing some investigation into performance impacts.
  • New emotes are in development. (Check the discord 😉)
  • We're looking at improving the default loadouts, as they're a bit outdated.
  • Crush is working on some experimental changes, which he's calling "combat 2.0". A lot of these are centered around more ability to punish feints, which allows for other things (recovery windows) to be changed dramatically. This will allow a lot more freedom in how we can balance the combat, should shake up the core combat of the game. There should also be a riposte rework in the future as well. These changes are experimental - Crush is tinkering with the combat, and we'll most likely test it extensively, both in-house and in closed servers. If it doesn't feel good, we'll change or scrap the ideas. None of the combat stuff is set in stone, and we don't have an ETA as of now.

Anyways, that wrap things up for us this week. :)
You can find last week's post here:

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Originally posted by Outlaw_Cheggf

Crush is working on some experimental changes, which he's calling "combat 2.0". A lot of these are centered around more ability to punish feints, which allows for other things (recovery windows) to be changed dramatically. This will allow a lot more freedom in how we can balance the combat, should shake up the core combat of the game. There should also be a riposte rework in the future as well.

If there's going to be a major combat rework it'd be cool if servers could enable a setting to still use the old combat system. Not sure how much work that'd be to set up for something people might not even want to use, though... But it'd at the very least be a cool little archive of what once was.

Doing that would fracture the player base. It's shouldn't be unrecognizable to the current combat system - still the same core ideas of timed parry, swing manipulation, feints etc. - the timing and pace will just be shifted to make thigs better :)

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Originally posted by Chewbakkaa

Any new instruments in the works?

not at the moment - they would be fun additions, but at the moment we just have other priorities :(

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Also, some other news:

  • 2 more devs are being brought onboard. One's a sound designer, and other will be a programmer working on general gameplay features. :))
  • We have a pretty cool competition going on, hosted by Obliviousness - a film festival! Check out the other stickied post.
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Originally posted by cavetusk

Any plans on more occasional increased gold and xp events?

It's something we're looking into. At the moment we have to change rewards by doing hotfixes, and we only have a limited window of time post-update that we can do hotfixes. After a certain point we start working on things for the next update, and that would require us to roll back to hotfix, and then re-add all the WIP changes - this would slow down development.

Because of that, we can only really time 2XP events around major updates or ones that are planned very far in advance.

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Originally posted by KasiFlow

Respectfully, im not sure Crush is a good dev to be giving the animations to. Crush has pretty much nothing but a bad reputation for his balance and animation work, is there anything being discussed to move him somewhere where his skills would be more useful?

I'd respectfully disagree - the reason the combat exists is mostly due to Crush. Going back to the alpha the game was absolutely terrible, and it's progressed massively since then because of the tweaks Crushed has done. Animations have also improved, and we've brought a new animator on board to help as well.

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Originally posted by Sapper501

Please please PLEASE fix the B Axe, war axe, and one-handed axe. All of them are in general too fast their accels are disgusting, particularly the alt B Axe.

We can look into it :)

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Originally posted by monsiour_slippy

The issue is that some weapons will always be better than other weapons, which is why you see certain weapons a lot more than others. Remember when maul was the best and you would see 85% of the server running it.

If you nerf the current meta weapons other weapons will just take over and then we will complain about those weapons.

I’m not saying that accels in general don’t need looking at but I’m saying if you change the meta weapons everyone will just run something else, maybe exec sword or messer (which is perhaps just as strong as the 3 axes right now)

Well, the point of balance isn't to get rid of people using the most popular weapon(s), it's to increase the weapon/loadout diversity. There will always be a best weapon, but we want to make sure it's not overall the best in every way.

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Originally posted by jlc21002

What does the armory rework include?

Changing the way the UI works, and allowing us to do more things. Things like folders, way better organization, better display of stats, etc.

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Originally posted by Krimaeus

Loadout Folders/Categories | Quality of Life


I see plenty of players have been asking for is loadout categories/folders to be added to the game. This would be a great and very helpful addition to the game, especially for those with a large amount of loadouts.

Being able to separate loadouts into categories based on things like gamemode (Ranked, Frontline, etc), the mod you're playing (the Star Wars mod for example, since it brings a whole new world of classes and teams and what not) would be great for keeping your loadout menu clean and organized.

Ideally players could create and name these folders themselves to best suit their purposes.

I'm not a UI designer and I don't have any skills or experience in the matter. I don't know how difficult such a system is to create and implement into the game, but me and many others would love to know.

A visual representation of this idea: https://www.reddit.com/r/Mordhau/comments/kr2wni/we_need_loadout_folders/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

Thank you for your time :)

We know, they're planned.

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Originally posted by Delta1116732

There was a community survey a while back in November asking for recommendations on what the game's focus should be; what was the outcome of that survey? Is there anywhere to review the results? Is the addition of more emotes, and the future update to loadouts a result of that survey?

It was mostly seeing how to spend our dev time on content. Seeing if we should work on big maps, small maps, focus on Horde, Brawl, etc. We saw that the most demand is for FL/INV improvements, Horde was more in demand than we thought, and Brawl/smaller modes weren't as popular as we thought. As always, people want more cosmetics and weapons, which was expected. I'll see about publishing that survey as well. :)

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Originally posted by peacefullMountain

Any chance you could add a kill archer voice command? That's the thing I miss the most from chiv

Unfortunately a bit too late, as it's really hard to go back and contact some of the voice actors, and the lines would probably sound weird since the amount of time since they originally recorded them. Also, poor Barbarian doesn't even have that line, it was a voice pack.

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Originally posted by Igor369

How about making crosshair give more information? In chiv it changed visually during weapon release phase, it would be cool if it also gave information about riposte window possibility.

And it would be nice if you standardized emote keybindings so they do not change when you have a weapon, fists and weapon and shield.

We are looking into both of these!

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Originally posted by Fargoth_crunchmaster

Any updates on the mod tools and new maps for the bigger game modes?

Should be really soon! No ETA yet but we're getting a lot closer to wrapping up development on the SDK (we're not there yet, but we're making good progress). As for the maps, we have a few in development. The most complete one has a decent amount taken care of, but still needs a lot of texture work, some big chunks are still blocked out and need actual models for the buildings.

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Originally posted by [deleted]


begone bot

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Originally posted by LIBERAT3R

An idea for extreme drags and insta accels, so a little bit of background first I have roughly 500 hours in the game in currently sitting at level 91 so I definitely know the game pretty well however we as a community can all agree we've run into and dealt with people who abuse extremely quick accels and drags that make zero sense, we all understand the reason behind them so combat isnt just wild swinging however it can't be denied that they are too strong and at high level play that's all that is used, my idea to keep the feature yet also resolve the issue of them being abused it ways that ideally shouldn't be plausible, make a sweet spot mechanic, remember in battlefield 1 how sniping was? At certain distances snipers could 1 shot however too close or too far lead to the weapon not doing as much damage. HOWEVER for mordhau I propose that weapons have the same style but instead of range it would be a certain set of degrees infront of the player based off the camera where the attacks do less or normal damage, we've all watched a man with a zweihander "float" drag a swing that looks like the weapon is literally paused mid air only to get hit by it and dealt full damage, my idea proposes the concept of realistic swings where the start up of the attack won't do full damage as the swing isn't full speed, same with dragging where the weapon would realistically be slowing down means the attack would do less damage as the attack is slowing, perhaps the damage could be lessened by 10-15 depending on the size of the weapon so let's say a 1 handed axe drag would do maybe 3-5 less damage where the larger polearms such as the polehammer that has very high dps could be lessened a larger amount, I feel this would fix the issues for all players as well as making combat faster paced yet still more drawn out, no more wonky animation abuse as it means the fight will be dragged on longer and players would require more skill to accel.or drag as they'd still be able to swing manipulate but they'd have to keep the target within let's say 35-40 degrees directly in front of their character, think of it as a flat fan shape of there the damage would be at full, it would also reward good footwork where the further away the person is the larger the area is that their weapon will hit at full force keeping body hugging with fast 1 handed weapons less powerful but 2 handers would have more viability at larger ranges as they were intended

A sweet spot mechanic would cause quite a bit of inconsistency. The only way I think it could work is on specific weapons that have it enabled as a downside (since it'd be a major one) to counter other major advantages the weapons have.

Having distance based stuff like Mount & Blade doesn't really work for us, since the footwork is much faster, and we ensure that you can always rush an enemy and get close - there is no way to backpedal and disengage from an enemy unless they let you. This is super important to promote offense-based gameplay, as a defensive meta would not be fun in Mordhau.

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Originally posted by BoldFacedUsername

I know it was a stretch goal but are you ever gonna add saracen/middle eastern weapons and armor? I feel like we're missing a huge part of history not to mention the neat armaments and cool fashion

At some point, most likely. We have a few things planned for a themed update, but I wouldn't say it would be fully-featured expansion level, just a major content update if that makes sense. :)

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Originally posted by Branko100

So much information we got this evening, I love it :D Very excited about Drozje's new emotes


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Originally posted by the_user_games

Are there plans for more light/medium chests incoming? I'd also love for some more helmets in T1/2 like the spanglehelm; which provide more face cover than just the head.

Hope you lads are having a good week!

Yeah, we're definitely lacking in T1/T2. There happens to be quite a ton of different IRL examples of what we call T3 armor, but there are only so many variations of mail or brigandine for T2. T1 has quite a bit of variety though, and we can definitely find good examples for both of them.

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Originally posted by Me_Llamo_Bueno

I’m new to the game but I see a lot of people complaining about the rate that you earn gold could daily challenges like 5 pommel kills for x amount of gold be something implemented to help this

We've talked about em, no plans at the moment but something we can consider in the future.

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Originally posted by ZinfulGraphics

Why are you guys so awesome constantly updating the game like this?

Are there any plans to use what you're learning here to create something more elaborate? Perhaps either a huge expansion or a whole new game all together?

Whatever the reason, you guys are pouring a lot of heart into this project and I love it.

I mean we haven't decided on a new game, but our current plans are to support Mordhau for quite some time. Unfortunately games need money to exist (we have bills to pay).
That being said, a huge benefit of our team is that it's still pretty dang small, so we're able to continue support with having to worry about monetizing or churning out new games super quick.

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Originally posted by PotatoKilr

Active parry (the passive melee protection provided by shields during ripostes) is very inconsistent. During my experience I found that it never seems to block stabs, and because of the smaller parrybox many weapons are able to bypass it. I’ve used shields in 1vX for a long time now, and it seems like two handed weapons are just better when fighting multiple opponents (longer reach allows you to stay further away from opponents, and makes you less likely to miss during a target switch).

I’d appreciate if shields were looked into, because at the moment the only unique and competitive feature of shields is not working properly, and most people simply use them because of the extended parry window (shields were also banned in several tournaments). Shields shouldn’t be a crutch- using a shield should be skill-based, not a compensation for the lack of skill.

We're looking into it. A lot of the combat changes planned will help us have more freedom in other areas, so we can improve these things - maybe we won't even need active parry any longer.

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Originally posted by Jaewok

How are those kickstarter features coming along? Almost at the two year mark. I know you're working on the SDK but we were supposed to be able to choose race/gender for our characters which was a hook for a lot of people, myself included. I bought the game expecting these options to be added, because the trailers and kickstarter page stated they would be there.

It would be nice to get an answer that isn't "they're still planned but not a priority right now" because you've been saying that since launch, and now it just sounds like corporate speak for "Get f**ked." I'd rather you came out and said that they're shelved permanently, because that's what it feels like, and at least we wouldn't be left wondering if you'll even bother.

I don't want to tell you how your company should be run, but if your game is missing features you sold us on, and it's 2 years since launch, someone dropped the f**king ball. If you aren't going to bring in more hands to get it done, that just further cements my belief that you have no intention of delivering on this.

inb4 comments about realism/politics

They're planned. I can't give you an ETA but they are in development. :)

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Originally posted by TheMightyGato

I had 3 ideas that would be awesome for the tool box.

First idea - I mentioned a regen station of some sort. It would be cool if you craft a table that had food on it and when your tm8s ate it then it would reheal them. Kinda like what the wardens have on Fetoria.

Second Idea - Make it where you can place down a portable weapon stash that has weapons and throwables. Not an ammo box. Like it has a 5 weapons, couple bundles of arrows and couple javys. But make it random.

Third Idea - Kinda feeds off my first idea is food table but when you eat the food you get a special ability for 15 seconds like you run really fast or something. Or maybe when you eat the food it gives you free random perk that you don't have equipped. But your only allowed one per life.

Just do something with the toolbox. It kinda got ruined when the walls got nerfed.

We're looking into some more buildables for the toolbox. Not sure what we'll do exactly yet, but we're brainstorming some cool ideas! :)

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Originally posted by gooseppe1

What happened with Grator? Last message of him was sent on 29th of September :(

He's around still, just taking a bit of a break from the Discord.

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Originally posted by ZinfulGraphics

Thank you for your response!

On that topic:

Have you considered on a major, paid expansion to continue supporting what you already have?

Perhaps we can delve into romans, Spartans, Egyptians, Japanese, Swedish, etc.

And somehow make it work in a way that those without the expansion can still enjoy the new additions without having to spend a dime, such as only using weapons dropped and armors locked behind the expansion, etc. This is for concerns being raised about dividing the playerbase due to a paywall, that would be a shame.


We are focusing on providing free content to Mordhau for now - we don't have plans for DLC or any extra monetization at this current point in time.

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Originally posted by LIBERAT3R

Then if I may ask any insight into just how the issue of inconsistent animations leading to near instant accelerations and excessively long drags will be handled? This has been an issue for sometime and I know for sure I'm not the only person who wants to see a fix

Crush is working on a riposte fix that should solve instant accels, and as dropbbbear said below, a combat rework is coming in the future!

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Originally posted by Bay_listicx

Since no one is going to see this I'm going to suggest something insane.

Remove glancing blows, enable backswings and disable ranked play on April fools. It would cause quite the commotion and be unforgettable.

Feed me downvotes :)

ew :)

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Originally posted by Nickyfazzo

Is there some reason head armor takes so much speed away from you? I run light armor most of the time but as you are keenly aware I'm sure that leads to being one shot.......constantly. I would love to at least equip a medium helmet and light everywhere else with out losing like 60 percent of the mobility. Why is the head slot so punishing in a game full of one shot weapons?

It pretty much makes light armor and short spear a meme build as it has low survivability AND low damage. Either way or a "medium" spear. Not quite as fast as short, not as slow as normal spear. But it doesn't tickle the enemy?

We are looking into some potential changes for armor, but you said it yourself - there are a lot of weapons that can one-shot you to the head, so its mobility penalty reflects that.

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Originally posted by Jaewok

Thanks, Jax. I was starting to give up.

No problem. We still don't have an ETA because we don't want to set unrealistic or inaccurate expectations, but it's something we're really excited to show in the future. :)

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Originally posted by Goblin-13

Hi Jax,

Loving the game. Any plans for future game modes? I can imagine a CTF-styled mode being hilariously chaotic given the nature of the game - maybe even 4-way team battles (Red V Blue V Green V Yellow for example)?

Hey, thanks for the suggestions!
The issue is that the more modes we add, the less populated each mode gets. Because of that, we're not trying to go crazy on new modes.

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Originally posted by nervvves

also where are black people and women

They're coming in due time :)

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Originally posted by SlapmanChapman

considering when in history this game is set, i think we all know where those people are...

The Moors kinda conquered what's now Spain and ruled it for like 800 years during the medieval era, so yeah maybe brush up on history a bit 👍

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Originally posted by captnamazing

Could you please make a peasants vs knights gamemode? It's as straightforward as that. An Invasion map with 28 peasants versus a team of 6 knights. or some ratio like that. Thank you.

Sounds fun, but we're not really in a position to split the playerbase any further.

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Originally posted by lukej428

I’ve noticed a huge inconsistency with riposte hyperarmor, where I’ll be riposting with a longsword (and be about halfway through my swing arc) and some dude will hit me with an axe or other small weapon and still easily block my attack after connecting with me. I feel like the hit stop window should be a bit longer (akin to hitting an obstacle) or bring back overpower to punish people just spamming attacks into one person in 1vX

a lot of the planned changes should remedy this 🤞

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Originally posted by dropbbbear

Triternion knows that:

  • Mordhau is a niche indie game with 3000-4000 average concurrent players. If something was to happen that made a significant number of players quit, it would be bad for the game's survival.

  • Regardless of what anyone thinks, a significant number of players will quit if female characters are added without the option to turn them off client-side (gender toggle). Look at what happened to Battlefield V.

  • When Triternion suggested client-side gender toggle as a sensible compromise, the SJW games press bullied them until they said they wouldn't do it. So unless Triternion goes back on their word, that isn't an option.

  • The number of people who actually care that you can't make your Mordhau character female is tiny. In fact I think I've only seen you and like 2 other people mention it on this sub.

That's why they're delaying as long as possible and working on other priorities that everyone cares about instead, and I don't blame them in the slightest.

If people quit because we add women, that's good. They should probably go outside for a bit.

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Originally posted by Nickyfazzo

Thanks for taking the time. This kind of community interaction is really encouraging.


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Originally posted by lukej428

Plz make butcher apply to projectiles. Or add a perk called like beast hunter or something so that it’s a range only dmg multiplier that increased damage to horses 2X. The this would make the newer players actually really helpful with dealing with cavalry by having them focus the horse instead of the rider and burn it down pretty quickly. Also PLEASE add a perk similar to fireproof called goggles or something that increases visibility by 80% in smoke bomb radius, it’s ridiculous that people can take 3 smoke bombs in a load out and spam them cheesing and completely obscure the entire map trolling their teammates and making it impossible to fight.

Good point, butcher would be useful for projectiles. As for smoke visibility, it's definitely something we could look at.

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Originally posted by naturkunskap

I have a small and somewhat unimportant suggestion. But it would be really nice to be able to choose, on the home menu screen, which character to display. Or have the option to shuffle all or a set group of loadouts. I have a few ugly fellas I'm not super excited to see.

I think we might be able to do this with our planned rework to the armory! We'll see :)