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Hi jax :)

hi :))))


Hello everyone!

We're glad to see everyone enjoying our latest update, and we've been super-appreciative of your feedback and suggestions. As always, let us know your thoughts below! To reiterate as well, smaller suggestions - "add this skin" etc. should be posted here, as it's starting to clutter the sub up a bit, and we like to consolidate feedback as much as possible (it makes it easier for us to read your posts).

As for our latest dev meeting, we mostly focused on feedback as well as bug fixing, and we did a few playtests. Some quick notes from last week are below:

  • Work on server RCON, which we are testing internally. Good progress so far, but still needs a few more features and polish!
  • SDK development, which is progressing smoothly :)
  • Server browser bug-fixing.
  • Monitoring the update, addressing issues with balance, gameplay, and user experience.
  • General bug fixing, and investigation into some issues with 3...
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Some new shirts, posters and mask are available now - head over to twitter and retweet for a chance to win a $10 code :)


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Fun fact: brawl has turned out to be 40 times more popular than BR, speaking relatively in relation to other modes.

28 Sep


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As a women who has been playing Mordhau for a very long time, I can’t wait for female builds. I just hope they don’t over-sexualized them. I want them ugly and goofy like everyone else in the game lol

When we do add female characters, they should just use the same armor as the dudes. They will just look a little different, as far as I know :)


To clarify, they're on the back burner for the foreseeable future. We will have to do a lot of development on models, adapting the armor, plus new heads/faces, voice acting, etc. so the workload for this is going to be pretty high. We'll have to find time to set aside for this, and unfortunately adding female characters isn't something that will bring tons of players back into the game on their own. Adding more diversity is still a goal of ours, but at the moment we want to focus on larger-impact additions and features.

27 Sep


Originally posted by H8DCarnifEX

Give us more Stats!


- Feints total

- Morphs total

- Chambers total


EDIT: I forgot the most important:

- How many Archers we killed

We've wanted to add some more stats for a while now, we will see what happens. Unfortunately it's not the #1 priority so it might have to take a backseat to more pressing matters.


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Bump: I have a small issue. This has been happening since probably Patch #17 when Space Bar was added to the Spawn Screen. In Frontline, when you are at the spawn screen, it selects the furthest captured flag as the default spawn point. But lets say you are waiting to spawn because the next flag is about to be captured and you would rather spawn further up, when the point is captured and you click on it to spawn there it doesn't register. The only way to do it is to click the spawn point already selected after the new point is captured, then it allows you to click the new point.

For example, if I'm at Camp playing on Red in Frontline, and we captured Hunting Grounds and are fighting for the River when I die and go to spawn screen. The spawn screen selects Hunting Grounds to spawn automatically, but if I decide to wait a moment until my team captures the River and then click to spawn there nothing will happen. Only if you click Hunting Grounds first, then it will let you cl...

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Hmm, interesting. I'll forward this to the team. Thanks for the feedback!


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I would just like to confirm whether or not the perks in patch 19 were the product of "perks being looked into" from around 4 months back as mentioned here.

We've wanted to add more perk variety for a while, so yeah! I also say "we're looking into x" because it's non-committal and people are less likely to riot if something doesn't happen immediately :)


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Hey u/Jaaxxxxon, this might be a bug/oversight, but the Black Sallets have no option to select the old aventails, like the spiked aventail.

It would be neat if they became usable.

Might be due to the model being incompatible, but I can double check on this 👍


Originally posted by H8DCarnifEX

Thats understandable, that swing manipulation has to stay & i dont want it to disappear. What i dont really understand is, this wasnt a problem when i started playing after release, wasnt it or did i just not noticed it back in the days?

I hope he's finding a practicable solution to this.

Beside that, i also have these ghost-swings through enemys since patch 8 or something, where i dont get any hit(-reg), but the sword goes perfectly through the enemy body. (ping is like 50 and zero packet loss) This happens like 10 times a round. This also happens a lot vice versa, where enemys just swing through me and i dont get any hit. I tried everything possible on my end to somehow fix it, but found no solution.

Thx to you both for your time & listening!

Crazy drags were much worse - we've definitely locked in the mechanics more than they were from the alpha to release to now. I wouldn't expect the combat to ever be 'done' - there's always continual tweaking and improvements in the works.


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Not sure if it’s just me and my friends but we are all not able to view the server browser for horde mode and all the queue times are wild long. Just thought I’d let you know I’m sure there’s a million other saying the same

That was an issue with Steam's server browser stuff for a couple of days - it was also happening in other games that use the same API, like Squad. Should be good now, Valve got it fixed.

26 Sep


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Really liking ranked 3v3 gameplay. The mmr calculations and match making seem really weird though. I was plat 2, got paired with 2 silvers against gold and plat players and lost 60mmr. Other folks are finding the same thing where especially when solo queueing it is incredibly hard to get rank because you lose so much on losses when the odds were against you in the first place. It also doesn't seem to account for how close the game was or individual performance in the game.

We're looking into the MMR situation. It's tough because we can very easily break it which would result in everyone ending up at max rank, so we have to tread carefully on this - and we also don't want to have to reset everyone's rank.


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So far I enjoy patchie. Cosmetics are awesome only the dwarfs are a bit too silly but I guess the hype will fade eventually.

My major complaint would be that there are still cosmetics that have a f**ked up metal tint on the trim! I beg you pls fix this:

T3: close helmet, point armet

T2: German kettle, German kettle raised (tint is red/blue), veterans helm, point armet raised, raised gothic armet

Gothic pauldrons, veteran cuffs + variations, gothic gauntlet, gothic legs

This is all I found but I dont have all cosmetics unlocked. Worst offender is definitely the gothic set with only the chest piece working as it should.

Oof, alright. I'll send this over to the team, thought we got them all. Thanks again!


Originally posted by gooseppe1

•Let us use emblems on painted cuirasses.

•Let us choose on which cosmetic piece to put emblem on.

•Let us use multiple emblems per whole loadout (for example - 1 emblem for shield and 1-2 emblems for armour (If there is more than 1 cosmetic to put emblem on)

•Daily tasks with gold as reward. This might be something like "kill 30 enemies in Frontline", "Kill 30 enemies with dagger/arming sword/halberd", "Kill 40 people in a single match". These tasks would make the gameplay more diverse, as they are forcing people to play with different enemies , play game-modes they aren't usually playing in , etc.

  1. We might be able to do that, I can ask!
  2. This and #3 are probably not possible, we don't have support built in for this and it might cause some performance hit. Not 100% on this, so I'll ask though.
  3. See #2.
  4. We've discussed daily tasks. There are two problems we run into - one is making daily tasks actually fun instead of tedious, and the latter is that if we add tasks they might inflate the gold/economy, which could lead to some unexpected consequences. We can revisit this though, maybe something can be agreed upon :)

Originally posted by gooseppe1

Congratulations with releasing an amazing patch. This is clearly the best patch I have ever seen in this game since I started playing on 31st of December, 2019.

:)) Thanks!


Originally posted by Maxilos33

Feedback first:
I really enjoy the new variety this update brings. Especially the size perks are a great addition for players to either goof around or express themselves. The Ranked servers feel great too, when they work however. The added cosmetics are also really welcome.
However, I have some gripes with the Dwarf perk. While yes, it may be a memeperk it still is severely underpowered. I personally would like to see either both, damage recieved and movement slow reduced somewhat, or one of the 2 completely gone.

As for some questions:
Do you guys plan to take the game now in a more goofy direction? Of course goofy being used in the best possible way here. I heard many times that Mordhau "lacks charakter" and have been praising Chivarly II´s playtests for it goofyness. Will we be getting some less serious content?
Also considering how scattered the time periods in Mordhau are, is there a chance to get some early firearms? Considering we got full Lands...

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The dwarf perk isn't meant to be competitively viable/meta, so yes, it's meant to be a meme perk. It's similar to peasant, in the fact you're nerfing yourself for some laughs.

As for the tone of the game, we still aim to keep it relatively grounded. I like to say Mordhau is medieval fiction, not fantasy. Fiction would be like Albert Einstein being in a rock band, fantasy would be him riding a dragon. The former *technically* could happen, but it didn't - the latter isn't possible within the realms of reality. So with Mordhau, we aren't going to stray too far past fiction, so I don't think the tone will sh*t all that much.

The gun is just a meme (that's fantasy at that point, sure, but it's meant to not be an actual weapon) but I don't think we have plans for early firearms currently.

Thanks for the feedback though, and appreciate the kind words!


Originally posted by theshadowhost

1) On mountain peak invasion - why is the blue team allowed inside the keep's courtyard BEFORE they've breached the gate?

every game has blue 'engineer' trolls going through the castle past the red spawn and putting up walls outside the red's keep spawn so that once the gate is breached the read team gets trapped in spawn and blue can instantly capture the prisoners.

2) Falx drag is pretty busted - it goes through people (without dealing damage)

We are looking into these, thanks for the feedback 👍

When do they post?

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