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Hey all!

We're hoping you're liking our newest update - we're hard at work fixing issues that are popping up, and we'll be looking to put another hotfix out soon. Now that there's been a little bit of time to get used to the new changes, we'd love to hear your feedback on the update specifically! Please post any thoughts or suggestions below, and please keep things civil. Thanks a ton!

Some notes from our meeting:

  • A fix for players returning after a while and losing their items has been developed, we're hoping to hotfix to include this. In the meantime, message me (Jax) on the official discord and I can get things sorted.
  • ...
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18 Apr


Hey there, send me a dm on Discord, look for Jax - I should be able to get this fixed for ya :)


Originally posted by FoodOnCrack

The game itself does pretty good with steam link.

Respawning, choosing class and team and finding a server is a major pain in the butt. Like they forgot to code it. I couch game with a normal wireless keyboard and mouse, just gotta have a hard mousepad with high friction. But it's not really for mordhau, it throws you off focus while a monitor really gets you pumped.

we're fixing this, it just requires a lot of UI work since the game wasn't really intended for gamepad


Originally posted by dreadheadog

Great job with the patch guys! However I’m experiencing a single problem. Now, anytime I look upwards & towards the sky on feitoria, fps drops immensely. Another player had reported the same problem in chat too

Keep up the good work!

We're looking into performance issues. Hoping we'll make some progress on em soon!🤞
In the meantime, if you want to send logs to us there could be some useful information - best place would be on the discord, :)


Originally posted by Snaiiks

I think an additional customization slot to differentiate the face, neck, and shoulders would be really helpful. I want to use a gorget to cover up the neck when I use a plague doctor mask on my Burgonet Buffet but I can't. I know I asked this in a previous weekly discussion, but I think the customization slot would be amazing for fashion.

Having a shoulder plate and being able to wear a scarf for example

We have pretty much pushed the customization to the limit when it comes to cosmetic slots, unfortunately.


Originally posted by some_random_noob

The game is pretty much literally unplayable for me after the patch. I was playing it with 100+ fps on ultra all settings prior to the patch and after the patch, even on low all settings I just keep getting freezes every couple of seconds. this happens in or out of battle and its literally unplayable in battle as I cannot react because i keep freezing.

this has happened on every map.

We're looking into it - if you head over to the discord and drop a log file in the tech support or bug sections, that'd be greatly appreciated.


Originally posted by nsgould

When will we see fire pots put in a place where they aren't completely awful?

I understand they were very strong against players and the nerfs made sense at the time, but it's gotten to the point that fire pots can't even do the one thing they are designed for (destroying buildable objects).

Take catapults for instance; players constantly keep them out of bounds and even when you do manage to hit a catapult with a fire pot they either A: back the catapult out of the fire and take almost no damage from it or B: repair the catapult faster than the fire pot can do damage. This results in an extremely frustrating gameplay experience.

Maybe the issue is that repairing is too strong? Should someone be able to out-repair something covered in flaming oil? Since fire pots are so weak, and repairing is so easy, people don't even carry smoke pots which should be the actual counter to fire pots.

Some options would be:

  • Let us loadout more than on...
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I like your second point, although I think one of the issues we have at the moment is that the only way to manually extinguish the fire is to completely block your view with a smoke bomb - this is kind of limiting where we can go with firebombs balance wise. I'll see if there's anything that could be done on this front.


Originally posted by verushureqw

This patch driving me insane irl

*sanity restored*


Originally posted by MinimumCritical4058

Last update was on Dec 7, 2020, so it is going to be 4 months now...I am almost ready to cronch someone on the street with a personal maul. Going insane soon.

cronch crisis averted


Originally posted by Luigi_Laswell

I like interactables like doors, levers and bells—I don't know why, they're just fun to play with. But even better, are interactable objects that impact the game! Here's some ways to increase their significance:

Boardable doors
Doors can be locked (and unlocked) from the inside: this allows anyone to slow down the opposition in pre-determined locations, without breaking the flow of their own team. The wrecker perk, in combination with destructive weapons, is a strong counter; broken doors cannot be boarded.

Heavier ladders
I like how ladders can be pushed down, but right now, it doesn't make much of a difference: one can put back fallen ladders almost instantaneously. A simple change would be to increase the time it takes to raise them. Alternatively, it could take two players to raise a ladder: this would naturally slow down the opponent, and locks certain routes for lonely mercenaries. Because enemy players will be standing still for lo...

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These are some really great ideas! I'm not sure on the last one (we don't want a single arrow to be able to do a ton of damage due to risk v reward, etc) but overall I like these - definitely bringing these up to the team on Tuesday!


Originally posted by Wardens_Guard

What are your thoughts on adding more map interaction to future maps, or even updating some current ones?

By map interaction, I mean things like creating new pathways, be it engineers building bridges, catapults breaking down certain wall segments, or even clearing out rubble. That said, itd also be cool if there were ways to destroy pathways, like causing rock slides which would have to be cleared out, or building temporary fortifications in broken walls.

The other potential form of map interactions are map hazards, be them triggered by players, like the icicles on MT peak, or randomly occur like the trebuchets on camp. My only request would be that there is always a way to avoid hazards reliably.

Hmm, so I'm not sure about making huge changes to existing maps, but I think these are some good points to raise for the maps we have in development!


Originally posted by Deltidsninja

Hi, played the game for about 1k hours.

I think you definitively need to do something about team stacking in invasion. There are some clans stacking matches with 25-30 ppl which are all level 200+.

This makes invasion matches meaningsless since it's always a speedrun / stomp on the side of the clan. The other team usually contains people around level 20-80 and they just get run down over and over. Usually everybody leaves after just one match.

Do you have any plans regarding this? I'm guessing that always auto assign is not an option since you want to play with friends etc. But stacking 25+ ppl is not acceptable imo.

It's something we're looking into!


Originally posted by budgiebutt

Would love to see more maps. I know that’s a huge ask, but the number of maps in the game is very limited given how many hours can be sunk into it. I play a lot of invasion / frontline and seeing the same 6 maps over and over gets grating.

Maps are our main content priority right now :)

16 Apr


Originally posted by Sleve_The_Cleave

Fair enough, although it only seems to be Mordhau that does this. Thanks for the reply!

It depends what games you play, we didn't have this issue in the past when our files weren't packed, but that had side effects, as it made cheating easier. In general, Steam doesn't give us any control over the process, which is pretty frustrating. We've even seen complete reinstalls also take forever, etc. It's a bit like fighting a black box, but we're trying.


Not up to us, we have no way to influence Steam's patching process.


Originally posted by intelligent_rat

Why is it possible that the armory display uses different values to the actual build if the data is already there?

There's two types of creatures in this story, programmers, and designers. Programmers are wise wizards who take really long to decide whether to do something and how, and (ideally) think far ahead to make sure things will work even long after they're gone. Designers are capricious beasts, they want one thing, until then they don't. Then they really want another thing, and by really want it, I mean really want it. But they can't do it themselves. Sometimes programmers don't have time to do something the designers want, but designers really, REALLY want it, so designers take things into their own hands, at great peril if need be.

You see, despite being ill equipped to take on the challenge, they're clever enough to be able to wing it, and wing it they do. Programmers don't like cleaning up after designers, so the mantra "if it works, it works" is adopted, until, well, it doesn't work. Then it gets fixed.


Originally posted by MemeExpert

I was waiting for the hotfix to see if it would be patched before I mentioned it, but I tested it and it seems like there's either an undocumented extreme heavy nerf or an accidental bug regarding throwables + shields that ruins a really particular meme loadout I really enjoy. Previously, the behavior of throwables was that you'd drop it if you got hit, but if you were holding shield + throwables, then you could take a hit while still holding your rocks.

Unfortunately, the patch made it so that if you have rocks + a shield, getting hit will both drop the rocks and unequip the shield, causing a really long delay as well as both of your weapons to be unequipped. I'd really like to hope this is an unintended behavior (none of the devs really intended to program a shield that goes away when you get hit, right?), because it really only affects meme builds that were already kind of bad.

I know this is kind of a long post for a comment on a bugfix, but to me, these sorts o...

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Intended. There's no reason the shield should change the outcome (disarm). However we do agree disarming throwables is probably unnecessary, so we plan to change that. Didn't make it into this hotfix though!


Originally posted by Cold-View

Similar issue. At first I though they did something to the sky box or something, as every time I looked up I'd see massive frame drops. However, I can't really back that up as I don't know if they changed anything about that

We did, and it does cause performance issues, so we're hotfixing that one today. But we feel there's more issues and those are harder to track down, so we're going over everything slowly.


Originally posted by Vik_the_Thracian

So a full T2 set is still faster than a full T3 set? The armory just doesn't show it at the moment?



Originally posted by Aldrenean

It seems like the hud is just bugged, guys. According to this spreadsheet (not my work, I'm told this is from the in-game debug) lvl 2 armor is faster than lvl 3.

It is bugged

When do they post?

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