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03 Aug


Some people have figured out how to mess with the UI - it's similar to the people that have like 100 million MMR if you see that in the leaderboard. This is limited only to the UI, the message is just them trying to scare people.

We're working on a fix.


Hey all,

As usual, we'd like to hear your thoughts on Mordhau and what you'd like to see in the game. We're aware of the general sentiment around here, and we're absolutely trying our best to get more content out to players as soon as we can. We've been talking quite a bit on how to get more information out about what's coming next, and I'll try my best to keep you all in the loop. Thanks for being patient, and we're exciting about what's coming for Mordhau in the future <3

  • Good news! We have brought on a new developer, Jonathan, as the Development Director. He'll be assisting with the day-to-day stuff , organization, etc. and having him on the team should help to boost our productivity :)
  • SDK update: we've heard back from Epic, and they have verified the mod tools! Unfortunately, we're not out of the woods yet - we still need to optimize a few things and squash a few bugs. At the moment we're figuring out those problems, and we may be deciding on bun...
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Originally posted by needlzor

I am a bit worried that it does not seem to be obvious that releasing maps should be the highest priority item.

It's our #1 priority 👍


Originally posted by BigJimmyHD

Question regarding map design: Why is the team's focus on large, asset-heavy maps like Castello/Feitoria? Why are there no maps that take place in the woods/wild?

I imagine it would take 1/5 of the time to make a few maps that are large but focused on being away from large castles

We're actually working on a wooded map, kind of similar to this. More details once it's in a state that can be shown off ;)


Originally posted by RocvaurOfDarkCrystal

Guys come on.

We love you but you are really killing the community here. We have an average of 7590 players we currently have about 4750 that's a 38% loss. kind of a big deal for a game with this small of a community.

(guy with 1.5 K hours talkin here)

Here's the bottom line.

No new content = no new players, no new players = no old players

The point is you guys. Stop telling us "its coming" and just be honest with us.

If this content is going to take a year then tell us. "It will be ready in a year" and not "it's coming" every week a lot of vets like me have quit because you don't really mean it when you say "soon" . I poured a lot of energy into this game I ran a few different community servers and recommended this game to a ton of friends it was a blast, there hasn't been a substantial content drop for a long ass time.

Some suggestions from a guy who has no idea what's actually going on behind the scenes.


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We are working on getting things done - unfortunately we can't give exact estimates so that's why I'm primarily sticking to "we've done x y z this week" as I'd at least like to keep you guys informed on what we're working on.

As for your other points:

  1. This would unfortunately slow down development - maintaining two separate version of the game would be kind of unmanageable for a team of our size.
  2. So at the moment we're focusing on just releasing the official SDK - and once that's out, it should help a ton with making the lives of map modders, etc. easier. It's unlikely that we would add modded cosmetics in, as that becomes a pretty crused rabbit hole of trying to make sure things aren't the IP of some other company, compatibility issues etc. That being said, the SDK should be pretty huge - and we can look into the idea of map contests, etc. in the future as well!
  3. Yep, something I'm talking to the team about. Like I said, we can't accuratel...
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Originally posted by jrubolt

Are you going to create a map making competition or something when the SDK releases? We really need more official FL/INV maps and letting the community make some would really decrease the required development time.

It's something we're considering. At the moment we're just focused on getting it released!

27 Jul


Hey all!

As always, we'd love to hear what you all have to say about Mordhau. Any suggestions / comments / critiques are welcome, as long as they're constructive! As for a general update, not too much is changed. We're mostly focusing on getting some last-minute improvements in, fix issues, and fix bugs that pop up from the fixes we do. Anyway, here are some notes from this week's meeting:

  • Right now, our main focus is testing and bug fixes. recent changes have introduced some bugs which we're smashing.
  • In terms of the mod SDK, we've heard back and the verification process should hopefully start this week!
  • As for these bugs, we've found quite a few navigation issues on the new Brawl map, so we're getting that sorted. Should be pretty simple to fix those issues.
  • Some work on console stuff is ongoing. (Side note: one of our dev's main responsibility is to do console stuff, so this doesn't detract from PC development.)
  • New mo...
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Originally posted by Fanatical-_-Heretic

Can we please repair things with Warhammer ?

We're looking into some tweaks on repair stuff as a whole, so we'll see.


Originally posted by richey_kay

Are you planning to add support for DLSS?

Maybe down the line, but not currently.


Originally posted by OmfgWtfWasThat

Great changes.

I'd like to know why you don't upgrade the tick-rate on the 80 player servers? The difference is very noticable for anyone that's experienced in the game. It comes down to us having to choose, every time when starting the game, whether we want a smoother experience or more players.

And why do we even have 48p and 80p servers instead of all the servers having the same amount of players.I think having different player count possible will make it way harder for you to balance maps, and I see no benefit to the playerbase whatsoever.

For one, we're getting rid of the 80p servers - but if we weren't the tickrate wouldn't really change anything. Yes, there would be more stuff recorded by the servers per second, but the downside is that the server would just die and things would be worse.

edit: for clarification, we're changing the 80p servers back to 64p servers.


Originally posted by Houseskillet

Just here to make my weekly plea for more player admins, at least in US East. Like 30% of the time I'm king I get beartrapped/smoked by teammates, and there's just no time to screen record or any of the things you guys require to report someone. Pls pls pls more player admins to deter this behavior.

I'm going to be doing another mod wave soon. The moderators have a lot of power and so I try my best to make sure the ones we add are trustworthy people 👍

EDIT: We should also be adding player reporting for chat features soon, and some instructions that players can visibly see for reporting other things as well. This should make the existing mods more efficient.


Originally posted by -Helvet-

You mentioned a possibility for new siege weapons... But what about a new siege engine?By engine I mean this thing. It's not a weapon but it could be cool to see on the battlefield and open-up some never thought routes for attackers! It could even become an essential part in some instances.

I'm not a big fan of "impregnable fortress with deadly defences!... But with a giant gaping hole to go around" that we often see in the game. I understand it is a necessary evil to promote melee fights since this game is not a medieval siege simulator where you sit 8 months to starve the defenders inside the castle. But with this siege engine, any obstacle can become a route! And thus, fighting will occur.

Some previously unscalable walls could become the prefered attacking point and it could also mitigate the pesky engineer defences in some situations! Sure, at the moment, most ...

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It's a cool idea, but we'd definitely have to design maps with it in mind. Imo, some longer ladders that are more stairs than the ladders we have now (hit e, climb, get body-blocked by a teammate and murdered) would be better gameplay and more fun :)


Originally posted by DrScienceSpaceCat

What are your thoughts on rolling out smaller updates more frequently rather than rolling out one big update after x months? I feel like the player base would be happier if things were added/bugs or exploits were removed in a more timely manner rather than having people wait months for things to be fixed.

Doing smaller updates kind of kills efficiency, as we would need to work on a bunch of stuff, stop, test, fix bugs, release build, continue to work, etc. That being said, I 100% agree that for the players, it's best to have smaller updates. The issue is that it can end up making content take longer to reach people, but I think there's a happy balance of easier development and more frequent updates that we can strike in the future.


Originally posted by junglist123

Any news on SDK?

Not yet :(((


Originally posted by Yuiodo

Would be pretty nice if the new brawl map Geach posted had the places blocked off by spikes made accessible. Map looks kinda tight but by looks it's pretty great!

Brawl maps are meant to be very simple in terms of playable area, so that way the players are forced to fight instead of using pillars etc. to break the chase mechanic.


Originally posted by xeporia

Are there any plans to update the cosmetics that were released at launch to be "up to standard" with the newer ones? it's quite obvious that the launch cosmetics aren't as polished and refined as the newer ones, mostly texture-wise (For example, (it's quite easy to see how low res the texture on the flat templar and flat top(s) are compared to the conic facemask for example.)

We're considering it a little, but really our current idea is to leave the old ones and make new and better versions. That way there are more options for people, and those who like the old ones get to keep em.


Originally posted by Shmarrett

Why even still post these? The same copy/paste updates for months with nothing new to show. We all know these threads are pointless :/

Usually, features take longer than a week to develop. I'm not going to lie and make things up, and I think transparency is the best approach. Sometimes things take a while to make, that's all.


Originally posted by Danubinmage64

Is there a reason you guys are putting off the update and throwing a huge chunk of stuff? I think the game would be better off if you had some more minor updates because while I think you guys are gonna have some serious work done for this patch lots of people are starting to think the game is abandoned because it's been a while since patch 21.

Other than that I'm going to ask again. Is there any consideration for a form of auto balance? Has there been a discussion? Is there a reason you aren't putting it into the game?

We're not putting off the update, it's just taking a while. When you upgrade UE4 it requires quite a lot of things on the code side to be completely rebuilt, so that's taking quite a while.

As for autobalance, it's something we're looking into. There are a lot of little details that need to be decided on, such as what happens to friends who want to play together, what if someone wants to play on the attack side every time? Do we allow switching teams? Do we repeat the map twice so teams can play both attack and defense? What about FL versus Invasion? Lots of little things like that make it a bit of a pain to do, so right now we're taking our time and deciding on what's possible. In the meantime, we've been busy with other things as well 👍


Originally posted by W1ldwestern

For starters does new siege weaponry include a dwarf driven ballista on a cart, if not will it be included now? Jokes aside other than the suicide and flourish animations what are the other non-combat animations in the works, if any others? As well as how are the changes to the AI coming along? Will we be able to choose a more difficult bot to test against or will we still have to spam add and remove till we get one to our liking?

  1. No lol
  2. Yeah, I think we have a few non-combat animations coming. They're lower priority but things like laying down etc. are being worked on, most likely for NPC use or something.
  3. AI stuff is mostly focused on navigation/path finding - preventing the AI from doing a murder-conga-line and being smarter. As for their combat, it's not 100% finalized but a lot of the work Marox is doing is aimed at making them a bit more natural, so hopefully no weird pivot spin things that they do right now when they get confused.
  4. As for the last bit, AFAIK we haven't added any sort of specific bot spawning functionality, but we are looking into doing practice modes to complement the existing tutorial stuff.

Originally posted by Superphysiological

hey please add a note for the team, don’t make the women scream or shriek like battlefield V. women screams/shrieks scientifically are one of the most grating sounds since it has always been used as an alarm of threat.

Having a frequent grating sound would subconsciously drive players away from the game.

BF1 had women death sounds that weren’t shrieks or the typical moans. The death sounds were as visceral as the male ones.

Edit: article on how screams affect the mind differently than other noises

When we add women characters into the game, our goal is to make them feel like they've been in Mordhau all along.