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19 Feb

27 Jan


Originally posted by [deleted]


Your post has been removed because it contained offensive content that is not welcome in the Mordhau community.


Originally posted by [deleted]


Your post has been removed because it contained offensive content that is not welcome in the Mordhau community.

15 Jan


Originally posted by iChandrian

He followed me to multiple different servers, some official some not. I not he wasn’t faking because he was able to cancel vote kicks in every server

There is no official moderator that goes by that name or that ever used that name. Official moderators can not cancel votekicks on community servers, unless they are an admin on that specific server as well. If you come across them once more please use the 'playerlist' command and send us screenshots. Impersonations can lead to a game ban.

Take care.


Hi, I will lock this post - Rule 12.

Either message the Modmail here or on the Official Discord, provide your playfab, Epic/Steam account ID or Console ID and we will provide the reason or re-evaluate the decision if the need arises.

Take care

09 Jan


Hello, thread is locked.

The account of the cheater received a game-ban. The video provided does not meet the criteria to be a valid report; it is missing the PlayfabID visible in the footage, which is either done by hovering over the player in the socreboard or using the "playerlist" command in the console. Both methods also show the server it happened on. This is to ensure that the correct account receives the punishment since name-changes and framing attempts are a common occurance. Fortunately we have received another report via the Modmail on the Discord server so the punishment will still be applied.

Thank you and have a great day.

22 Dec


Originally posted by FightPC

They are still updating the game ?

We are. Slowly, but we are.

21 Dec



We are unleashing the Festive Fury! MORDHAU's Christmas Extravaganza is Here! Enjoy 66-80% OFF on all platforms PLUS the Christmas Event is now LIVE and includes double XP and gold rates! Level up your battles and savings! The discounts and accompanying event will be held until the start of the next year!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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Great job! Happy Holydays!

15 Dec


Breakdancing got a whole new meaning.

14 Dec


Originally posted by The_Tuxedo

It's not mentioned in the patch notes for Horde Mode, but the Merchant talent no longer gives a discount on items, but instead a 5/10/15/20/25% chance to get a copy of the item when you buy it, but only for engineering and healing items.

You can use this to make infinite money if you have a friend or two to hold the waves. Just buy heaps of beartraps and sell them, then move to fire bombs.

Thank you, noted. Have passed it along.


Hello, the recent patch removed the items from maps and are now purchasable via a new buy menu. Open the menu by pressing "B", at the top there is a menu title "purchases", you now buy gear from there. Hope this clears things up.

13 Dec


Hello everyone! We have deployed a series of fixes to address the major issues with Totenwald, minor changes to some other maps, and revamped the item progression in Horde. Hope you'll appreciate them, feedback is always welcome!

Patch #28 - Fix 1 Changelog 12/13/2023


  • Totenwald:
    • Added more time for attackers on INV
    • Made the church door unrepairable
    • Fixed the griefing toolbox spots on FL Alt
    • Added anti toolbox volumes
    • Made the mortar indestructible
    • Fixed a case where the player is killed by dropping from the stairs near the library
    • Fixed the objective texts
    • Covered the hole in the gatehouse with rock
  • Added ramp from Castello Legacy to Castello
  • Removed the testing spawn on Cortile
  • Removed a ladder on Feitoria which was used to get on the rooftop as Noble
  • Improved floor materials on Arena


  • Fixed...
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24 Nov


The user in question has been reported by other players and has been dealt with.

The best course of action in such scenarios is to use the console command "playerlist" that shows the server, the players with the unique identifier - Playfab ID, and the offending chat, and send screenshots or a video showing it to the moderation team, either via the Modmail bot on the official Discord server or this subreddit "Message the mods" button. Discord tends to have a faster response time. Take care.

22 Nov


Hello. This can be considered public shaming or witch hunting and is in poor taste, and is just tangentally relevant to Mordhau. Better to not give such individuals a platform, an audience and a sense of validation all at once. Post removed. Take care.

21 Nov


Originally posted by Paulycurveball

So how do you deal with people going rouge in a sever with no FFA

Apart from the haiku lesson, I fail to see the problem. Votekick remains in all non-FFA modes an also remains on the Duelyard servers


Hello! We are happy to release the first console patch, that aims to equate the content available across all platforms and fixes some bug fixes. As always, feedback is appreciated! The full changelog is provided below. Take care!

Console Patch 1 - Changelog 21/11/2023


  • Disabled vote kick on Deathmatch (FFA) and SwordGame (SG) servers
  • Fixed a crash when switching Voices on Female
  • Server rules revision to add clarity


  • Added Arid map
  • Added Dungeon map
  • Added Totenwald map
  • Adjusted noble out of bounds(OOB) area on Feitoria
  • Added rain effect on Cortile
  • Added various anti-toolbox areas to maps to limit griefing/cheesing of objectives


  • Added Archduke DLC set, including the Archduke Polehammer
  • Added Joust set, including Jousting Awl Pike Partisan...
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