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18 May


Originally posted by TeenyTinyWyvern

We're aware that you all would like heraldry-based emblems, and we're looking at some emblems that will fit thematically into the next update; while also planning out some more for the future.


Who has been requesting this? I feel like the vast majority of the playerbase would just like you guys to actually update the game faster than a snails pace. Like, seriously, 7 Days to Die gets updated more than this game now, and that's just plain sad

Like the last 3 reddit posts had heraldry in the top few suggestions, and they're 2D images so not the hardest thing to add into the game.


Howdy folks!

As always, we'd like to hear your thoughts on the game; any feedback or comments, concerns, suggestions, etc. are super helpful for us, and we do appreciate them. Of course, please keep things civil and constructive - we can't really work with "game bad", but we can use constructive criticism to improve the game. Thanks!

For development notes:
With Arid, we're beginning testing beginning this week; the collision and structures/models/meshes are all good, and now the focus is on doing internal playtests to iron things out. What we're interested in is testing lighting (it's a night map, so we're tweaking for visibility), performance/optimization and general bug testing. There are still a few things left in terms of propping the map with a bunch of little objects, and a few little odds and ends. Overall though, the map is now playable internally and the majority of the work is now focused on testing.

Arid is still our main priority, but there ...

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10 May


Originally posted by Deargrigh

I love you Jax and I know it's not your fault

:') love u too

08 May


Originally posted by KriegerGoose

Capitalism bad

V spam good


also dm me i don't have it yet (or add me as a friend if you're not in the mord discord)


edit: I'd do it on reddit but reddit's ui is just bad and annoying

06 May


Originally posted by KriegerGoose

Now that I think about kickstarter, I never got my longsword skin from the kickstarter campaign :(

send me a dm on discord and we'll sort it out

03 May


Originally posted by Deargrigh

I'm still worried that the pace of development isn't good enough to stem the bleeding of active players.

Updating to a newer engine version was blamed for the previous slow pace of content updates. Now that this isn't an issue, and you have also hired more people for the purpose of speeding development, do you not worry that 4 (5?) months for one map is still a bit too long a wait?

Well, maps do take a while to get released - I wish it wasn't as long, but it is what it is. We have hired more people, and those people are helping with Mordhau currently as well - our eventual new project isn't taking up much at all in terms of dev time.

This map actually has come together quite a bit quicker than others though - before, we'd have one artist do pretty much an entire map solo, which ended up taking ages. At the time, that was kind of a necessity - in the early days for us we only had like 2 level design guys. Now, we have essentially a team of people that can knock out maps in about half the time.


Hey all!

Like usual, we'd love to hear your current thoughts on MORDHAU - general observations, comments, questions, constructive critique, suggestions; you name it, we'd like to hear it! Staying up-to date with what you'd like to see in the game is super important for us and helps massively with continued development.

As for development notes:

With Arid, we're more or less done with all of the base art. The artists have simplified a lot of the assets, etc. to make things a bit easier and speed up development. The rest of the map needs interiors finalized, miscellaneous propping (putting a random barrel here or there, set dressing), lighting, and general cleanup. Most of everything else is done - we've done quite a bit to get the roads and terrain of the map up to par, buildings have textures and models taken care of, etc. The last things to do are to finish up the palace area, fix up a few issues and ideally, we should start playtesting around next week or ...

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Originally posted by StarWight_TTV

Why is it that female characters, something supposedly planned from the kickstarter, is only having a "bit" of work put into it now? Why the delays with this? Why is it YEARS later, and still no female characters--and even now, most of your art team as you say, is focused on Arid--and not something that was supposed to have been a feature before the game was even a game?

The reason there's not a ton of work on them currently is because they aren't planned for this update, and instead we have all of the artists working on Arid - there's no real reason to slow down development on this update in order to get a little bit of progress completed for the future patch, if that makes sense.

25 Apr


Originally posted by Jaaxxxxon


serious note: mmo's are definitely out of scope for our team, you usually need to have hordes of employees to even consider it


Originally posted by DescriptionSpecial45

Might really be worth it to remarket the game as a UE5 game with enhanced visuals and you might get a lot more cash money for it since there are not many UE5 games out. (Free remaster DLC/Update and sell the game as Mordhau Remastered? Could be a good idea to raise with the team since you're already remastering the combat.)

The lighting and enhanced visuals would be awesome, would allow for even grittier visuals, thought it would be a good suggestion seeing as you said you are looking at updating the engine in order to be able to hotfix after releasing a patch so it would be a good opportunity to do a port to UE5.

Can you please leave a comment and confirm whether the team will consider this Jax?

Hey! So at the moment we're not looking at doing a MORDHAU remaster for our next project - for a few reasons. Mostly because UE5 is pretty brand new, porting it over would effective stop any further development on mord, and if we are going to swap engines, it's probably best to make a completely new game, whether it's 'Mordhau 2' or something a bit different.

The development time needed would require us to sell a UE5 version, and it would be a slap in the face to y'all if we just updated some graphics and charged $30.

tl;dr - unlikely


Originally posted by DrScienceSpaceCat

I'm excited for the class folders, now I can finally have all my memes in one folder so I don't need to search for it.

Yep, but you can also search for it as well via the loadout search bar :)


Originally posted by SPARTAN-258

Thanks a lot for the explanation. I figured it couldn't be so simple but it just goes to show how complicated game development really is :/

A WIP build could be a good idea but I doubt the playerbase is big enough for that...

No problem! And yeah, there's definitely value to feedback, it's just not always applicable all the time.

Also - we were floating the idea of a public playtest around, but we haven't come to a decision on that as of now.


Originally posted by ZiggityZeke

I assume it's part of the unified design (with controller support) for the console ports.

correct, easier to have one system as opposed to maintaining two. Also, there's more functionality and in general less clicks to do whatever you want.


Originally posted by _p4cal

Left to right is fine. I like the idea of folders. Do you plan on making load out backups (which are unfortunately necessary) more easy? E.g. separate Textfile/ folder instead of squishing it in the game.ini

I don't think there's plans for that, although there should be a backup game.ini.

Changing that aspect of the inventory system kind of goes into the point of diminishing returns - if anything, we would probably look into fixing loadouts getting wiped as opposed to making backups easier to use.

20 Apr


Originally posted by SPARTAN-258

New armory UI seems really good! I don't know if I prefer it over the old one but having folders will be so goddamn useful! Overall I think it's better

Glad the work on Arid is going smoothly, however I think you should change how you actually work on the maps. It's a bit too late for Arid, but for any future maps, I think you should consistently post screenshots on the actual layout, how the objectives will work, etc. You don't want to spend months on a map that the community will just end up not liking, and personally I don't see any downsides to just sharing how the map will work gameplay wise. And I'm talking about just the layout itself, it could all be white polygons, it wouldn't matter, we just need to know how the actual layout works. And when you've found a good layout that most people really like, then you can start working on the art itself. Of course I'm not a game dev but from the perspective of a player I think this is the best approach.

And about wome...

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I agree that we should definitely share more of the early stages, but we can't develop an entire map design based on feedback - this might sound a bit harsh, but let me explain.

If we decided to take feedback into account on the actual design, we would never get a proper consensus from players, and "design by reddit/committee" just ends up with kinda mediocre results. We can absolutely take feedback for specific things, but the level designers create a map based on our lessons learned with objective flow, respawn/gameplay timing and pacing, performance and technical requirements, etc.

You can kind of get an idea of what's needed by looking at a whitebox layout and having experience in the game for sure, but changing the overall/core design of a map requires technical knowledge that most people (including myself) don't have.

Player feedback is super important - while we can't really use public feedback for the reasons I listed above (i.e. 15 people think we s...

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19 Apr


Originally posted by SkyTheKaiser

Pls coin bag for rock skin Also please make the old menu an option for people who like the old menu look, it is a good idea

(copy/paste from another reply)

With this UI stuff it's not just a cosmetic switch, it's a complete rework of the entire UI and interaction system how how you actually click on things in menus and such, so no swapping between the two.


Originally posted by dankmemesm80

Can we please have the option to keep the current armory? I'm sorry but that new screenshot looks really rough, blocky, and unintuitive to my eyes. I prefer the aesthetic of what we have now.

No, we're not going to be supporting the old version - it's already gone internally.

With this UI stuff it's not just a cosmetic switch, it's a complete rework of the entire UI and interaction system how how you actually click on things in menus and such.


Originally posted by 12poundsofdust

Was there any discussion regarding changes to how Triternon's dev cycle operates? The current method that renders hotfixes impossible beyond the week that an update is released might be feasible for a game that hasn't been released to the public, but when a title is released like this, the lack of patches and fixes make it look like the dev team doesn't care about their game. You mentioned bringing this issue up to the dev team a month ago, but we haven't seen any acknowledgement of Triternon actually coming up with a solution.

At the moment, no - not with the version control stuff. We hadn't built our workflow around it for this game (big mistake obviously) and it's still technically possible to do it, but that might end up causing a development delay or slowing us down in unexpected ways.

I believe that we're still looking into it, but it's not the number one priority, unfortunately.