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13 Jul


6 days ago - /u/Jaaxxxxon on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Yeah we plan on fixing this, in a few ways. Won't say how exactly yet, as it's still WIP.


10 Jul

Because if it had one shot potential against naked heads + 2 shot to plate chest it would just be too good.

Don't focus on being/getting good, focus on getting *better*. Skill in any game isn't a flat, consistent thing, you have good and bad days. Just try to improve and really think about how you die, and how to prevent it.

What servers/region are you in?

we are smort

09 Jul

Originally posted by spermwhale_man

I’m not hating or anything, I have nothing but respect for a dev who actually plays his own games. Pretty awesome. I just thought it’d be a funny crossroads meme. He killed me like 7 times lol I killed him once tho

my keyboard stopped working, discord likes to eat key inputs for me sometimes

i sat back on the map screen for a second and watched like 6 blue guys just walk out of spawn into the field and just walk in circles though

08 Jul

report cheater

11 days ago - /u/Jaaxxxxon on Reddit - Thread - Direct

:/ sorry, can't do anything without their steamID. If we just go around and ban everyone with the name "Gabriel" that has Mordhau, it's gonna be a bad time for us.

07 Jul

r/dataisbeautiful material lol

yo that's sick

06 Jul

we're making a change over here

13 days ago - /u/Jaaxxxxon on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by [deleted]


hes banned lol get rekt nerd

03 Jul

Originally posted by TheLaudMoac

Not one of those things you just listed shouldn't be added.

no katanas, ew.

inferior to the longsword, also way out of scope and not medieval

02 Jul

01 Jul


That's a cheat, get me his steamID / steam profile and we will DELET

30 Jun

The most dangerous jump rope game

19 days ago - /u/Jaaxxxxon on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by nyaanarchist

My problem is with the developers who refuse to do anything with the toxic and bigoted members of the community. The developers should be doing everything in their power to stop that kind of behavior. Other developers do it all the time and it leads to a much better game experience. There’s no reason bigoted slurs should be tolerated in the game, it creates an environment of toxicity that ruins the game for a lot of players

we're not ok with their behavior, just hard when you have like 10 admins and about the same amount of devs. we can't be everywhere at once, pretty sure we're working on some more features that will help

29 Jun

28 Jun

Originally posted by TheAlptraum

I mean, painted helmets were almost definitely a thing back in the day. Probably extremely rare but I'll bet my bottom dollar that some wealthy knights thought to themselves "How badass wouldn't I look if my helmet was bright red"

actually the opposite, paint inhibits rust but is much cheaper than polishing, which does the same. late medieval period a noble's set of armor would cost ~10% in materials and 90% in labor, with most of it being polishing work

well, hello there

tfw u go 112-20 and your team still loses

DEVS: *Serious Issue*

21 days ago - /u/Jaaxxxxon on Reddit - Thread - Direct

We know about it, looking into some fixes for duplicate names, votekicking etc

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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