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Patch #18 Hotfix 1 Changelog 08/07/2020


  • Potential fix for suicidal horde bots on Feitoria docks

  • Moved a Horde spawn point on Camp

  • Adjusted first objective spawn protection on INV_Camp_1

  • Tweaked spawn protection of 2nd and 3rd objective on INV_Castello_0

  • Added dinner table to INV_Crossroads_0, food is locked to the noble and is accessible about halfway through the level

  • Fixed lift hole on Grad

  • Added a missing collision to Castello keep middle floor, ...

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Originally posted by RedcoatGaming

Stimpee's Mordhau edits make me laugh to no end. If anyone here doesn't know about him, he's an bloody Aussie ripper that uploads stupid video game shit on YouTube and it's absolutely incredible.

I'd share em on the official twitter but uhh those thumbnails get pretty wild

Originally posted by rein_not_reign

An alternative proposal to loadout folders:

Loadout folders have long been a frequently requested QoL improvement to loadout organization. The concept of loadout folders would be a particular solution to the problem, but it must be highlighted that it is not the only possible solution. We state the loadout organization problem as follows: The customization system offers so much variety that someone who enjoys it cannot avoid making dozens or hundreds of different loadouts; how does one then categorize, sort, or find a specific entry among one's many loadouts?

To solve this problem, we propose a two-stage approach entirely different to loadout folders. The first stage would be intended as a short-term development goal, simpler in concept and presumably much simpler to implement than loadout folders, and it would already offer a significant QoL improvement over the current situation. The second stage would b...

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Searching would absolutely be cool, but honestly folders are a cleaner solution in my opinion when compared to tags. If you have a cosplay loadout you also use in ranked, you could always just duplicate it, too!

In either case, I'll bring up tags and searching to the team, as an armory improvement is something we've been keen on doing for quite a while :)

Originally posted by gooseppe1

Steam sale and new patch barely brought new 100 players to game. Seems like the game is dying

We've been holding a steady average since around August of last year. Plus, we definitely had more than 100 sales during the sale. Can't say how many, but I wouldn't be worried about the playerbase. There's always room for improvement and growth, too!

Originally posted by seitung

I'm sure these are already on your radar. These have been said before previously but I think they're worth mentioning again.

An obvious, intuitive practice mode for new players would help them cope with the steep learning curve of jumping into an Invasion against players with hundreds of levels on them. New players are being disheartened (and refunding if claims are to be believed) because they come into FL/INV and have absolutely no fun against veteran players. Horde mode is currently a confusing mess where building a loadout requires intimate map knowledge and teaches little about the game's PvP combat. And the tutorial, while it does teach the very basics, doesn't really help a new player understand the flow of a fight or XvX at all. Lobbing them directly into combat against us is bad for them and player retention if they do end up refunding.

On the opposite end of the spectrum of players, a ranked mode for teams of small numbers...

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Yep, we're looking into some things for the latter, and a practice mode could be great as well. :) We'd definitely need some time to make both of these though, but imo they'd be worth it.

Originally posted by Sir___LionHeart

Patch 18 broke shields - if you're aiming to keep the competitive scene alive items and weapons should not be banned because they're broken.

Also where is 3v3 ranked?!

We're aware they're overtuned, working on some things to fix em.

Hi everyone!

First off, as always we're eager to hear what you all have to think about the current state of the game, and what you'd like to see going forwards. I'd like to apologize for not responding as much as usual to last week's comments - I took a bit of a vacation and wasn't able to get to everyone's posts. That being said, I always make sure to forward them to the team. Anyways, we'd love to hear what's on your mind!
Last week's post can be found here:

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06 Jul

Originally posted by mootpoint007

I've been having issues selecting a recently-capped front-most spawn. I have to select a backspawn before it will let me click on the further front spawn.

This should be fixed next build.

03 Jul

Uh ohs


Locking this as it is getting pretty political. Keep it civil, respect each other, and if you see racists in game report that via discord - - to a moderator.

02 Jul

Uhhh what


This isn't intended - part of some animation bugs and a few oversights we're looking into. Should be fixed relatively soon!

30 Jun

Hello again :)

Once again, we're asking for your feedback and suggestions! For this week, we'd love to hear more focused feedback on how you're feeling about patch 19. Let us know your thoughts below!

Last week's post can be found here:

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Originally posted by Lk_The_Hero_of_Ages

This was from a couple months ago, so I'm sure it was fixed.

Ah, okay.

29 Jun

Cowabunga it is

This is a bug, not intended. We'll be fixing it in the near future :)

I think we just fixed this. Elweb just changed some Camp spawn protections, not sure if it was this one. I'll update you once I find out for sure :)

edit: fix was unrelated to this, but we also fixed this specific issue a few months ago (this is an older clip)

Originally posted by BrandonPravo

My Frontline Submission. I'll be adding more until the deadline.

Edit: Had to fix the link.

2560x1440 album:

1920x1080 album:

u/BrandonPravo Hey, Mordhau team here! We were looking through your screenshots from our this competition and we'd like to use one, if you're alright with that. If so, please send us a link to your Steam profile and we'll reward you with 50k gold! Thanks for your time, and have a great day. :)

27 Jun

not much brain to cronch, unfortunately

reminder, if you see people being racist etc. head over to the discord - - and report em to a moderator.

Originally posted by GreyMatterial

Something that has been bugging me lately is the fact that the shield pauldrons always have a gold accent and you can't change it. I would appreciate the ability to change its accent as is doable on every other set of pauldrons in the game. As always thanks for making my favourite game of all time and I hope it continues receiving updates long into the future. :)

We could look into it, not sure about how labor intensive it would be. I'll ask the art guys.

Originally posted by kappanata

Please make the emotes menu always the same no matter currently selected equipment to prevent the need to memorize different key presses based on whether I am currently wielding a sword, bow, toolbox, etc.

You can grey out the unavailable emotes or tag them in some way rather than omitting the emote completely and shifting the layout as a consequence.

ye BIG true

Originally posted by h0wdyYall

A daily objective system would be great for giving players a bit more gold by incentivizing them trying out new weapons/game modes. A few objective examples could be:

Get 20 kills with the longsword.

Heal 10 other players.

Get a 7 killstreak.

Play 3 games of ranked.

Play a match of battle royale.

Get 10 kills on a class with only light/no armor.

It's something we've talked about - the thing is we have to make it balanced (not inflate gold gain too much) but also make them fun, and make them something that just isn't there to get more gold but also serve to keep players coming back.

That being said, we've been putting a lot of thought into this. No guarantee yet but we're looking at it.

Originally posted by Timontie

Yeah, I really like the Engraved Blade skin of the longsword from $100 Kickstarter bundle. Tbh I’d purchase it again if it was possible. 1, because I spent shit ton of time in this game and 2. I really appreciate devs’ work

Kickstarter-exclusive items are, well, exclusive to the Kickstarter backers. They (I was one as well, wasn't on the team in the beginning) threw money at this unheard of project from a first time studio with less than 10 people. Without those backers, Mordhau wouldn't exist - it would be grossly unfair to allow people to buy those items now.

Also not aimed at you, but if you're reading this please for the love of god stop messaging me and asking to buy these items off me. lol

Originally posted by Eexoduis

Thank you for the response sir, I appreciate your time and honesty

:) No problem

Originally posted by TheSoundofFreedom

Make a full map based off of "The Pit"!

Would be pretty cool! Sometimes it's easier to expand a map, sometimes it's best to create a new one. Desert stuff would be great though! Fun fact: Castello's interior keep is based off the inside of Contraband :)

26 Jun

Originally posted by Frankaos333

Since we already have the engineer as a support class, why not add a way to play as some sort of healer? Maybe a perk that allows you to use bandages on teammates or even a new piece of equipment like a healer's kit. I think it could pair well with the plague doctor's mask and a good player with a healer character could be yet another invaluable asset for a team just like a good engineer or melee defender is

I think healing is okay at the moment. Support builds are neat, but we aren't really making a class based game so there are some limits on how to implement things without them being too overbearing. We do want to flesh out some more roles that aren't directly combat related in the future though :)

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