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11 Jan


Originally posted by kufgeo

From marine drill instructors to a thousand autistic plumers, Jax sure seems to have a high tolerance for being yelled at. Good luck dude, wish you the best.
Btw is anyone replacing you? Or is the community manager's salary going to be added to Crush's coke budget?

Thanks, I really appreciate it! A new CM will be taking over, yep.


Originally posted by Left-Gur7210

Can’t imagine having to be community manager for a community thats… let’s say very unique. It’s much appreciated even if we were insufferable at times . Other than that NERF ZWEI REEE

Haha, no sweat. It's been a good run!


Originally posted by SuperPooperDuper

You're the most active community manager I've had the pleasure of interacting with, I hope you've got plans to continue in the industry. Keep it up and good luck!

:) Thanks man, that's the goal!


Just want to say, thanks to everyone for the kind words. Locking this, and the new CM will most likely be posting some updates going forward.


03 Jan


i'm not crying, you are :')


Originally posted by Deargrigh

Sorry to see you go, Jax. Thanks for everything you've done for the community, especially in tolerating us this long. I hope you're moving onto something better. Best of luck in whatever that is!

Thanks! I've always appreciated your passion for the game and the thought-out feedback you've given - it's been a great source of sanity at times haha. Keep being you.


Originally posted by St0uty

We'll miss you Jax, thank you for your service. As the current rank 1 player (going by combined elo) I will be informally taking over your position

carry the torch my friend

Even though you've had a ton of issues with the game, I appreciate the positive impact you've had in the community. Big strong #1 ranked melee man <3


Happy New Year!

As always, you know the drill - any feedback, comments, concerns, suggestions, constructive critique - pretty much anything is welcome and absolutely vital for continued support for the game. We'd love to hear your thoughts, and we'll do our best to shape direction on development to take this feedback into account. Like usual, please be civil to one another in the comments.

This week, the team is still mostly on holiday, so there won't be any updates in terms of development notes. Things have been progressing pretty well, all things considered, and work is still underway for new modes, maps, cosmetics and content. We'll be posting a new feedback thread next week.

A bit of related news - this month, I will be stepping down as community manager for Mordhau. It's been an absolutely wild ride, from pre-alpha (pre-Kickstarter "project slasher" days, even) and scouring the old forums, through the release period of the game, and all the way into 202...

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Originally posted by Rhodok_Guard

Any word on the console release?

Not yet, but we'll keep you in the loop!


Originally posted by Even_Opportunity_241

Will Russian servers be returned to the game?

I think you've killed enough online, all the newbies are out of the game, as are the casuals who filled the frontline and invasion mode.

Now there are probably about 100-150 Russian players online instead of the previous 1000 players who played a couple of months ago.

Is it really so difficult for you to rent a server in Russia, as 2 big duel servers in Russia do? And the ping there is 40-60 and not 90-120 (I'm still lucky) as on your "Russian" servers.

Players began to change reviews of the game to negative, warning players that there was simply nowhere to play.

In short, you did a great job of belittling the Russian players.

I'm not sure, but this may have something to do with current events. I'll ask the team what's up.

20 Dec


Happy holidays!

Like always, we'd love to hear any thoughts you may have for the game - comments, critiques, suggestions and any other form of (constructive) feedback is welcome, and it's absolutely vital for development. Please be sure to be nice to each other down below, and please let us know what's on your mind - thanks!

Even with the holidays upon us, development has been relatively steady. Some changes incoming are:

  • Crush has been working on a new Arcade Mode which will have alternate combat rules aimed for a different gameplay experience. This will be a custom playlist with large maps, and the previously mentioned alternative combat. This should be a somewhat streamlined combat system compared to vanilla, and we're eager to see if you all like it!
  • Grator is reworking the Crude armor set. The crude set is supposed to be pretty rough around the edges and ugly, but the difference in asset quality from pre-alpha until now is very noticeable...
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Originally posted by Xqvt

What about having a 2H firewood axe for peasant perk?

This could definitely be cool, I'll bring up :)


Originally posted by CyberInsaneoHD

The basic leather shoes added in the last patch should not use team colors. They look like smurf shoes as is

Noted, forwarding this to the team.


Originally posted by 12poundsofdust

Please please PLEASE let the women models have hair with some of the helmets PLEASE

Yeah, it would definitely be nice to have some sort of hair instead of just malding :D

I'll bring it up to the team so they can consider it :)

06 Dec


Hey all,

Like always, we're eager to hear your feedback! Any comments, suggestions, *constructive* criticism, feedback, or just general comments are welcome. We rely on you all to help guide our development efforts; please keep things civil and on-topic, thanks!

  • Work on our next map, Forest, is ongoing. While Geach was working on the map, he realized the map would benefit from being a bit smaller. So, we've gone ahead and shrunk the map down, which should help refine the gameplay for it. We're beginning the implementation of game modes, as well as final structural changes to the map. After this, we'll pivot more towards the art development (to be fair, this is the most time-intensive part of map dev) and then round out propping. In short, the map is coming along well, but there's definitely some time to go.
  • We're also looking into adding a limited introduction of TDM into the full-sized game mode, for a fast-paced bloodbath. We'd limit this to small...
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23 Nov


Hey all!

Like always, this thread is here for any comments, suggestions, constructive critiques, or feedback of any other kind - and we definitely rely on it for improving the game and "steering the ship" in the right direction, so to speak. Of course, I won't forget the usual disclaimer: please keep things on topic and be civil to one another - insults or arguing doesn't help us improve the game. Thanks!

Anyways, dev notes from our meeting today! It was a bit of a short one, but there was some good stuff involved.

  • We've seen (especially with the last feedback thread) a pretty positive response to the latest update, which of course is good. The main things we've gathered is that the community generally likes more interactivity on maps and a bit more stuff to do during a match aside from just running and slicing, and that the increased level of detail on Dungeon in terms of gameplay makes the maps more replayable. Please let us know if we're off base on...
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08 Nov


Hey all,

Like always, your feedback is worth its weight in gold! We'd love to hear any comments or ideas you have, whether that be constructive criticism, suggestions, general feedback, or anything else. Please remember to keep things civil, be nice to one another in the comments, and be constructive with any suggestions.

Also, for this post - if it's possible, we'd love to hear more general feedback or suggestions if you have it; while there are tons of objectively great ideas we get, a lot of them are very specific/niche requests that we just don't have the development bandwidth to focus on. Things affecting most players are things we're more likely to be able to take a look at.

As for development notes:

  • The past few weeks have been about monitoring the newest patch and taking care of some housekeeping; it seems that you all like the newest update, so that's good! Of course, any feedback would be appreciated.
  • Going forwards, we've be...
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01 Nov


Hey - the team's off today, national holiday in Slovenia. We'll keep this thread up until next week. See you then, and feel free to keep commenting!


Originally posted by TheOrganHarvester123

It's 100% intended. Been planned for months

it was made as a treat for the ultra-diehard players who are swimming and gold and need to flex :)


Originally posted by kenoh

As someone who plays the occasional Horde mode, unless there are going to be more tweaks this update, I really think the maps need some difficulty marking to give some expectations for those who don't know that difficulty swings wildly from map to map. Maybe just a star rating next to the name. This isn't thoroughly researched, but something like this seems right to me.

✭✰✰✰ Camp Grad Mountain Peak Castello

✭✭✰✰ Noria Feitoria Taiga

✭✭✭✰ The Pit Arid

✭✭✭✭ Crossroads

EDIT: Hell, you guys have to have win/loss rates. Just apply those yourself.

Yeah, we could potentially look into that. Thanks for the feedback!