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30 Nov


Originally posted by Strider2126

  1. Thanks a lot

  2. You really get gold?? I got nothing yesterday when it happened. Thanks again

so for #2, you get gold if you leave a match halfway - I'm just not sure if you get gold if you're kicked from a match. The issue with the gold is that you just get 0 notification from the game that you actually made any gold, so most people think you have to complete a match to get rewards.


Originally posted by verushureqw

Let us peasants test the maps aswell

We're looking into a public test environment, but it's not something we can spin up for this update. Definitely something we'll be doing goring forwards though.


Originally posted by Commisar_Hugh

good stuff, Patchie ETA?

We can't really give ETA's, as we rarely know them ourselves until a week or two out from a release :(


Originally posted by The_Salty_Spitoon456

Hope you guys can pull through before the game dies!!!!

Seriously all of us are sitting here on our asses waiting and waiting and waiting for even a single drop of some type of content. Hope it's not to late for the game to make a comeback. Months of feedback from you guys and it all but feels like empty words spurted out just to make the community have even a sliver of hope for what might end up being an empty promise

Unfortunately the engine update absolutely screwed our dev progress - we expected ~2-3 months, and it ended up being closer to an entire year. All the new people we brought onto the team have been speeding things up, we just had a massive roadblock in the way :(


Originally posted by Strider2126

Hey Jaaxx

  1. I did a LOT of ghost hits where i hit someone but the hit does not get registered. Could you please pass the info to the devs? I am Eu central zone

  2. I got kicked out of a match out of nowhere (not by a mod it was a pub) and i already was in a match since 20 min at least. When you get out you get NOTHING and this piss me off a lot because i had 4k points and a lot of kills

My suggestion is : in deep rock galactic if you disconnect OR get kicked you still get some stuff even if you are out..could you please make a sysyem like that for mordhau?

  1. I'll bring it up, we're still tracking down some issues with a desync bug,
  2. So if you leave a match you get gold (it's not very apparent though) but as for getting kicked, I'm not sure. I'll ask the team and see what's up.

oops, 11/30-12/6. you know what I meant


Hey all,

As usual, we'd love to hear your feedback - any comments, concerns, constructive criticism etc. are welcome. This information is absolutely useful for keeping us on track with developing the game, and we appreciate it greatly. As always, please be civil and constructive - thanks!

As for progress updates:

In regards to Eastern Invasion, we're pretty much in the testing phase; as of now, most development is now on smaller additions and tweaks. We've still got a handful of things, such as finalizing voices, music, lighting build, etc. but the bulk of the work is done on the map and most of the content. Our main priorities now are testing Noria and bug-squashing.

Speaking of Horde, it will be getting a major redesign that we'll touch on soon - and show off some content. These changes will hopefully add tons more depth and replayability to the mode.

Last but not least, we're in touch with Epic to begin the release process of the SDK. We...

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Originally posted by Babidi-Boo

Sad about SDK because at this point I honestly think it's, and I can't stress enough I don't mean this as an insult, pointless. It's so late in the games life, likely near the end. Any modders who would've made a difference are likely long gone. All these resources apparently being poured to it and it apparently undergoing testing a bunch of times or whatever else, just feels like a sad waste at this point because I honestly think the timeframe where it would matter is long gone.

I disagree, but either way it's better to release an SDK than throw our hands up and quit. That doesn't help anyone.


Originally posted by MarioMuzza

Hi Jaax, pasting my comment from another thread. Would love to hear your thoughts, and the community's. Since it's a lot, tho, I understand if you don't have the time. (Ignore the thing about the SDK, I'm sure you've heard it enough.)

The player base will never be back to massive levels, because the majority of those 2-3k players are melee gods who curbstomp noobs 24/7. It'd take a massive influx of new players, so vets became an oddity on the battlefield and not the rule.

That said, here are my suggestions. Most directed to noobs. Us vets only need more content:

- A robust, fun tutorial that explains accels, drags, flinching, initiative, etc.

- Multiple new maps, ofc. Especially maps that allowed to explore overlooked mechanics, like a flat map for horses (not crossroads, I mean spawning on a horse). Would also be fun to have a map with a range-focused phase.

- Stop balancing everything around 2h 3/3/3 gameplay. Held blo...

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Thanks for the ideas - I'll forward these to the team :)

26 Nov


Originally posted by skervezen

South America triternion moderator Zen Logic is allied with clan Tragiic, they talk through discord and can get players banned without Zen Logic stating the reason or giving room to appeal the ban.

Dm me about this please , thanks - Jax#0553 on discord

24 Nov


Originally posted by Miltawne

There's a glitch in feitoria that lets you get into the floor outside the bell tower. And it's becoming common knowledge...

It's fixed internally, will be in the next update.


Hey all, sorry for the late post today!

As usual, we'd like to hear your feedback on the game - constructive criticism, feedback, questions or concerns are welcome. Please keep things on topic and respect one another, thanks! Even if people have issues with the game or development, we'd like to hear them; it absolutely helps us in improving MORDHAU.

As for the usual meeting notes, we're going to skip them this week; there's been some (valid) criticism that we mostly repeat things in these threads each week. It's true, but also the nature of development - things can take a while to get made, and a lot of the time progress is just more of the same stuff. This being said, we're looking to have some more transparency on development going forwards - you'll probably less random meeting notes, and instead we'll talk about relevant things more in-depth.

A few little notes, though, to keep y'all up-to-date on what we're doing:

  1. We're eyeing some potenti...
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23 Nov


A little weird, but I can't see anything that stands out as undeniable evidence of cheating. I'll ask the mods for a second look, though. Please DM me on Discord as well so I can follow up with ya: jax#0553 (gotta be in the mord discord though to dm me)

Secondly, thanks for not posting info about the person - we don't mind if you guys are posting about cheaters (we're not trying to hide anything/suppress info on the sub) but we want to avoid posts that are showing specific people's identifying information, because it can lead to vigilantism/witch-hunting. Thanks for being cool about it :)

Lastly - if you report someone to our moderators and we don't find any evidence, the person isn't cheating, non-bannable offense or something, etc. we don't punish reporters. We'd rather people report stuff if they're feeling a little suspicious and it turn out to be nothing, as opposed to the opposite.

edit: added mention of op and extra info

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21 Nov


Originally posted by KriegerGoose

What it feels like is every body complaining about the heartbeat sound and asking for a volume slider or the option to turn it off but of course, the devs don’t care to.

We're aware of this, i've brought it up to the team


Originally posted by Titan_JA

2 years and still stuck with 100 FOV I get you don’t want the fishbowl of chiv but at least give 120 so I can some stuff on my screen. The game is 10x more enjoyable with 120 fov and that’s why most eu players only play on despas server

Chivalry had horizontal FOV, we have vertical. Our 101° limit equals 130° FOV horizontally.


Originally posted by GreenGhost95

Can we expect Eastern Invasion to be released this year or is there too much work left?

We can't really give timelines, sorry. If we could we would.


Originally posted by Jorlaxx

Quick parry has always been in the game via the Combo Feint to Parry technique (CFtP). Skilled players have always known this and abused this, rendering them nearly untouchable. It's just now new players can also abuse it because it isn't obscured behind combo-feints and instead works at the click of a button.

I agree with you it is a bad mechanic because it removes the ability to consistently punish a bad swing, but the devs have been aware of it from the start and they fully intend it to be this way.

use=/= abuse

the game is balanced around it, and we're trying to make the combat feel more responsive going forwards, i.e. less restrictive lockouts and then other ways to bypass defense.


Originally posted by lukej428

please for the love of GOD add an option to manually activate a bear trap that's on the ground, its so aggravating trying to stab/slash at a trap right in front of you 6 times to get it to activate it because the hitbox is so small. It would make a lot of sense to just have a press and hold E (or whatever your action button is) to make a bear trap go off.

Not a bad idea, I'll bring it up to the team.


Originally posted by wildthornbury2881

Do you plan on offering literally any help to the modding community at all? The Star Wars mod is completely broken now and along with it disappeared a good amount of community. I’d love to see it back.

We haven't had much support for uSDK mods, but we'll have some resources available and hopefully some good lines of communication with modders once proper tools are out.


Originally posted by spyr04

Add option to remove heartbeat

Thanks for the feedback; the team's aware that not everyone likes it, and I'll be sure to bring it up again.