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thanks for letting us know, we're working on it. if you can pm me with steps to reproduce if you know how, or just any extra info that would be highly appreciated

19 Nov

Originally posted by nofacehasnoface

Yeah f**k whoever says this should be removed. Not only is this drag just hot garbage because half the time people try and attempt to pull of they miss, but you literally just have to look the opposite side you would normally parry and you can block the wessex. You should only try this move in duels, nothing else.

So it's bad, but takes a lot of skill - and with that being said, it's super unfun for the person that has to defend against it. A lot of the comp players don't like how certain drags are just 50/50s at the moment as it reduces the skill ceiling.

Originally posted by SirMuteIX

what if you remove the wes from wessex 😳

Haha just kidding.. Unless?

18 Nov

Originally posted by ETucc

Looks like Hounskull and Bascinet had a child together rofl.

it's a great bascinet in the picture as far as i know. adding things like that are hard due to immobilized neck and the possibility for absurd amounts of clipping

we are looking into some things to make certain drags less wonky and more readable.

can't say yet as of know what exactly we're doing, since it isn't set in stone. but the next update should have some meaningful updates to the combat 👍


Could this be done for Mordhau?

3 days ago - /u/Jaaxxxxon on Reddit - Thread - Direct

he already made a frying pan :D

15 Nov

jesus christ cswic you madman

Mordhau: Ford Edition

6 days ago - /u/Jaaxxxxon on Reddit - Thread - Direct

i wish terrible memes were a bannable offense rn

13 Nov

Originally posted by Banana_Cake1

I can respect that there is reasoning behind it, and not having strict chat moderation can be refreshing. That being said, I would at the minimum make the chat filters optional to disable instead of enable. Any new player won't have a clue about the optional chat filter and be confronted with this type of chat in a commercial game.

I mean if you go to type there's a chat filter checkbox right above the chat box itself. that being said I have no clue why we didn't make the filter enabled by default

12 Nov

Originally posted by KasiFlow

trying to not lose sales in another country is cool and all but please try as a community manager to not suppress your community

I don't care what China thinks about us, but Mordhau and its social media platforms aren't a place for politics.

We're always looking into map balance. Luckily we can adjust objectives etc. pretty easily, without having to mess with the actual map itself (which requires a lighting/postproccess rebuild and a lot of work) so this is something we can definitely improve on.

11 Nov

Yet ANOTHER cheesy meme

10 days ago - /u/Jaaxxxxon on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by UrMumGai

Then you hit their parry twice and their stamina is gone, because you could read their feints. You still have a lot to learn, young one.

better yet, watch them feint spam, read it all, start laughing and hit em with a 'come at me bro'

Originally posted by bettercallconnolly

Why isn't there a tool that just gives a player an immediate 30 minute ban if they type the gamer word, then?

We're looking into some of this, but automated systems can be really dumb sometimes.

IIRC saying 'minigun' in GTA 5 would get you banned or the message censored, so things like that - false positives can occur, and it'd be mega lame to get even temp banned by an automated system that's just stupid. That being said we're looking into it.

Originally posted by Banana_Cake1

How did Triternion decide to not filter this in the first place? There are literally rudimentary chat boxes online 20 years ago that had this. Really curious as to the reasons behind this decision-making.

We had a narrow release window (before all the big games came out that would have dwarfed us) and we took it. I was pushing for a filter super hard but we just didn't have the time.

Hit chat button, use chat filter.

I dont like this racism sh*t but we have tools in place to mitigate it

10 Nov

How do I keep my classes?

11 days ago - /u/Jaaxxxxon on Reddit - Thread - Direct

loadouts are stored in appdata/mordhau. look for game.ini

not needed normally however it's always nice to have a backup of your loadouts in case an update nukes them


11 days ago - /u/Jaaxxxxon on Reddit - Thread - Direct

if we ever added em i would only seeing it viable as an objective/pickup weapon. no plans atm though

my personal take:

fuse-lit early hand cannon thing - 1 tap heads, 1 shot chest on anything lower than heavy, non fatal shots ragdoll. 2-3 shots total, when you click lmb you light it, and it goes off somewhere between 3-5 seconds randomly. garbage sway too so you just have to track the target, and a big audio/visual indicator (smoke/sparks) that you're about to get yeeted. also if you drop the gun (melee/projectile damage received) during the fuse burn animation it'd still be active, so start running.
edit: ridiculous proj speed and sh*t accuracy too, just to spice things up

Did him a favor

11 days ago - /u/Jaaxxxxon on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Th00nk

Sure that was nice, but jesus christ that fight was really something...

op was just out-stamming to yoink the shield

I already responded to it but the comments were just political talk, rule 9 is right there 👉
Mordhau isn't the place for politics, even if it's a legitimate issue.

Admin made everything in slow motion!

11 days ago - /u/Jaaxxxxon on Reddit - Thread - Direct

sometimes i go into public matches and ask if people want to see a magic trick and then hit em with the 20x speed

Originally posted by danieldsamaral27

Got it. Where is it best for me to reach you guys in private?

[email protected] send us an email!

Originally posted by wazzerwiffle

Well said. Also when are you steaming again? I miss post apocalyptic IKEA simulator.

Idk man I just haven't been feeling up to it. Been kinda burnt out on life lmao

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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