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20 Feb

Originally posted by doubletwo

Should hopefully be converted, and any loadouts over limit would have the items made more expensive either removed or prevent usage

Loadouts will not go over the limit, because all loadouts will gain a few points, so loadouts won't be wiped and will just have more to spent. Leg armor will be cheaper than head/torso and this will give more points especially on builds using medium or heavy leg armor and a smaller amount for light legs. Some weapons, equipment and perks will become a bit cheaper, mostly the lower tier stuff (e.g shortsword is now cheaper than dagger and cleaver, which remained unchanged). The biggest weapons are a bit cheaper which now allows you to take full armor with them, but they now have a weight debuff on them which makes plate armor pieces heavier, making it more appealing to use with light/medium armor (this also nerfs the meta builds of light head and plate torso with a big weapon for example). Basically there will be 1-2 more points to spend, but you can also get a bit more out of them (e.g with a build that only had a primary weapon, you might be able to get a sidearm now and a cheap p...

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Originally posted by DeHot

it's a temporary solution

Please read it till the end.

This change actually won't happen so the lower stab will stay. There will be a proper fix for it in a future patch.

19 Feb

Can't chat, am I banned?

4 days ago - /u/Jaaxxxxon on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by krujap777

What is the protocol with chat bans? Does someone just send a screenshot and SteamID to mods to report someone?

Yep. I'd like to get some in-game report feature going, we'll see. Hopefully one day!

Originally posted by Madcap_Gunter

Le concussion has arrived


17 Feb

can i post this on twitter? :)

Originally posted by PureGinge

These 3 cretins managed to trap a deafult in the cage on feitora seen in image one. He started to shoot one of them with his bow after a minute (image 2) so he can get out. They all accuse him of blocking spawn (when it is one of them that is going it) and because his team dmg is high he gets kicked. These screenshots are proof of this, these guys need bans. I have seen them in countless games doing shit like this all the time.

Names - CrowsBeforeHoes - DUNG COVERED PEASANT - AllahStinks

Is there any other way to report them?


PM me their steam profiles, but in the future send this stuff to us privately. We don't like witch hunts or public name-and-shaming.

14 Feb

can i post this on social media hahahaha i love it

13 Feb

uh oh they've found out

in any case it probably wasn't "oh jax wanted a rapier we have to add it", like that's not exactly how feedback works. people give feedback and the team decides whether or not it is valid/gets added to the game :)

Mordhau at work. #mordhau #bestbuy

10 days ago - /u/Jaaxxxxon on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Sick emote skills

Originally posted by lehoooe

Does it have to be the correct maps for the gamemodes? Can we screenshot crossroads for ranked duels for example?

as long as it gets the feeling of the mode across I don't see an issue

Originally posted by ImmortalGodWizard

What do I put in the [name] bracket?

the name of the file you want to record for the demo

12 Feb

Originally posted by 2W0nk

where do i submit them?


Is this true?

11 days ago - /u/Jaaxxxxon on Reddit - Thread - Direct

no lol we're not turning mordhau into a shooter

Hey everyone!

We're in need of new screenshots for the menu, and now you can have yours featured in game - starting today until Feb. 26th, submit screenshots below for Frontline, Invasion, Battle Royale, Horde, and Duel!

The winners will be decided by the Mordhau team, and the winner of each category will receive 50k in in-game gold! Some guidelines and rules for the contest are as follows:

- You can enter into any or all categories.

- Screenshots should reflect the spirit of the game mode it's submitted for.

- Screenshots must be 1920x1080 (1080p) in PNG format. (Note: the image w...

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11 Feb

Originally posted by Icicleman04

I'm so proud of this community.

hey that's my line

10 Feb


13 days ago - /u/Jaaxxxxon on Reddit - Thread - Direct

We're looking at a couple/few weeks most likely. Mountain Peak expansion and Castello coming soon™ :)

ended 👉ly

Bandits of M&B Warband

13 days ago - /u/Jaaxxxxon on Reddit - Thread - Direct

something something harvesting season

Originally posted by xXblackmustardXx

Not a server full of the best duelists in the game. A level 13 will have 0 understanding of what is even happening. He probably doesn't even know how to riposte yet. He should learn the basics first. It's like fighting in MMA as a newbie against people like Khabib or Mc Gregor going all in while you can barely throw a punch, good luck learning anything.

IMO depends on whether or not the person you're dueling is okay with training you - if they're going 100% effort against you, you're probably not going to learn. But fighting a better player who just uses ripostes or some basic attacks and still kills you (going easy on you) will teach you a lot better than some guy who has no idea what he's doing

Super cool! Glad to see RP starting to expand and get more popular :)

The thing is we have to make the ripostes go from the parry animation, and so we have two distinct (left/right) parry animations. Adding random animations to parries might negatively affect the gameplay, by reducing readability.

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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