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I understand removing it from Swordgame (even though I think perks like FW should be removed too)

But sometimes I'm not sure the dev's realise the goldmine they are sitting on when it comes to play interaction and how their body language and voice line system is truly revolutionary.

This wont apply to all, but as a Brawl main who has the brunt of his 1.5k+ hours spent in DM, suiciding has never been an issue and only makes the game better with the 'meme' potential it provides along with the body language and voice.

Half the time in DM people are playing for fun, because that's what it is - casual.

You can use suicide for comedic effect, for conceding a fight you already know is lost (and it still counts as a kill for your enemy), or just to change loadout quickly. (+ many other things like pommel kills)

As a absolute addict to this game (like im sure the rest of the regulars are) it really does suck that every time Mordhau decides to do an update, it ends up removing content for those that play brawl exclusively. First it was the interiors on certain maps, and now its the removal of a feature just to mitigate some people griefing in a mode that could've been added years ago. Removing suicide is a band aid over the problem with the new game mode and not a fix. Yet us DM players still have to suffer because of it.

"Jeez Mookduke, you sound salty af, cope" yeah sure I would normally and I cope and still come back to the game but when you play long enough you realise that the part of the community that normally says this are the same people that say the game is dying. I'm not one of those players and try to help newbies when they come along and make them feel comfortable rather than sweating them and making them RQ day 1. The 'END' button sometimes helps with that.

If the general consensus is that the game is dying and the only people keeping it alive are the players like us that keep the brawl servers busy, please stop doing things that turn us away from it.

You should be adding more features and modes to help us keeping YOUR GAME alive and not removing things that make me think wtf have I spent so many hours in this game only for the devs to make an update once a year and remove things we enjoy.

The playerbase is split sometimes I feel: the people who are there for just the combat, and the people who see the potential in the interactions Mordhau provides. Devs you're sitting on an absolutely f*cking incredible system with the ability to read not just combat moves but BODY LANGUAGE. No other game can do that, so stop hindering the RP'ers and Memers from enjoying what they enjoy out of it and maybe update something relevant.

Anyway enough verbal diarrhea, rant over but please put it back in DM and maybe remove perks from Swordgame to fix the issue further.

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Hello. The suicide removal was on the whole Brawler group as that is just how the action was coded and the community servers were affected. We are working on separating it and disabling suicide in the Swordgame only and returning it to the other modes. Cheers

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